Tears filled up in Cody Martin's eyes. He hadn't seen his girlfriend in weeks! Ms. Tutweiler, and everyone else couldn't find Bailey either! She went missing two weeks ago, and Cody thought maybe she went for a trip back to Kettlecorn. But it had been two weeks and she hadn't returned. There has to be a reason. A reason that is resolvable. Nothing would stop him from finding her, even if it was the last thing he ever did. That's how much Cody cared about her.

"Dude, I haven't seen Bailey in two weeks." Cody sobbed.

"Codes, she probably doesn't love you, and couldn't take it." Zack told him.

"Stop it!" Cody yelled, "I hate you!"

"Hey man, I was just joking." Zack lied.

"You lied," Cody said, "You think that!"

"How would you know?" Zack asked, eying his twin.

"I know you well enough." Cody replied, "And I'm gonna find Bailey."

"Good luck with that." Zack laughed.

"Shut it," Cody said, "I'll find her."

"Sure," Zack smiled, "Say what you want."

"I love her too much to let her go." Cody snapped.