Second Chances

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Robot/Demon thinking

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Episode 7: Identity Thief

Episode Start

Gotham City

February 11th 11:00pm, EST

A figure was in the middle of breaking into one of the many banks in Gotham City. Right now they were in the middle of cracking the vault which would lead to where most, if not all of the money and other personal items where located. An easy heist for this person given their skill set. Right before they could open the vault the sound of footsteps brought them out of their thoughts.

"Whoever you are, consider this your first and last warning." A female voice warned while walking into the moon light spot to reveal Huntress with her signature crossbow pointing towards the figure at the vault. "Leave or else I will have to hurt you."

"Sorry but threats or warnings for that matter doesn't affect me." The voice replied as Huntress recognized the synthesized voice for anywhere but what was one of her students doing out here? Not only this late but robbing a bank as well.

"Look Red-X." Huntress started out in more of a reasoning tone as she lowered her crossbow. I mean the costume was on so she wasn't going to call out his civilian name to get her point across. "Just close the vault and leave."

"Sorry beautiful but I just don't see me doing that." Red-X answered before throwing multiple X-Shurikens at his now opponent. Huntress acting on instinct shot multiple arrows at the projectiles thrown at her. Before she could have the chance to attack she saw that Red-X was in the middle of throwing something down. That something was a flash grenade, acting quickly Huntress used her cape to cover her eyes from the white flash that illuminated the room. Once the light faded she brought her cape down and saw that Red-X had vanished.

Figures. Huntress said to herself as that was something she would do in order to escape. Right now she advanced towards the vault and started to inspect it making sure nothing was missing. Once done with that task she started looking around to see how Red-X was able to get in. She was going to radio to the cave but decided against it, at least until tomorrow since this whole case wasn't making sense. Why would Grant of all people go back to previous habits?

Mount Justice

February 12th 3:45pm, EST

It was a Tuesday for those that were in the cave meant sports day. A day where the team would go out and play some sporting games. Today, the group revisited Basketball and let's just says it wasn't that great. Well for the guys at least since the losers had to cook dinner.

"How was I supposed to know computer blue was a play?" Conner asked as the team entered the base, all of them wearing fitness gear.

"Yeah, and when you said "Shoot the J…Shoot it." You could have just said "Go for three." Naruto added on getting a sigh of frustration from Grant.

"It's code guys, you don't shout out what play you're going to do." Grant answered the duo.

"We know that but couldn't you, I don't know think of better code words." Conner commented as Jade and Blackfire started to laugh.

"Next time Kaldur is going to be in charge." Grant said as he couldn't put up with the powerhouses not getting the concept of Basketball.

"You sure you want to do that? I mean his vision seemed to be occupied with a certain Amazon today." Blackfire commented as Kaldur noticed the wall on the far left looked pretty good from this angle. While Donna looked towards Kaldur's direction before shaking her head for a few seconds before going back into her thoughts.

"Hey, I saw said Amazon looking at said player of my team. So how about those apples?" Grant replied back before sticking out his tongue at Blackfire and Jade. This time around the roles between Donna and Kaldur were reversed. Apparently the wall on the far right in Donna's opinion could use some pictures. As Kaldur looked at Donna for a few seconds before shaking his head a bit and going back into his thoughts.

"Well, I know I'm looking forward to dinner tonight. After finishing this history homework of course." Megan stated changing the subject a bit getting a nod from Conner who also had homework of his own to finish up. As Cassandra came into the room and gave a few hand motions.

"Huntress wants me?" Grant asked before getting a few more hand motions from the former guard of Ra's al Ghul.

"You better not keep her waiting. You know how Huntress is when you're taking up her time." Blackfire answered as the rest of the group nodded in agreement. Out of their mentors the only ones who kept their relationship professional still was Batman of course with Huntress being the second one out of the seven. While in the beginning all of the mentors kept their relationship professional but down the line they warmed up the black ops team. Not saying the team knows their secret identities but the friendship was there.

"Good point, alright guys I'll see you later then." Grant replied as he started towards the meeting room with Cassandra right beside him.

Meeting Room

3:50pm, EST

Walking into the meeting room Grant had to admit that he was a bit nervous. I mean when Batman, Huntress, and Red Tornado are staring you down. Okay, maybe Red Tornado was staring him down but then again he only had one facial expression but that's not the point. The point is that he had a feeling this wasn't going to be one of those "good work" prep talks he heard about.

