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The Phoenix and the Unicorn

"Sister, I believe that they're undermining us again," Apollo said grimly.

"Surprisingly, I agree with you, dear brother," Artemis said, wrinkling her nose.

"We have to show them," Apollo said, the sun shining in his eyes.

"An immortal," Artemis said decisively. "One for each of us. My contribution is the Unicorn." A beautiful creature, still unshaped, appeared. "The appearance of a light horse, such as one used for racing, that will have feathers like the draft horses, as they will be later called. The final touch is the horn on its forehead. The Unicorn is compassionate, but firey. A healer, but a destroyer." The final unicorn, truly mystical, appeared. "Go my child, to the forests, and make a name for yourself."

"I will create the Phoenix," Apollo announced. "A firey orange and red bird that signifies life. Every 500 or so years, the Phoenix will go up in flames, leaving a egg behind. From that egg will come the Phoenix, reborn. Have fun, my sunbird."

Artemis and Apollo created two of the strongest and well-known animals, showing the rest of the Olympians that they were just as strong as anyone. The Twins knew that their creatures would help, and so they did.

Thalia Grace swore. She had told the rest of the Hunters that she would not be gone for long, but she had been chased by a man, and had managed to get herself lost. She looked up to see the moon, praying that her goddess could see her. She came across a pond, the first water she had seen since she started out, but it was polluted so badly that she could smell the garbage in it.

She was parched and knelt by the water, glaring at it, hoping it would purify it's self. When it didn't she sat next to a tree and thought "Lady Artemis, Lady Artemis," over and over, trying to make a connection so that the goddess could come save her.

She looked up when a shadow fell over her, and saw a creature that could have been a horse, except for the horn sticking out of its head.

"The Unicorn," she breathed, not even wondering how she knew.

It bowed its head and gracefully walked to the water, moving to stick it's horn in.

"Oh, don't!" Thalia cried, running over to where the unicorn was frozen, its horn almost in the water. "You'll poison yourself. Lady Artemis would never forgive me if I let her sacred animal be poisoned!"

The unicorn made a sound and stuck its horn in the water anyway, immediately making it clean and pure. It then lowered its head to drink, and motioned to Thalia that she should join it. She did and discovered that the water was as clean and pure as anything.

Percy looked in confusion at the bird next to him. It seemed to be muttering something about Albus Dumbledore, but Percy thought that he couldn't have been talking about the Albus Dumbledore, who was a demigod, and a very famous wizard person. (I would have made him a son of Athena, but I consider McGonagall as a daughter of Athena, and I can picture them marrying, so…)

Annabeth came running up to him. "I got an IM from my half-sister, Minerva McGonagall! She says that Albus Dumbledore is dead and that…" she stopped when she saw the bird. "Where did you find him?" she asked in awe.

"He came up to me." Percy answered, still confused.

"That is the Phoenix, sacred to Apollo," Annabeth said in awe, "Not many people know the legend, but it all started when…"

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