WitchLight; C2;

Oh man, that hurts! At least that explains the reason why I felt that distant, throbbing pain. But I hadn't realized that it was my wrist. How could I miss that? And it was all because of a boy.

A boy that I think I'm in love with! My little-voice-inside-my-head added. I told it to shut up. I mean, I didn't even know the guys name! Goodness I'm pathetic.

So, again clutching my hand to my chest I sat down in my chair.

Then I saw him.

And gasped.

The guy from the hallway came walking into the room. I tilted my head down but assumed he could still see my face so I pretended like I was doing something in my backpack. But, he sat down right across from me.


"Hi." I heard him say. I froze when I heard his angelic voice.

Again with that?

Since I was frozen to the spot and was afraid I would say something stupid, I gave him one short wave with my face turned away from him.

Then the bell rang for class to begin.

As the teacher, Mr. Webber, called the class' attention, and being me, always wanting to pay attention, turned around and met his face. I expected some scowl or a oh, it's you type of expression, but I got what looked to be like a genuine smile. So I smiled slowly back. He began to chuckle when I realized my face felt kind of hot.

I'm blushing, aren't I?

"Ok class; let's get started with getting to know each other some." He paused to look around at the students, I guess, waiting for approvement. "Well, I'm Mr. Webber. Ironic I know. Let's start with this table." He pointed to one about 3 tables over to the right of my table. Everyone said their names, and so this process went about.

When it came to my table, which it was just me and angel boy, (yes, I made up a nickname.) Mr. Webber called on angel boy first.

"My name's Cody Miller." He said his name very calm-like, sounding so serious, that it almost sounded mocking. A small string of laughter erupted across the room for a moment.

Now it's my turn, yippee.

"My name is Camryn Strait." I tried to say it as calmly as possible, but I don't know how successful I was with that, considering I didn't know anyone and was already afraid of making myself look like a complete fool.

"Ok, that concludes everyone." As he said that, I looked around the room absently checking everyone out, taking in the people I would be working with all year and noticed something strange; Everybody was staring at me. And now I was blushing again.


Mr. Webber moved to stand behind angel boy – Cody, so I looked over to distract myself from the stares, but Cody was staring too with his mouth slightly open with an expression of pure surprise.

What the….