"So, anyone want to tell me what's going on?" Grant said trying to break the ice to get this conversation rolling. Batman was about to speak but Huntress beat him to the punch.

"Why were you in Gotham City last night?" Huntress questioned getting a confused look from the person in question.

"Last night?" Grant muttered recalling the memory of him in bed sleeping. "I was asleep, you know weekday rules."

"Then explain that to the footage then." Batman replied as the footage of Red-X and Huntress played on the monitor in the background.

"That's not me at all. I mean did you hear those lines?" Grant stated as he had better material then that by now. Cassandra glared at Grant for a few seconds before adding her own two cents. Grant nodded in agreement with Cassandra's argument which was about Grant's fighting stance.

"Yeah, I'm not afraid to get into some close quarters combat. I mean you taught me that." Grant said getting a growl from Huntress who hated it when her teaching came back to bit her.

"Well it seems as though we have a mystery on our hands then." Batman concluded getting a nod from everyone in the room. "Huntress, I want you and Grant to solve this case. I have my hands full at the moment."

"Fine, be ready in twenty." Huntress said leaving the meeting room as everyone else left the room as well.

Twenty Minutes later

Grant was just about ready to leave. He had everything he would need in order to capture this imposter once and for all. Before he could leave he ran into the team who were chatting in the recreation room.

"Hey Grant, can you help me explain Valentine's Day to Conner and Kaldur?" Jade asked seeing as that was the topic of the evening. Especially since that day was tomorrow.

"I can't right now guys. I have some business to attend too." Grant answered getting a confused look from everyone in the room.

"You received a mission or something like that?" Blackfire questioned as Grant thought about it for a few seconds before answering.

"I guess you can call it that. Look guys don't worry alright; I'll be back before you know it." Grant answered getting a nod from everyone as they knew he would call if things were to get out of hand.

"Will be sure to save you some dinner." Naruto said getting a chuckle from Grant.

"Yeah, good luck with that one fellas." Grant said before he continued his walk to the Zeta Tube Hanger.

Zeta Tube Hanger

Right now Grant walked into the Zeta tube hanger. He noticed that both Huntress and Cassandra were there. Apparently they were arguing or at least had argued given the stances the two were in.

"Someone want to fill me in on what's going on?" Grant asked as he was unsure as to how to approach this situation at hand.

"Tell your friend that she is not going on this mission." Huntress answered before Cassandra made a few hand motions towards Grant as well.

"I don't see why not, I mean it's not like she can't keep up and besides she's the only one out of the team who knows." Grant said as Huntress shook her head before sighing in frustration.

"Fine then, now let's leave." Huntress answered before plugging the coordinates to the safe house in Gotham as the group of three was now teleported there.

Gotham Safe House

4:15pm, EST

The group of three was now at the Gotham Safe House and started to get to work. Right now Grant was being questioned by Huntress as to whom or what could want to set him up.

"I don't know Huntress, ninja's maybe?" Grant replied as he was at his wits end trying to rack his brain as to who would want to be him of all people. Couldn't they do something better with their life like take over the world or something?

"I'm getting some air. I'll be back later, stay here." Huntress stated as she took to the roof exit and left.

"Man what is her deal?" Grant said as Huntress was still hard to work with, even out on the field so far. Cassandra made a few hand sign towards Grant who shrugged.

"True but I mean she's not like this when it comes to Conner, Megan, Donna, or Kaldur." Grant replied getting a glare from Cassandra. "Okay she is but you have to admit that she's a bit colder to you, me, Naruto, Jade, and Blackfire though." As Cassandra did a few more hand signs towards Grant.

"Go out to the crime scene, against orders. Now you're speaking my language." Grant answered as he and Cassandra made a way to the backdoor exit.

Mount Justice

4:35pm, EST

With Naruto

The blonde shinobi was currently thinking about who his Valentine would be. I mean there was Artemis but after talking to her over the phone a few more times. He would have to classify her in the sister zone if anything else. Thinking about the woman back in Konoha. Sakura, was more or less a lost cause in his eyes now. Shion, well let's just hope that doesn't come back to bit him. Finally Hinata but that relationship was complicated to say the least. I mean was she still his girlfriend now that he was in this universe. She did say if one of us were to die in the war then we should move on with our lives and find someone else who loved them. Too bad those rules didn't apply to a different dimension.

