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Mrs. Clack checked Karen's veil once more, before pronouncing her ready for the ceremony. Kevin came to take her arm to accompany her up the aisle formed by the strategic placement of chairs in the greenhouse. Mrs. Ledbetter played the Wedding March on the old piano as Kevin walked his cousin slowly through the crowd of villagers. They passed Kitty and Christop Crane, Kitty holding their daughter, Abigail, on her lap; and Ivy and Lucius Hunt, though while sitting it was difficult to tell that Ivy was six months pregnant.

The Lupinskis' glanced at each other and smiled joyously. Today was not only Karen's wedding day, it was also the first day Kevin did not wear his Mourning Clothes, and was therefore free to receive interest from any in the village. Kevin walked Karen up to August Nicholson, standing at the far end of the building, but it was not he who was performing the ceremony today. Edward Walker had that happy duty.

For Karen Lupinski was marrying August Nicholson today.

Afterwards, at the reception, Finton Coin bit his lip, fidgeted, but finally steeled himself and approched Kevin Lupinski.

"Wo - would you like to - to dance?" He stuttered nervously. Kevin smiled at the gentle young man, nodded, and took his hand. Grinning ear to ear, Finton walked him over to the line of dancers, who made way for them without comment.

Warm, golden light filtered out of the windows of the greenhouse, spilling out into the nearby woods. A low moan drifted through the darkness, but for once it went unnoticed, drowned out by the sounds of cheery music and merry-making.