Spoilers for Setup and Countdown!

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"Kate," Castle's call tore her attention away from her position at the door. Turning around, Castle's expression turned her body to ice. He was standing above a frozen lump, his eyes wide in panic. "It's Jamal." Oh, crap.

Struggling to remain calm, Beckett forced herself to take even steps over to where Castle stood with the frozen body. "At least now we know what happened to him." She crouched down beside the man and examined him, "there's blood around his head. It looks like he was knocked out and tossed in here."

"So, he died from the cold," Castle concluded flatly. Beckett stood up and glared at him, though she was really more afraid than angry.

"Or he was hit hard enough to kill," she defended. She couldn't accept that it was cold enough to kill them, but in the back of her mind she knew how cold it really was in here even if they weren't feeling it. She wrapped an arm around her middle and rubbed her shoulder.

Castle looked at her worriedly, "how cold do you think it is in here?"

"I don't know," she shrugged, "below zero for sure." Cold enough for hypothermia. We have to get out of here fast.

"What are we going to do?" he moved away from Jamal and stood near her, wanting but reluctant to put his arms around her.

"We try to get out." Her eyes steeled in determination and she pulled out her gun. "Do you have your cell?" If they could call Montgomery or the boys, she wouldn't need to use her gun, but she had little hope.

"No service," he answered, "I checked before we came in the warehouse."

Beckett swore. "Castle, stand back." She instructed, lining up a shot at the door.

'Do you think that will work?" he asked skeptically, crouching behind the frozen man and eyeing her warily.

"Worth a shot," she grinned for a moment at her phrasing, then fired without warning. The bullet ricocheted, glancing of the door. Before she could duck, however, Castle hit her from behind and knocked her to the ground.

"Castle," she growled. He was still lying on top of her, an arm wrapped protectively around her waist. Lifting her head, she rubbed it gingerly and looked around; her wasted bullet had imbedded in the far wall of ice.

"Are you okay?" Castle immediately kneeled next to his partner and put a warm hand over hers on the back of her neck and supporting her while she sat up. She sat up quickly and froze. The author's hand was still on her neck, covering hers, and his face was too close. Kate could feel his breath on her face, and knew that he could feel hers, too.

"Kate…..." Castle's eyes were wide and wondering as he looked at her. She could sense she was losing herself, gazing into his blue eyes, but she couldn't care. He was warm and close and holding her gently. Drawn like magnets, they began to move towards each other without thinking. Moments before their lips touched, a violent shiver went through the detective's body. Quickly, she rolled up and stood, facing away from her partner while she regained her senses. What the hell what I thinking? She berated herself. Her cheeks felt hot and her heart was beating fast, which reminded her of their situation.

"We have to keep moving around," she told him, still not turning her head and feeling frozen on the spot.

"Right," she heard him start to walk around and shivered again. Damn, this is not going to be pleasant. She walked around, too, trying to keep her thoughts off her companion.

"Beckett?" the writer's voice was odd, defeated.

"Yeah, Castle?"

"I'm sorry." That made her look. She turned to him and furrowed her brow in confusion, silently asking him what he could be sorry for; because she was sure he wasn't talking about their almost-kiss.

"It's my fault we're here. If I hadn't convinced you to keep investigating we wouldn't be here," he admitted. She walked until she stood right in front of him and spoke in a hard voice.

"No. This is not your fault. I would have kept on this anyways, and if it hadn't been for you we probably wouldn't have gotten this far," she told him. "Castle, we found the bomb. When we get out of here we will find it, and everything will be o-okay," her last statement was choked through. She had started shivering again, the cold getting to her.

"Hey," Castle moved closer and pulled her into his arms, rubbing his hands over her shoulders, "come here and sit down." Without waiting for her to do it herself he pulled Kate down beside him. For a while they sat just like that, trying in vain to stop their convulsions. Their fingers were numb, and no doubt their feet were, too.

"Ca-Castle?" Kate whispered, lifting her head off of his chest as much as she could to look at him.

"Yeah?" he asked back, tightening his hold on her unconsciously.

"When-when you g-get out of here," she stuttered,

"When we get out of here," he corrected automatically. She couldn't start talking like that. He wouldn't give up on her. Castle could feel her shivers and knew she was much colder than he was because she was so much smaller. It was the first time he realized just how short and thin she was, since she normally commanded such great authority. She was only 5'9" and maybe 120 pounds.

"When you get out of he-here," she repeated, not having any fantasies that they would both be completely fine, "you have-have to c-call my f-father."

"No, I won't. You're going to call him yourself when-when Ryan and Esposito start using their heads they'll c-catch up to us and-and get us out of here," he told her with firm conviction, "until then you just have to hang on, Kate. Stay with me."

"I-I'm trying, I'm re-really trying. Castle…" her last word turned into a sigh and her grip relaxed. Beckett's head dropped against her partner's chest as she lapsed into unconsciousness.

"Kate?" his hand rubbed her shoulder hard, trying to shake her awake, "Kate!"