I think I'm going to move on Hinata. Naruto thought to himself imagining himself talking to Hinata. Our time together was great and you've showed me how flexible you were a few times. I'm joking but you were one of the best things that has ever happened to me. So with all this being said. I'm closing this part of my past and moving on. Don't worry Hinata memories last a life time and I know I won't forget about you or anyone else anytime soon. As for a brief second he saw Hinata give an approving nod to his statement. Naruto then left the room and headed to the Zeta Tube. He had a white haired heroine to ask out to dinner tonight.

With Grant and Cassandra

4:40pm, EST

The duo had arrived at the bank where the crime that "Red-X" had performed went down. Looking around it seemed as though a crime did not happen. Then again it's Gotham so something like this must be a low priority when you have people like Scarecrow, Clayface, and Zsasz running around. Right now the duo was about to walk in when the door opened. The two stepped by to let a woman pass by them. Grant deciding to check her out saw she had long black hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin. Her attire was a pair of baggy black sweatpants, a white tank top, a black and grey jacket, and a pair of white tennis shoes. In her hands was a gym bag. It looked as though she had just come from the gym.

Man, she looks good. Grant said to himself before taking his eyes off her figure and followed Cassandra into the bank. Cassandra made a few hand gestures to Grant who then nodded.

"Yeah, I'm not seeing too much of a fight." Grant commented to Cassandra who then pointed to a wall in the far back. Narrowing his eyes he saw what looked like a small whole in the wall. He had to guess it had come from one of Huntress arrow if anything else.

"Can I help you two?" A person asked the duo who shook their head no before Grant and Cassandra moved around a bit before five people dressed in all black came into the bank.

"Alright folks, this is a robbery!" The leader of this group shouted gaining everyone's in the bank's attention. "Get down on the ground and nobody gets hurt."

As most of the people in the bank got down on the ground with the exception of Grant and Cassandra who quickly shared a look before nodding. One of the five members noticed that Grant and Cassandra didn't get on the ground and decided to put them on the spot.

"Didn't you hear the man? On the ground now!" The person on the left of the leader shouted as Grant decided to do what he does best; talking a person to annoyance.

"So did you guys watch a bank robbery movie before coming here? Because it seems as though you're following it to a t." Grant answered getting a glare from the robbers.

"Shut up!" a third robber shouted as he pulled out his gun and walked towards Grant. Grant noticed that the gun this robber was holding was a fake at that. You can't rob the bank with a fake gun.

"It seems as though someone is mad. You know I heard if you say "Woo saw" it causes you to relax more." Grant said offering some advice to the robber.

"Calm down, let's get the money and bail." A female voice stated as she was the only one with some sense in her but Grant was sure he could easily get under her skin as well.

"I would say listen to the lady but you know it may go to her head." Grant replied getting a few laughs from the civilians in the bank.

"Go ahead and waste him already or else I will do it myself." The fifth and final robber said as the crowd heard her female voice.

"Good luck with that when you're on the ground." Grant commented as Cassandra who had left his side went into action. Starting off with the person on her fair right; three quick jabs and they were on the ground. Continuing her momentum she went ahead and disabled the robber on that person's left as well. Grant took care of the robber with the fake gun by slapping it upwards and delivering three swift kicks putting them on the ground. Cassandra was now fighting the "smart" one of the group with ease. The fifth and final one had ran out of the building only to be hit by a gym bag that knocked them on the ground. Both Cassandra and Grant saw that it was the woman from before.

"Just doing my civilian duty." She answered before picking up her bag as the cheering crowd came to the scene.

"What can we do to ever repay you guys?" The manager of the bank asked the now heroes of the day.

"Stay in school, eat your vegetables, and-." Grant rambled off before getting an elbow by Cassandra who then made a few hand gestures getting a nod.

"Right, what do you know about the robbery that happened last night?" Grant asked getting a few confused looks from some of the bankers.

"What robbery are you talking about? Gotham has about three of them with one of them being super villain related." One of the civilians asked before Grant went into specifics.

"The one that happened here at this bank." Grant replied back getting a nod from some of the bankers and a confused look from others.

"I didn't know this place was hit John. I heard about the Killer Croc sighting." One of the bankers said. As in Gotham depending on the paper you read, along with what news channel you look at, and radio you listened too you get a different story. Usually whatever Vicky Vale reported on was nine times out of ten it was super villain related. Leaving other news channels to report on other criminal activities.

