RECAP: Estella and Boyt had their Opening Ceremonies. They dressed up as fruit. After dinner that night, Yesn asked Estella what her strengths and weaknesses were. Yesn advised Estella to just stay away from the Cornucopia and run and hide. Boyt has been acting suspiciously.


We arrive at the training center at around 8:40. We're 20 minutes early, but it seems that most of the Tributes are already here. A girl that goes by the name of Jem starts talking to us about all the different stations that we can go to.

"And over there is the archery station. Oh, and you are not allowed to combat with each other. There are people near stations if you want to practice your sword or hand to hand combat skills." She says. I guess this would be a good idea. The Capitol wouldn't want Tributes to "accidentally" slice off another Tribute's hand before he/she even got into the arena.

I remember what Yesn told me yesterday when we talked about my weaknesses and my strengths. He told me to try and find a weapon that I am okay at. I look around the Center and see all the other Tributes occupying the weapon stations. Well, waiting at a weapon station would be counter-productive, I think. I look over at the plants station and see the person working it. He seems awfully bored; many people don't seem to go over to that station. I decide to head over to the plant station.

"Why hello there!" the person at the station beams. I smile at him while looking through all the plants. Many of them are labeled edible, and some are labeled poisonous. But I don't even need the little post-it notes that tell what the plant is or how it can be used. These are plants that I'm very familiar with.

The guy starts to tell me about the different edible plants when I interrupt him, "Can I just try that plant test over there?" I point at the table with a stack of papers that say 'TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE'. He looks disappointed that he couldn't finish his speech about how important edible plants can be in the arena, but allows me to take the test.

It's a simple test. 10 plants are set on the table, and I'm supposed to identify the plant, Identify the most common usage for it, and whether or not it's safe to eat. I'm surprised on how easy it is, and end up getting every question right except for the name of plant 7 (but who really needs to know the name?)

The next station I go to is the knots, which I end up doing fairly decently. At this station, I wasn't as lonely. The boy and girl from District 3 are there trying to learn traps. They work together as they perfect their traps. When they test out their trap, it works flawlessly. A tribute could easily get himself or herself caught in this trap, and then later be killed by the girl or boy from District 3. The boy holds out his hand for a high five and the girl high fives it. It looks like they'll be working together in the arena. I think.

By the time I'm done with the knot station, a bell is sounded to tell us that it is time to break for lunch. The careers end up sitting next to each other, laughing and joking about something. Everybody else seems to either sit by their district partner, or by someone they befriended while training. Boyt seems to sit near the twins from District 10. He hasn't said anything to me at all today, nor has he even acknowledged my presence. I can't help but wonder that something is up. And I can't help but think he has some devious plan that will end up with me dead. I push that thought away; Boyt wouldn't do that, would he?

Well, anyway, I end up sitting near the girl from District 7, the one who looks like she knows how to use an axe.

"You're Estella, right?" She says.

"Yep, that would be me." I say back.

"The name's Sheli. Pronounced Shell-y." She holds out her hand. And in turn, I shake it. "I saw your reaping, well EVERYBODY saw your reaping. You said you're sixteen?" she asks.

"Yeah, but I don't look sixteen. People get me confused as a 12 year old often." I answer. Sheli seems like a nice person, despite her obvious upper body strength. She's not buff, but her arms are very toned, but it's almost threatening.

"I could tell; your escort thought it was your first reaping." She says as she bites into some sort of dark brown bread.

I don't how to respond to this, so I just take a bite of my bread with peanut butter. I guess Sheli noticed my quietness, so she started talking again.

"I saw you at the plant station early this morning. You good with plants?" She asks.

"I guess I'm good with plants, Why?" I answer.

"Because I have no clue in the world of plants. I could tell you everything you never wanted to know about different trees, and what the best way to chop each one is, but I'd never be able to tell which plants are edible and which are poisonous." She says. I guess that she'll go one of two ways. 1) She'll ask me to help educate her on plants or 2) She'll ask to be allies. Or maybe both. I wouldn't mind being allies with her, she seems pretty cool, but I still can't stop wondering what Boyt is gonna do.

"So I was thinking, I mean, I saw you ace that plant test like it was nothing! And I'm pretty decent with an axe, so here's what I'm thinking: I can hunt down people and animals maybe, and you can deal with plants and other stuff your good at. We could be like a super team!" She says this in a hushed tone, probably not wanting to let other tributes know what she had devised. I have to say, it is a pretty good plan. I bet Sheli would have been the only Tribute to ask me to be Allies with them (disregarding Boyt). Most people like me usually end up alone in the arena, and usually dead.

"So you're asking to be Allies?" I ask.

She nods her head.

