I Will Win

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar the Last Airbender blah blah blah... Author Note Important Please Read! Okay so the first little paragraph thingy is important to the story but it isn't where it starts.. it starts at Jane's point of view. Their will be two points of views in this story Jane and her twin brother who will come in later. ENJOY!

Zuko watched his ex Mai and sister Azula fight. He is on a blimp that is floating away. Mai seems to be the one taking the lead in fight. Seeing as Azula is dodging her knives, and has no where to go. Zuko watches them relieved that Mai is winning. Though they broke up, they were still in love with eachother. And well they both knew that Azula was an evil bitch. Azula does some firebending move which causes Mai's knife to switch directions and slit Mai's neck. Zuko watches in horror and despair, he can't seem to believe Azula won again. "Azula always gets her way," Zuko muttered bitterly in anger and despair. "But one day I will defeat her, one day I will win."

"I'm sorry," Sokka says trying to comfort Zuko, who seems lost for words. They head back to camp.

Jane PoV

"Jane," a voice said to me. I turned around, and saw a ghost like man with white Chinese style hair and beard. He wore red robes as well.

"Who are you?" I asked curious.

"I am avatar Roku, and I need your help." he said in a voice that makes you think this person was wise

"Yes?" I asked.

"In my world there are four nations; the fire nation, earth kingdom, air nomads, and water tribes. Everything was peaceful. It was the job of the avatar to bring peace and balance to the world. But the fire nation attacked, after I died , I was the present avatar. Their were war for a hundred years. And now the next avatar has come. His name is Aang he had been frozen in an ice berg for a 100 years. Now twelve, and master of all the four elements. He must defeat the fire lord."

"Okay so where am I included in all of this?"

"As a vampire you obtain great strength, speed , and agility as well as a keen sense of smell, touch, eyesight and hearing. You can also manipulate all four of the elements of my world. All of these qualities make you very difficult to defeat in a fight. Which would make you a good trainer for Aang, because even though he is phenominal fighter , there is much improvement which is needed. If you'd be kind enough Jane to come to my world? It would be a huge help."

"Yeah sure. But how am I getting there?"

"I'll take you on my dragon." He patted for me to sit behind me. I sat down on the long slender dragon, and we took off. It seemed like only seconds later everything vanished and I found myself in a clearing in the forest. Roku and his dragon were gone.

I love Zuko and Mai as a couple and Mai. But Mai just had to go in order for the story to work :( Review! she's meeting the gang in the next chapter pretty exciting stuff.