"It's not something you really want to admit Geoff. Continuing on we had some person named Red-X. Never heard of the person, probably a third rate thief." The manager known as John started off as Grant was about to tell John off only for Cassandra to cover his mouth and give him a "save it" glare. "Anyway he fought some person with a purple cape. Couldn't really get a good look at who they were. I guess it was Batgirl or something." As the lady with the gym bag glared at John for a few seconds before calming down.

"Nothing was stolen or anything like that. The police said they were going to do a follow up but now it seems like we're going to get even more attention with this robbery." John finished getting a nod from Grant and Cassandra.

"Thanks for the information, I truly appreciate it." Grant answered getting a nod from John.

"So why do you want to know about this robbery anyway?" One of the bankers asked. Questioning the hero who was a part of saving their lives.

"I work for a branch of GCPD. I can't really elaborate but we're going to bring this Red-X guy to justice." Grant said as a few GCPD police cruisers pulled up. Deciding now was a good time to leave. Both Grant and Cassandra left the scene. Not knowing that the woman from earlier was following them.

With Grant and Cassandra

Right now the duo having pulled what they called a "Batman" on the crowd. They were now on their way back to the hideout in Gotham City. The conversation going on at the moment was Grant ranting about being called a "Third Rate thief"

"Where do they get off at calling me third rate? Do they know the type of things I've stolen back in my hay day? I almost feel obligated to go back there and show them what the real Red-X can do. If I weren't done with the thieving game of course." Grant ranted as Cassandra had developed a technique where she just would just tune out after a while. Cassandra hated talkative people so she guessed that's why she got along with Conner, Kaldur, and Blackfire the best seeing as they were the least vocal when it comes to a conversation. Cassandra shook off her current thoughts when she stopped and narrowed her eyes. Someone had been trailing them since they left the bank ten minutes ago. Seeing as they were halfway near the hideout she wanted to take care of this problem now before it became an issue.

"You there Cassandra?" Grant asked getting a few hand signs from the former Ra Al Ghul guard.

"Okay, you can stop following us now. We know you're there; well my friend did since you've been following us since the bank. So come out before we put the hurting on ya." Grant stated as the lady with the gym bag came towards them.

"Hurting on ya Grant? I expected better puns." The female answered in a tone they both recognized.

"Wow Huntress, you look so different without the skin tight costume. I barely recognized you, well I'm sure I would if you wore-." Grant started off before being hit in the head by both Cassandra and Huntress.

"This isn't the time for perverted games Grant." She answered as Grant was feeling the back of his head.

"Right; right; so how about we actually call you by your real name then." Grant replied back as the heroine shook her head no. Cassandra then made a few hand gestures towards the duo. Basically saying that they trust her with their identities so she should do the same.

"It's not the same, as a matter of fact I don't have to answer to you." Huntress replied as Grant's anger towards Huntress had finally come to a boil.

"That's bull and you know it lady. I mean what have me, Cassandra, Blackfire, Jade, and Naruto done to you? Absolutely nothing but you continue to look at us like we're some sort of animals that will attack you. We're "fighting the good fight", doing the jobs the Justice League won't do, and for most of us finally having a purpose in life. We come to you with our problems, we help you when you ask, and we fight with you instead of against you. All we ask and not just me but all of us who're apart of The Outsiders is some sort of respect, trust, and acknowledgement that were doing a good job." Grant stated before taking a few deep breaths. He was happy to have finally gotten that off his chest but then realization hit him like Conner punching a wall in anger. Grant just told Huntress off and he had no way of escaping her wrath.

"You're right." Huntress answered getting a look of shock from Grant and a look of elaborate from Cassandra. "I'm afraid of trusting former villains and killers but that's not the main reason why I keep my distance from not only you five but from everyone on the Outsiders roster. I'm scared of letting you down. All of us mentors are honestly. We fear that letting you down or not being there for you will hurt us more than it will you. I mean who wants to be friends with the person who was kicked out the Justice League? So that's why I keep my distance because I've seen it firsthand what that guilt can do to a person. Batman, Arrow, and Canary have been through it and I just don't want to put myself out there."

Cassandra then made a few hand gestures saying that at least now they have a better understanding of why the way she is now.

