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Last Monday I decided that I was going to create a lovely account of the most beauteous Lily Flower's daily activities, for future perusal and reference. I have decided to accomplish this by observing her beautiful self on the Marauder's Map, or by watching her in person. Though my Lily watch journal shall be quite extensive, I have decided to share only a few tales with your unworthy eyes. The rest are at home in a private journal made for mine own eyes. And mine alone. This means you Padfoot! Without further ado, I, Messer James Godric Potter (AKA Prongs) Present to thee, "Prong's Private Eye".

Jan. 23, 11:45 AM

Am hiding behind a couch watching subject in the common room. Subject is tossing her red hair over her shoulder. Only some of it is going over. She's soooo hot. I'm drooling on my post I think. Her hair is tangling a bit where she tried to throw it over, it's so pretty. It looks very soft. I want to touch it….

"POTTER! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

*SLAP* ….ouch….

Jan. 23, 12:43 PM

Oh Lily Evans I love you so!

Your hair is red like pretty copper

Your eyes give me the gingle hoppers

Your freckles excite my soul!

Oh Lily Evans I love you so!

This is the poem I have recently composed for the most beautiful Lily Flower. I left it inside of a bouquet for her to find. It's forty dozen lilies. I hope I bought enough. I even bought a vase for them, though I suppose I should have made it collapsible, because I haven't the faintest idea how she'll store it when it isn't in use… OOOHH! She found it… I hope she likes it. Oh, you know I heard she likes birds, maybe I'll do something with birds next… Oh! She's coming over here! She doesn't look angry she must've liked the flowers! I even put a charm on them so they will never wilt, that way she can always look at them and know how much I love her.


"Yes my sweet smelling darling?"

"What is a gingle hopper?"

"It's like a goose bump except purple and gross and probably deadly. See?"

"That's disgusting Potter"

Jan. 23, 9:13

My sweet flower is getting ready for bed now. At first I was curious as to why she was going to bed so late, but I heard one o the first years ask Moony and he told her that Lily went to bed early because she wasn't feeling well. I know from previous observations that at this point my sweet flower is having "that time of the month". When Lily has her time, she's almost as bad a Remus on the full moon.

According to her usual activities at this time of month, Lily is 2 days into her monthly cycle, which means she is not very moody, but is in much pain. I'll have to remember to send her a blood replenishing potion. According to Sirius, anything that bleeds so much every month and doesn't die has to be evil. Then Moony reminded him of his furry little problem. But Sirius still thinks women are evil.

Anyway, since its only 9:20 now, she won't be sleeping. She's still up getting her hot water bottle from the house elves and looking for her pain potion. Not that she'll find it. I have it on good information that her roommate Alice is addicted to pain potions, something about Sirius' cousin Bellatrix. But there won't be any, I suppose it's not Alice's fault if Bellatrix did something to her, but really, get your own.

Ugh, I have a wedgie. Hold on… All better. Now where was I? Oh yes, potions.

I'm going to go up to see Lily now, I'll take her some supplies she'll need. Then I'm going to have a talk with Sirius about Bellatrix and Alice.

"Potter, how the bloody hell did you get into the girls dormitory?"

"I have my ways Lily flower. Anyway, I brought you a present."

"I'm not in the mood to put up with your antics right now Potter, I'm not feeling well."

"It'll make you feel better."
"Alright let's get this over with…."

"Potter… How did you know I was out of pain potion? And what is this? Madame Betties blood restorative? What am I supposed to use this for?"

"Well I figured if you lose too much blood you could die, but keep looking, there's other stuff too."

"Chocolate. Are you sure this won't explode? Alright. Flowers? How original Potter. Oh, a hot water bottle? How did you know Potter?"

"Yea, I enchanted it to stay hot for up to 12 hours so you wouldn't have to get out of bed. And there's also a little hole, see? That you can put your wand into to adjust the temperature. And if you want to reset it just put your wand in the hole, and say 'rehorten' and it will heat up. And the chocolate box has been enchanted to be never-ending. I stole the charm from Moony, but I enchanted it myself. And now my sweet smelling flower, do I get a kiss for my pains?"

"….Get out Potter."