Yet another fma drabble series has decided to crawl out of the depth of my mind. First time for me writing a few of these characters, so I hope it wont be too bad. Has characters from both the anime and manga, minor and major.

Summery: Even if he couldn't remember it, he knew he'd messed up big time.
Character: Alphonse Elric
Verse: Anime, post-series pre-movie
Warnings: none
Word count: 360

Forgotten Failures

Ripping the blanket from on top of him, the blonde haired boy shot up from bed, a look of annoyance of his face. He couldn't sleep, not that that was any surprise. It'd been a week since he'd woken up in that underground city, confused and surrounded by people he didn't know. He hadn't been able to sleep since.

Four years of his life, just gone. They told him a few things. He and Ed had done that transmutation, failed and lost their bodies. Then they went searching for the philosopher's stone in order to get them back, and apparently succeeded.

Only one problem, Ed was gone. No one would tell him where he'd gone or what happened. They skirted around the subject, wouldn't meet him in the eyes. To them, Ed was gone. Dead.

And it was his fault.

Now, they never said this. No, no, no. They told him how amazing it was that he'd finally got his body back, that this is just what Ed probably wanted. What he had planned. That didn't change the horrified looks those two brother's had given him when that Rose woman explained what had happened when he'd first left the underground city, or her own sorrowful stares at him. Didn't change the way he heard Winry sobbing at night when she thought he was asleep. How subdued Granny Paniko was now. That haunting, hallow stare the injured boy Granny and Winry were treating had given him. Even though he was nearly bleeding to death when it happened, it was the first thing that let Al know that the fact that he was here was wrong.

Staring out the window by his bed, his frown deepened, although this time in determination. He knew what he had to do. He'd get Ed back.

It didn't matter how long it took or what he'd have to give up, he'd fix his mistake. He had no idea what it was that he did, but he'd undo it. People he didn't even know anymore knew what a failure he was, but he'd prove them wrong, even if it cost him his life.

He wouldn't fail again.