Wally crouched next to his best friend, who was currently buried and pinned under a giant mountain of rocks with a metal spike impaled into his side.

"How…bad?" Robin whispered, his voice weak and hoarse. Wally could see that every inch of the boy's body was tensed and shook with pain. He gently took Robin's smaller hand in his, knowing the boy couldn't see anything, trying to comfort him in any way he could. Wally licked his chapped lips, trying to find the right words.

"It's… a piece of metal, no wider then my finger" Wally placed his finger in Robin's palm, trying to give him a visual through touch. "but, it's long," Wally pressed his finger into Robin's thin wrist, and then slowly dragged it up his arm. "and the wound…felt deep." He then gripped Robin's hand with his own. "I don't...I don't think I can pull it out." Wally's voice tapered off into a whisper. He felt just as weak and helpless as his trapped friend.

Robin squeezed his hand, a silent thanks for the comfort. "Worry about it…later." He whispers.

"Rob, what can I do? I can't just leave you there." Wally's thoughts are swirling with what to do and how to do it, but their options are limited and time is even less. "I don't want to attempt to dig you out. The debris is pretty loose, and anything could set off another rockslide." He's trying not to panic. He has to stay calm and be in control. Because his best friend is trapped and in pain, and Wally would give anything to switch places right now.

Robin, as if sensing his friend's near mental panic attack, had already thought of the next best solution. "See if you can…reach my utility belt." Robin winces as he stretches his arms out as far and straight and careful as possible. He can't move his right arm as far as the left, because it pulls the muscles that remind him of the spike sticking into his side.

"Are you sure? I'm not sure if I could reach it…" Wally knew there was a bit of wiggle room, but any sort of pressure or movement on Robin would jostle the metal spike even further.

Robin weakly nodded. "If you can get it…..it would help….a lot."

"Alright… but tell me the second it hurts." Wally flattened himself out on Robin's left side, gently shifting away the smaller rocks he could move, and sneaking his hand in between the small space between Robin's body and the debris. He felt muscles tense at the touch, but Robin didn't say anything. Finally, after a bit of wiggling, Wally felt the belt with his finger tips. "Heh, good thing your such a midget." He laughed.

"I'd hit you right now… if I could." Robin growled, but Wally could hear the bit of humor in his voice. "Buckle's in the front."

"Yeah, yeah I know. Can you lift your hips at all?" Wally had to first unbuckle the belt before he could pull it out.

Robin grunted and sucked in a harsh breath, but was able to minimally move his hips, just enough for Wally to rotate the belt around so he could get to the buckle. "Typically….dinner and a date… comes first." He hissed out with a laugh.

Wally couldn't help but snort. "Don't worry, your virtue is safe. I'd rather not incur the wrath of Batman, thank you very much." He liked living too much. "Dammit, how do you get this thing - Oh wait, got it!" Wally carefully slid the belt out from the rubble, checking it over for any damages.

"Oh thank god." Robin sighed in relief, his body going limp. "Now…take out what's in the fifth pocket from the end."

Wally does so, a little excited that he was granted a chance to dig through the notorious utility belt, though he wished it was under better circumstances. He pulls out a small unlabeled bottle and a device that turned out to be a collapsible jet injector for medication. "Got it."

"Good. Now load up the syringe and …inject it into my arm."

"What is this?" Wally held up the bottle, trying to determine what it was. He trusted Robin, but he had to know what it was before he started shooting up his friend with unknown drugs.

"Painkillers. Only enough to last a short while… but…" Robin's voice wheezes through the pain, but it's enough to convince Wally. He loaded up the injector and moved to roll up the sleeve of Robin's costume, pressing the tip against his skin. A slight hiss is heard when them medicine is administered, and almost immediately Robin gives a sigh of relief.

"Any better?"

Robin nodded "Oooh. Much." His voice is stronger and a bit more at ease. "I can finally think clearly again." They both knew it was only a temporary fix though. Robin needed serious medical attention, and fast. "Ok, now…in one of the middle pockets are glow sticks. I'd like to be able to see again,". Now that the medication was kicking in, Robin was able relax and breath a bit better, even if he was still incapacitated.

Wally starts digging through random pockets, trying to find the glow sticks without cutting off his fingers on hidden batarangs. "Dude, you've got like pockets inside of pockets." Wally often questioned the physics and logic on how so much stuff could fit into so little pockets. "Oh, here they are."

He grabs three and bends them, cracking the liquid inside and shakes them to start the glow. He hands one to Robin, and tosses the other two down the tunnel, illuminating the small area of open space for the first time.

Robin, after taking a moment to survey their situation, lets out a long breath. Wally secretly hopes it's not a sign of defeat. "Fuck." Robin breathes.

"Ditto" Wally sighs in return. "What now?" He hopes Robin has a plan, because currently, Wally was out of ideas.

Robin takes a minute before asking "Did you reach Aqualad?"

Wally shakes his head. "My comm is busted, or there was no signal. All I got was static."

"Fuck" Robin sighs again. He flicks on his wrist computers, but they might have been damaged. The holographic screen flickers weakly. Robin types on the keys for a short bit, but soon gives up and shuts it off. "We're too far into the mountain. No signal."

Not good. Not good at all.

Wally suddenly felt the reality of the small space they were currently trapped in. The low ceiling and narrow walls and everything was suffocating. He suddenly couldn't get enough air, his chest heaving with each short breath. He had to get out. He couldn't stay here any longer. This isn't how it was suppose to be.

"Wally, you need to calm down." Said Robin, who noticed his friend's distress.

Wally stood up and frantically began pacing "Calm down? Calm down! I case you haven't noticed, we're trapped under a freaking mountain! No food, no water. No way of contacting anyone for help! Now is not the time to be calming down, Rob!" .

"Wally!" Robin reached out the best he could for his friend, but Wally was already moving away, running over to the opposite end of the enclosure, where he frantically began digging at the pile of rubble.

"No! No! I've got to get out of here. This can't be it. I can't die here. Won't die here. No, no!" He dug furiously at the pile of rocks that blocked their only exit, with his bare hands.

"Wally look out!" Robin's frantic calls snapped Wally out of his hysteria, just in time to notice his digging had caused the rock pile to loosen, sending a fresh wave of debris sliding down like a mini avalanche. Wally dashed out of the way, running back over to Robin, and watched as the small dent he'd made while digging be filled in.

Wally stood, panting hard. His breath then hitched, and shuttered. He suddenly dropped to his knees, his body slumping in exhaustion and defeat. Glancing at his best friend, who looked pale and infinitely fragile, Wally let the hopelessness of their situation take hold. There was no way out. No way to call for help. Wally knew he should stay positive, at the very least for Robin's sake, but at this moment, he felt like he could cry out of frustration and fear.

"I don't know what to do…" He whispered, voice broken in defeat.

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