Chapter Two

The continuation

By Moony

Sienna wandered around her dream sequence feeling oddly out of place. She wore a long red and gold gown and had golden sparkles in her hair and red eye shadow. Everyone around her was wearing bright masks She hastily avoided a dancing couple and looked around the dance floor, lost. Finally, her eyes fell on a tall, spandex-clad figure wearing a wolf-mask.

Sienna: Ho! Wolf! Syaoran-kun?

Wolf-mask dude: Excuse me?

Sienna: **wrinkling her nose in disgust** Ashitare?

Wolf-mask dude: Beg your pardon??

Sienna: **thinks**

Wolf-mask dude: **sighs** It's me, Sienna. Your DADA teacher.

Sienna: Hooo! Remus? Damn you look good!

Lupin: Err, thank you . and it's Professor Lupin to you, young lady.

Sienna: Right, right. Are you gonna dance with me, you stuuud?

Lupin: I thought you were all over Ron?

Sienna: Oh, err, right! **looks around the room hastily and spies Ron, wearing a mask over his eyes and looking around awkwardly** Ron! **she tries to run towards him but Lupin grabs her wrist**

Lupin: Wait! I am the bad guy, after all! **he pulls her into a Waltz as she leans towards Ron**

Sienna : Ron, help, he's stepping on my feet!

(Ron spies her and dashes up, running towards her. The crowd of dancers slowly starts coming in, crowding around Lupin and Sienna and keeping Ron from entering. He shoots a hand through the crowd and grabs Sienna's shoulder, pulling her out and dancing with her.)

Sienna : Watch out!

(Lupin swoops through the crowd and grabs her again, falling back and disappearing among the other masks. Ron jumps up and stands on his tippy- toes, looking for him.)

Sienna : No, Ronnie!!

(Meanwhile, in Kara's dream sequence, she's wearing a green and silver gown with silver sparkles in her hair and a crown. She looks over her attire appreciatively and nods.)

Kara : That's more like it! Now, where's the delicious people I get to dance with?

(She looks around the ball room and sees everyone wearing masks. It takes her a moment but she eventually realizes that everyone is wearing a penguin mask and appears to be dancing in a waddling-manner.)


(No one pays her any attention and a league of smurfs run in, shouting obsceneties at the penguins. A huge battle breaks out that lasts many days and nights, and by the end Kara is quite stained with penguin and smurf blood and intestines. Eventually she realized that the penguins were the forces of good and the smurfs the agents of darkness, so she led the penguins in one final assault against the evil smurf army and held them at bay, gaining victory for the oppressed penguin people. She then became their queen, got married to a Penguin Lord and promptly gave birth to an heir and lived happily for the rest of her days, until a Smurf assassin dressed as Indiana Jones came and woke her up.)

Kara : Huh? **snort** **wakes up** **looks at the Ya pear** What kind of pear was that??

Neville : Kara! Kara okay! Sienna sleep!

Kara : What, no fair! She's having the dancing dream and all I did was sleep normally? How dare she! She better wake up soon or I'll be upset.


Screech : Well, Ron, you see, the secret to her waking up involves whether or not she wants to. She might be enjoying or so involved in her dream that she would never wake up! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

Ron : You evil. . . **he throws a sakana in her face and runs away, trying to get back to the place that smells really bad.**

Screech : **screeches** I'll get you next time, Gadget. . . I mean, Weasley!

And then Screech was surrounded by penguins and smurfs having a wild battle, and she was promptly silenced and carried off to the smurf homeland for the rest of her days.