Summary: Something about this hunt seems eerily familiar…almost like it was out of a book. Crack!fic

Challenge WOW: Guise + Second Challenge. Obviously not my location, a magician never reveals their secrets ;)

Word Count: 100


"This is stupid," Dean spat. "A '58 Plymouth attacking the locals? What next, Kathy Bates going postal?"

"That old guy running the antique store was weird too," Sam said. They were in their usual guise of detectives, looking around the barn.

"I think it's crap," Dean growled. "A telepathic girl torches her school, semi's with minds of their own, guy hacks his wife's head off, Sounds like someone with too many King books went nuts."

Suddenly, a thundering growl echoed through the barn. They lifted their flashlights, revealing a drooling, wild eyed St. Bernard.

Dean groaned. "I'm switchin' to Koontz."