"How did we get into this mess again?" Naruto deadpanned from the back seat of the car.

"Oh come on! I said I was sorry." Coop said as he smashed another large centipede-like robot on a giant doughnut in space.

"You managed to wake up an entire species of energy-sensing robots, not to mention destroy a Varrilian Library!"

"It wasn't my fault. I have this problem with libraries…" Cut to a flashback of a young Coop smashing an entire library in one move, and a young Jamie giving him a thumbs-up.

The ground around them shook, and a couple of dozen large metallic worms climb out from their burrows.

"Great, test dummies." Coop grinned, firing up the robot.

"Ugh, is there something else that can go wrong today?" Kiva groaned. The moment she said that, the ground shook again and another worm, larger than any others burst from the ground. The other three looked at her. "What?"

"Something bad always happens when you say that." Jamie said.

"Never tempt fate." Naruto quipped. "Third rule of General Shinobi Behavior."

"There are rules?"

"Yeah. They're mostly written for Academy Students and new Gennin."

"What are the first two?"

"Rule No. 1: Whatever the hell happens is exactly what you were planning. Rule No. 2: Stay away from green spandex at any time." He got incredulous looks from the three. "It makes sense in context." He shrugged, slapping the back of Coop's head. "Eyes on the enemy at all times, recruit."

"Right. Now buttons, buttons… I'm guessing… yeah!" He slammed a random button, launching a pair of rockets from the chest plate of the robot. The rockets impacted the giant worm, making it screech, before setting its eyes on Megas.

"I think you just made it mad." Jamie muttered when the worm charged a light bolt of energy at them, hitting the robot, and scrambling the servos inside.

"Sonar and radar are jammed." Kiva said, looking at her mid-air screen, typing something. "And the targeting system's off." Coop mashed three buttons and gripped the wheel. Megas flew at the giant worm, cocking its fist back, as Coop prepared a rocket punch. The worm however bended out of the way, allowing Megas to fly over its head. The metallic worm then wrapped its tail around Megas' leg, launching it into some ruins. The robot struggled to get up, but several shocks paralyzed it, freezing its movements and shorting the targeting system completely.

"There are some unknown objects near the power core. The core itself is becoming unstable. We need to manually stabilize it. Is there an access hatch back here?"

"Yeah, I put it behind my seat." Kiva nodded and a blue bar appeared on the windshield.

"That's the core stabilization level. If you use any rockets or heavy attacks the level will drop. If it dropps too much before we stabilize the core, you'll blow us, the ring and a few of the closest stars up."

"Right. Rockets bad. I got ya."

"Come on, Naruto, let's fix this."

"You got a weapon back here by any chance?"

"There's one behind the seat." Naruto reached behind and pulled a bat.

"When I said 'weapon' I meant something sharp. And possibly pointy." He deadpanned.

"Hey, you want a rolling pin?"

"I don't know, I've seen how deadly rolling pins can be…"

"Naruto, come on!" Kiva yanked him, pulling him along through the hatch.

"Really dark in here." Naruto commented, looking around the dark corridor. Kiva nodded and a small stream of light shot out of her shoulder.

"Standard issue flashlight." She said when Naruto looked at her. He just shook his head, raising his hand. A bright, blue light appeared, bathing the surrounding area in its glow.

"Basic energy manipulation." He said, smirking at her pout.

"The core's that way." She pointed to a corridor. Naruto nodded and motioned for her to go first, testing the balance of the bat in his right hand.

After what felt like a mile or so of corridors and endless turns, they came to a brightly lit special room. Naruto extinguished the light from his hand, looking around. Kiva tried to rush over to the source of the light, the large beam of energy in the middle of the room, but Naruto stopped her, pointing to an end of a tail of a metal worm, identical to the ones outside. Kiva nodded and Naruto stepped first, standing on the tail, grabbing the head of the worm when it started trashing. He grabbed the other end of the snake-like robot with his other hand, ripping it apart in a shower of sparks and wires. He motioned to Kiva to follow him, creeping quietly through the room, silently eliminating the other worms they found on the way.

When they got to the core Naruto nodded to Kiva, allowing her to go stabilize it, while keeping watch on the surroundings. Before Kiva could do much of anything, a wire wrapped around Naruto's ankle, yanking him up to the air. He looked towards his assailant.

"Yeah. Another worm." The worm trashed him around, screeching.

"There's something different about this one." The robot looked larger than the others with different patterns on its back.

"Really now?" Naruto grunted, glaring at the worm. "Anything else you want to tell me."

"Hey, don't be a …"

"Smartass. Yeow!" The robot slammed him into the wall. "The word you're looking for is smartass." He got another slam for his trouble. "Stop that. Seriously." The robot ignored him, throwing him on the floor. "What the hell are you looking at?" He growled to Kiva. "Fix the damn thing."

"Right." She snapped out of her trance, turning back to the core.

Naruto grabbed the bat from the floor where he dropped it, swinging it at the robot. "Come on you bucket of bolts, let's dance." He jumped over the tail before ducking under a swipe. "Anything yet?"

"I'm still working on it." Kiva shouted, frowning at the core, wires in her hands. "Give me a few more minutes."

"Right." Naruto grumbled, back flipping another swipe from the robot. "Easy for you to say." The robot stood on its tail, launching a round metallic object from its lower body at Naruto. Naruto dodged the flying piece of metal, glancing at it as it flew over Kiva's head.

"What was that?" She asked him, not taking her eyes of the wires.

"I'm starting to think this is the mother. And that would've been an egg. It shot an egg at me." He jumped at the head of the mother worm, jamming the bat in its mouth. "I have had just about enough of you." He yanked the bat upwards, throwing the worm's balance off. "Man I wish this was a sword." He then hit the robot on the head before it could recover.

"It's done." Kiva called to Naruto, who was struggling with the thrashing robot. "It just needs a jump start."

"How about this?" He threw the robot at the core, shaking it and making it start up, and frying the robot.

"Yes, I guess that could work." Kiva deadpanned. "Are you alright?" She asked Naruto.

"Yeah, I'm fine. What was it back there?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean the whole staring into space thing you did a while back." Kiva pointed to one of the shiny metallic walls. Naruto looked to the wall only to see a shirtless image staring back at him. "When the hell did this happen?" He scratched the back of his head making kiva giggle.