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Words: 1,051 (only the first chapter)

Pairing: Sasuke Uchiha/Sakura Haruno

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'Oh, so beautiful', he thought as he sat on the roof and looked at the streets under him. That long, silky, pink hair fell over her shoulders and he couldn't take his eyes from it.

He stood up and followed her on the roofs of the houses of Konoha. He couldn't do otherwise.

'Somebody's watching me. I can feel it.'

The Kunoishi was walking down the street to the flower shop from the Yamanaka's. Already one month past, while she didn't saw her best friend, Ino. But the eyes of her following stranger still watched her.

The door bell rang as she entered. The smells of hundreds of flowers hung in the air. A scream came from the counter. The blonde girl behind it just couldn't believe her eyes.


'Damn' He jumped of the roof and landed in front of the shop the girl with the beautiful hair went.

Through the glassed window he saw Ino hugging the unknown girl. He was confused, but didn't show it on the surface. He knew everyone in Konoha, but this girl...

"Sasuke, what are you doing in front of Inos flower shop?"

Said boy turned around and faced Kiba and his drooling dog. He shrugged and turned again to have the girl in his view.

"What are you looking at?" Kiba saw above the other boys shoulder and sucked a bit of air.

"Oh my god, is that... Akamaru, do you know who that is?"

The dog barfed and Kiba laughed.

"Hai, hai! She is it!"

Sasuke didn't get it.

"I'm so happy to see you!"

Ino almost crushed Sakura to death.

"I... can't... breath...", she coughed.

"Oh, sure. Sorry. But how long have you been her? Thought, your training would last longer"

"No, I'm actually finished. And I'm here for, let's see, five minutes?"

"And you came to see me first!"

Ino hugged her again.

They were best friends for almost 18 years now. The time, when they both fought about Sasuke's attention was finally over and didn't count.

Sakura also knew from the letters they had written that Ino had now a boyfriend - Shikamaru Nara. And even Sakura stopped her obsession with the Uchiha boy.

" You let your hair grow again", Ino said.

"Yeah." She stroke her fingers through the pink hair. "I couldn't resist."

"I like it. But, you know, I like me more with short hair. Shikamaru, too." She blushed. Sakura could tell from her face she was madly in love with the Nara.

'I hope he makes her happy.'

"I do want to talk longer with you, but first, I have to see Tsunade and tell her I am back. We'll see each other again, I hope?"

"Don't you dare to forget!"

She went to the door, as something whispered through her mind."Is... Sasuke here?" She asked a bit nervous. She really didn't want to see her first big crush.

"He had a mission, but he should be back now." Ino saw the unhappy expression in her face and handed a little rose to her friend.

"Here, for you."

"Thanks. You know, this is the only reason I like you", Sakura joked.

"Get out, you big forehead!" Ino yelled, obviously fake.

Sakura hurried to leave the shop.

"Kiba, what do you mean?" Sasukes patience faded every second the dog-boy talked nonsense.

"You didn't know? Sakura came back from her training-whatever."

"Sakura?" he asked emotionless, but didn't like the idea that she would hug him and cry about their reunion.

"Where is she now?" He would flew if it was necessary.

"Behind you", Kiba answered and his dog barfed happily.

"Hey guys." A shy voice came from behind Sasuke and he winced on the inside, but didn't show it. Just like his other emotions and reactions in his whole life. He learned it from his brother, but that was another topic which he didn't want to think of.

"Hey", Kiba replied and the dog barfed. Sasuke wanted to strangle him.

The Uchiha boy turned to Sakura and it caught his breath. He coughed and Kiba hit him on the back twice.

"Are you alright?" Sakura tilted her head to the side and her hair fell over her right shoulder.

"Yeah" is what he answered and what he thought was: 'What the hell? Why does she has to be the one with the long beautiful hair? That was so unlike me!'

"You are back" he said and at the same moment he cursed himself for the stupid words.

"Yeah. You had a mission?" She stroke her bangs behind her ears.

He was dazzled for a moment but than he mentally hit himself and nodded.

'Why do I have to meet Sasuke? And why does he looks so annoyed?I really didn't do something stupid like hugging him.'

"So. Maybe we can talk more, but right now, I have to go to Tsunade. She still doesn't know I'm here, and as you all know she hates the feeling of not knowing something."

Kiba laughed, Sasuke showed nothing. As always.

'I really should get used to this.'

"Hey, shall I take you there? Akamaru can carry us both."

Sasuke didn't move. What tangled his attention that much?

"That would be nice, Kiba."

Akamaru barked and jumped around like crazy. Kiba laid one hand on the white back. He sat down on and offered her is hand. She gripped to it and swung her leg over the dog.

"Hold on tight, Sakura, or you fall off."

"Thanks for the advice, but I do actually know." Still, she wrapped her arms around Kiba's waist.

Her green eyes hushed to Sasuke. He just looked at her.

'I could ask for a little bit more sentimentality, couldn't I? I mean we haven't met for SIX hole years. And we were team mates. But, well, I didn't show much more emotions.'

"Bye, Sasuke."

No reply.

Akamaru ran off.

I could feel his eyes staring at me. I felt those eyes before. 'When I went to Ino! Does that mean... he stalked me? If that's true, he will pay for it!'