"No, I can't speak for all the mentors at the cave but I'm changing my attitude towards you guys from here on out." Huntress answered before taking a quick breath before speaking again. "My name is Helena Bretinelli and I trust you with my life."

"Wow, I don't know what to say. Maybe I should give that speech to Batman sometime." Grant commented getting two face palms from the woman near him.

"Moving on, I've found nothing but dead ends. I tried checking the Bank like you guys but nothing was there." Helena said getting nods from the two.

"Well there is one person I could call but I don't think you two will like it." Grant stated putting his plan b out there.

"The person can't be that bad can it?" Helena questioned as Cassandra shrugged her shoulders as she didn't know who the person was as well.

"Depends…you're cool with cats right?" Grant asked as both Helena and Cassandra narrowed their eyes as they both realized who Grant was talking about.

Jump City, 7:30pm, PST

With Naruto

The blonde was currently wearing a white polo shirt, a pair of khaki pants, a pair of white shoes, and a tan jacket. In his hand were a few seeds, he was going to impress Rose by making the flowers grow and bloom in front of her. Right now he was making his way towards Wilson Manor and man Grant wasn't kidding when he said they lived it "big". The manor itself was big enough to give Bruce Wayne a run for his money.

How do I get to the door? Naruto asked himself seeing the huge gate in front of the manor along with the mile high walls. Naruto had to guess that their father didn't like visitors.

"Naruto." A voice called out as he turned to see Rose and Renee approaching him. Naruto had to admit that Renee looked good without dressing as the question all the time.

"Hey Rose…Renee." Naruto said as he was unsure as how he would ask Rose out without Renee being there.

"I'll meet up with you tomorrow afternoon with those notes." Renee said as she had a feeling that Naruto wanted some one on one time the white haired Wilson.

"Take care partner." Rose replied as Renee started to walk away leaving these two alone.

"Rose, look I had a realization today and I want to take you on a date." Naruto stated shocking the daughter of "The Terminator".

"A date." Rose replied as all the training her father had put her through didn't prepare for this. "Sure, we can go catch a movie or something. The theater is right down the street."

"I wanted to give you these." Naruto said holding his hands out showing her a few seeds. Seeing Rose's facial features were that of confusion. Naruto decided to try his "cheesy" attempt at doing something cool by channeling earth and water chakra into the seeds. The seeds started growing into the form of flowers but seeing as this was Naruto's first time doing something like this. Well it back fired and not in a "will laugh about this later" sort of way. The flowers overgrew and now the couple was now tangled together.

"How not to impress your date by Naruto Uzumaki. Should be on shelves later this year." Shinku said laughing at her containers efforts at this so called date.

Kyubi…I mean Shinku, can it please. Naruto answered back before hearing Rose who was laughing a bit.

"She has a sense of humor, she's a keeper." Shinku commented as Naruto mentally sighed.

"What's so funny Rose?" Naruto asked as for most girls he would guess this would have broken the date.

"And here I thought I was the only one nervous." Rose answered as Naruto made the guess that this just maybe her first date. So keeping this in mind he was glad they were going to the movies. In Naruto mind, that was a good enough first date.

"It's been a while since I've been out on a date." Naruto admitted getting a nod from Rose.

"Well this is my first, so don't try too hard to impress me okay." Rose replied as Naruto smirked.

"If you say so Rose." Naruto said before using wind chakra to slice the vines from around them. The two decided to make their way to the movies for the eight o clock showing.

Gotham City

11:30pm, EST

Currently Grant, Cassandra, and one Helena in their alternate attires were currently waiting on a roof top. The reason being, well Grant's "Plan B" was supposed to meet them here.

"Are you sure that she will come?" Huntress asked as this particular person at least in her eyes wasn't the most dependable. Then again her and Batman had a relationship which she couldn't even describe. It was like one time they go together another time they were friends with benefits. It was almost like it was one of those on going soap opera shows Black Canary talked about.

"I don't see why I wouldn't." A female voice called out to the others on the roof. The trio turned and saw a woman wearing a very tight outfit that showed off her entire figure at that. They also noticed that she had a hood that had some kind of cat ears attached to them. Continuing on Huntress noticed that the woman seemed to upgrade her suit seeing the now metal plated armor that was on her forearms and shins. Her fingertips now had cat claws on them. Finishing the attire was a pair of black goggles that were on her forehead. It was none other than Gotham' s famous thief Catwoman. "I mean after all Red-X here is my student."