I can't help but jump at the opportunity. I mean, sure, I did tell Boyt I'd be Allies with him, but he's been acting real weird lately. Maybe I wouldn't wind up dead if I be Allies with Sheli.

"Allies" I say, holding out my hand as a sign of agreement. She shakes it.


The rest of the day at training yesterday after I became Allies with Sheli was mostly preoccupied with trying to use a knife. I failed miserably at one of the easiest weapons. All I had to do was stab the stupid practice dummy, but I ended up holding the knife wrong and slicing my finger. Blood splattered everywhere, but it didn't hurt. It was embarrassing. But I'm really surprised Sheli didn't take back her offer to become Allies.

Fortunately, today went a lot more smoothly. Yesn wanted me to learn how to use a weapon, any weapon, just in case I got in a bad predicament where I was cornered by tributes or something. I still cringe at the thought of actually killing somebody, and don't think I'd be able to actually kill someone, but I will refuse to go down without a fight.

I tried bows and arrows with no success, but at least I didn't accidentally shoot myself in the foot. Sheli tried to teach me how to work an axe, but it was a little too heavy for me to get a good, solid swing. I was pretty descent at using a sword, but it had to be a light one. The one thing that I did well in was spear throwing. First off, the spear is a lot lighter than you'd think, so yes, even my small weak body could comfortably hold and throw it. Secondly, I was pretty dam accurate with my throws, if I do say so myself. I speared the practice dummy every time at a 20 foot distance (but anything farther was too hard to hit).

Lots of Allies were made today. The partners from District 3 (I found out their names to be Lent and Renna) teamed upped with the girl from District 8 (named Harper) and the boy from District 5(never figured out his name). The usual Career Districts teamed together, with the exception of the girl from District 4 (Holla) who allied with the male from District 8 (didn't catch his name). The twins from 10 paired with the District 12's boy and girl, and everybody else either didn't want to have an Ally, or just never got asked.

"So you allied with the girl from 7?" Yesn asked me after I got back from training.

"Yeah, we actually became allies yesterday." I say.

"Good. Allies are good, and she looks strong. You made the right choice." Yesn says. He returns back to his own room, so I decide to go to back to my room too. Weapons tired me out today, and all I want is to just go to sleep.


"You want to swirl colors together, make it look realistic", the girl running the camouflage station tells me. I watch her swirl brown and green together to make a color that could blend in with a forest arena. It looks like a lot of fun, and I honestly can't wait to roll around in the mud and leaves.

I'm just about to go try to camouflage a bright pink water bottle, when a voice from behind spooks me.

"Would you mind if I joined you?" says a boy. I immediately recognize the voice, it's Boyt.

"Why of course!" the lady at the station exclaims. She seems very excited that she will have not only one, but two people at her station.

Boyt comes around next to me and picks up another water bottle and starts to cover it in mud. What's he doing here? He's been avoiding me for the other training days, why is he suddenly here all of a sudden? I wonder. To not act awkward or weird, I start to camouflage my water bottle too.

"Hi", Boyt just wrote in the mud with his finger. Once he saw that I noticed his message, he smiled at me.

To be funny, I decided to write "hiya" in the mud with my finger. Boyt chuckled a bit, but then started to write in the mud again.

"So how's life?" he wrote. What a stupid question. Here I am, in a Training Center, training for a fight to the death, and he asks how my life is?

"Just Dandy" I write, but I give him a sarcastic glare.

"Me too" Boyt says aloud. "So how's training been?" he asks me.

"Well, beside that time I sliced my finger on a knife, it's been so-so." I say. Boyt starts to laugh about the time when I sliced my finger. Every Tribute saw me as the Capitol doctors took out this gel that helped heal the cut. I felt like such a baby.

Just then, a bell sounded, telling us that it was the end of our training for the day. Bust since its already day 3 of Training, the sound of the bell tells us that it's time for the Gamemakers to score us on our skills.

All of us Tributes have to sit in chairs, as we all, one by one, show our skills to the Gamemakers. Each of us gets 15 minutes, so it makes for an awfully long wait, especially for us with Districts like 10, 11 and 12.

Time ticked on and on, and one by one, the Tributes slowly decreased in number. Eventually, it was Boyt's turn to show the Gamemakers his skill. After he stood up, he turned back to face me to say "Good luck with the Gamemakers."

I said a quick "Good luck" to Boyt and watched him go into the room where Tributes show off their skills.

15 minutes or so passed when I heard my name called by a lady who was probably bored with watching so many Tributes, and just wanted them over. I stood up and headed towards the door, feeling a little confident about what I was going to show them.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I never figured out what I was going to show them.

Well, that was long. I didn't want to separate the Training days into different chapters, so I decided to put them into one big, LONG chapter.

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