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'What did I do to deserve this?' Wally grumbled to himself as he cautiously moved his way through the darkened tunnel of the cave.

"Ow! KF watch where you're stepping!" Robin in front of him hissed, elbowing the speedster in the gut for stepping on his heel.

"Sorry! But seriously dude, did you do something wrong? Did I do something wrong? Because this feels more like punishment then a mission, if you ask me."

"I didn't ask you, and no, we didn't do anything wrong. Just because there aren't any bad guys to beat up doesn't mean this isn't important." Robin simply answered as they made their way deeper down the tunnel.

Wally huffed in annoyance, agitated by being in a small confined space. "It's a Bat thing isn't it? That's why we're stuck with the cave, while everyone else got tropical islands and civilization."

"Yeah, it's a Bat Thing." Wally could hear the eye-roll behind the sarcasm.

The mission was actually a series of covert recon operations. Batman located a series of abandoned hideouts previously used by the deadly Kobra organization. The objective was to split up, determine if the hideouts are truly abandoned, and scavenge for any usable clues as to their current objectives. The team divided into pairs and were each tasked with a hideout.

"And it's a mine shaft, KF, not a cave." Robin waved his flashlight at the metal support structures that lined the tunnel walls.

"Hrmph. Same thing. It's dark, cramped and smelly." Wally hated caves, or mines, or anything that was small and enclosed. Barely enough room to stand, let alone run. Just his luck he got stuck with the hideout that was apparently an abandoned mine shaft, tucked away in the side of a mountain.

They finally came to end of the path, which opened up to a larger space. A quick glance showed it to be some sort of storage and meeting place, or at least was at one point. Metal beams and electrical wiring lined the rock walls. Random busted crates and smashed equipment littered the floor, but otherwise the space was rather unimpressive. It didn't exactly give of the vibe of an evil organization hideout.

Setting a portable lamp in the middle of the room to give better light, they began searching through the leftovers. "Looks like the snakes cleared out long ago, given the layers of dust and grime in here." Robin coughed as a cloud of dust shook from an overturned table he lifted up to inspect underneath.

Wally pushed open a crate lid, only to immediately jump back with a startled yelp as a rat who'd taken up resident scurried out. "Arrg! I hate this place!" He side-stepped out of the way as two more rats followed the first.

Robin just snickered. "Looks like other vermin moved in." Wally gave him a pointed glare and the finger.

They proceeded to pick their way through the leftover junk, but from the state of what was there, Kobra had taken anything of use with them, and trashed what was left behind.

"Rob, there's nothing here. I say we split already. The stench of this pit is making me nauseous, and I think I just stepped on a cockroach." Wally complained, rubbing the bottom of his boot on the ground, trying to wipe off the bug intestines. Next time they meet Kobra, he'll be giving them an extra beating just for picking this hell-hole.

Robin didn't look up from where he was tinkering with a semi-smashed computer console. "Yeah yeah, princess, one sec. I want to see if I can get anything off this busted computer. Why don't you go outside and radio in with Aqualad, there's no reception in here."

Wally gave a parting wave to his friend's turned back, "Have fun bat boy. I'll just be right outside, enjoying the light of day again." And with that, he sped off through the tunnel and out into the daylight.

Taking a lungful of fresh air, Wally stretched his arms wide and bathed in the sunlight for a moment. "Glorious sun, how long I've missed you."

Pulling out his comm, Wally fiddled with it a moment before dialing in to contact Aqualad. He received only static in reply. "KidFlash to Aqualad, anyone there?" Again, only static. "…Hellooo?" He pulled the comm out of his ear and gave it a few angry taps and shakes, but still only static came through. "Man, I just changed the batteries in this thing too." He hoped Robin's comm worked, or else had a really long walk home.

Wally gave a disgruntled sigh before dashing back into the mine again. He halted partway however when below his feet he felt a sudden rumble. "The hell was that?"

"KF! RUN!"

Wally looked up to see Robin suddenly running in a mad dash down the tunnel way towards him, waving his arms in panic. He opened his mouth to ask what was going on, but didn't get a chance to speak.

Metal snapped and the suffocating earth poured down, as the mountain came down around them.

This is my first fic for this fandom, so I'm still getting use to the characters.

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