"Oh nice tech teach, where did you swipe it?" Red-X asked while approaching her to get a better look at the armor. "Looks like Lex corp."

"A certain tall, dark and brooding man got it for me." Catwoman replied before taking in the guest that her former student was with. She and Huntress had a few run in's so she at least knew how to deal with her but this other woman was a complete mystery.

"I don't want to hear about your love life teach. I'm here because-." Red-X started before Catwoman finished the sentence.

"You're being framed, I know. I was in the area when a certain someone was fighting you." Catwoman finished gaining a nod from Red-X.

"We wanted to know if you knew anything." Huntress said getting to the point of this meeting.

"Of course I do and I can tell you it wasn't Red-X here. I mean you don't bleed oil for one. Two, you're no longer small time. No student of mines just robs a bank like some petty thief." Catwoman said, especially the last part with a hint of pride. As Cassandra made a few hand gestures towards Huntress getting a confused look from Catwoman.

"She can't talk if that's what you're about to ask." Huntress said answering Catwoman unspoken question. "And what did you mean bleed oil?"

"Well one of your arrows must have nicked the fake Red-X. On the roof top there was some oil. Not a lot mind you but enough small spots." Catwoman answered getting a nod from the group as they were able to come to the conclusion that it was a robot of some sorts.

"Thanks for the info teach, at least now I can tell my friends they have nothing to worry about." Red-X commented thinking of the rest of the outsider's crew.

"I wanted to tell you that I'm proud of you Grant." Catwoman started off while whispering Grant's name in case the other two didn't know his identity. "It seems like you've finally found a purpose so be sure to hold onto it alright. I'll be sure to get notes from a certain someone in case you're slipping up."

"Yeah, yeah…wait how did you-." Red-X said before Catwoman gave him an all knowing smirk before leaving the roof top.

"So we know it's a robot. Now we just have to find it." Huntress said getting a nod from the two students. Right before they could plan a course of action they saw a red beam which gained their attention. Red-X using the zoom in feature of his mask; he saw two people chasing after himself. One of them was a blonde wearing what looked like a Green Arrow costume except it was made for her and man she looked good wearing it. The person beside her was also a female but they were wearing a Catwoman costume. Well it looked more like Catgirl but that wasn't the point. Point here the fake him was in the area and this was coming to an end.

"Let's move!" Huntress ordered as the trio started running at a fast pace jumping roof top to roof top until they were able to catch up with the current chase.

With Artemis

11:15pm, EST

Artemis was current patrolling the streets of Gotham. So far she had to admit that being a hero was pretty sweet. Stopping small time crime in Gotham she had to admit was nice. It actually helped her sleep at night knowing that she can finally do some good in her community. Right now she was perched on her usual roof top scoping the town until she heard a purr. Turning around Artemis saw a woman around her age who wore a pair of tight black pants which were being held up by a blue utility belt, a pair of blue and black tennis shoes, a form fitting black shirt which had a blue design going down on the side of the shirt, a pair of gloves black gloves, and a cowl that was shaped like a cat. Around her neck was a pair of black goggles. It was none other than Catgirl, a upcoming thief being trained by Catwoman herself and her dubbed "rival"

"Don't you get bored?" Catgirl asked approaching the second emerald archer. Who mentally sighed before answering the question.

"Not tonight Catgirl, I just want to make one last round and go home." Artemis answered as her mother's curfew for her was 11:30pm and if Artemis missed that then yeah it wasn't going to be a good night at all.

"Sounds like someone has a valentine." Catgirl said egging Artemis on like she always does.

"You're hilarious." Artemis replied back in a sarcastic tone.

"I try my best not to disappoint." Catgirl said in a flirting tone coming closer to Artemis.

"You may want to stay back. I'm not known to-." Artemis started to reply before running towards Catgirl and knocking both herself and her "rival" down to the ground dodging a red beam of some sorts.

"I guess playtimes over." Catgirl stated in a more serious tone as she noticed Artemis eyes narrow at her target.

Grant? Artemis thought to herself seeing the Red-X suit fighting Firefly of all people. Could that be the fake Ollie told me about earlier. I'm taking no chances here, better take both of them down and go from there. As Artemis pulled an arrow from her quiver and fired it towards the action. As the arrow hit Firefly which caused him to crash on the building. He tried getting up but found out the arrow he was hit with was a bola one.

"How do you tell those things apart?" Catgirl asked getting a smirk from Artemis.

"Like I'm going to tell you of all people. Now if you excuse me, I got a thief to stop." Artemis answered before going towards Red-X with Catgirl running right behind her.

"I'm not about to let you have all the fun now Artemis." Catgirl stated as she took out her whip as she was ready to strike Red-X who had just ruined her fun for the night.

"Keep up." Was all Artemis could say before launching another arrow at the fake Red-X who dodged it. As the arrow caused a flash to happen. It was during that flash another Red-X came into the scene hitting the fake one to the ground.

"And things are officially complicated." Artemis muttered to herself as she saw Huntress and another woman who she didn't recognize arrive on the scene. The other woman threw what looked like kunai's covered in some sort of energy at the Red-X that was on the ground. It seemed to have prevented them from getting up.

"Where did you come from?" Red-X asked as Cassandra had helped pin the fake Red-X down to the ground.

"Like I'm going to tell you." The Fake Red-X replied as Red-X took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"I wanted to make this easy but we have no choice." Red-X answered as Huntress fired an arrow into the robot's right arm.

"Genius move there, encore, encore." The Fake Red-X mocked before seeing Huntress smirk a bit.

"And the virus is uploaded. Now let's see whose controlling you." Red-X said as he brought up his holographic computer and brought up the information that Huntress arrow was able to gather. Apparently the person in charge was in Jump City.

"So, anyone want to tell me what's going on?" Artemis asked getting Red-X, Huntress, and Cassandra's attention.

"Taking myself down because you know, that's a thing now and days." Red-X replied trying to joke about the situation.

"Catwoman was right, you're not that funny." Catgirl answered as Cassandra made a few hand gestures getting a laugh from Huntress. Artemis now taking a closer look at the other woman in front of her and the way she was communicating. Could this be Cassandra Cain talking or someone else completely different?

"What's so funny?" Catgirl asked as Artemis let her in on the joke. That being Cassandra calling her a Catwoman knock off. Catgirl was about to pick a fight with Cassandra only for Red-X to stop the reply.

"As much as I would love to see a cat fight between you two. We're about to be teleported to Jump City. I've found the building and I'm ready to end this." Red-X said getting a nod from Cassandra and Huntress.

"Go home and get some rest, it's a school night if I remember correctly." Huntress added on as Artemis eyes widen in realization. She was about to get it when she got home.

"I do need my beauty rest." Catgirl said as she started to leave the roof top. "I'll play with you tomorrow Arrowette."

Cassandra then made a few hand gestures to Artemis who shook her head no.

"The names Artemis, Cassandra, successor to the Green Arrow name." Artemis said as Cassandra smiled seeing her friend was doing good after leaving the League of Shadows.

"Keep at it kid, I'm sure you'll go far." Huntress added on as the trio was now teleported to Jump City to finish this.

Jump City

7:40pm, PST

With Naruto and Rose

In Naruto's mind this had to be the worst date ever. The movie theater was currently being attacked by some type of Spider robots or something like that and hearing the radio broadcast the Teen Titans were preoccupied at the moment which meant he along with Rose had to suit up and take these guys down.

"So much for a date." Naruto commented while throwing two demon wind shurikens at the Spider-Bots legs, slicing off the limbs.

"The night is still young Ghost, I mean we can only go up from here right?" Rose answered back as she was slicing her own Spider-Bots in halves.

Yeah you got a point." Naruto replied while finishing the last of the Spider-Bots a fireball technique.

"Good, now-." Rose started off as her H.U.D showed that Renee was calling her. Tapping her left ear, she proceeded to talk to her partner in fighting crime.

"Hope you weren't too busy on your date. I wanted to give you a heads up that I found a lead on who is framing your brother." Renee stated gaining Rose's attention. She had read this morning that Grant went into thieving again but she knew that was impossible since he was a part of The Outsiders.

"Talk to me." Rose answered as Renee cleared her voice before speaking.

"Apparently the person is using a robot to do their dirty work and not actually dressing up as your brother. Continuing on I've traced the signal to this run apartment complex. You may want to hurry since they're still sending that signal to the robot in Gotham." Renee finished as Rose thanked her for the information.

"What was that about?" Naruto asked seeing as she was on the phone with someone.

"I'm sure Red-X didn't tell you but he's been framed." Rose started off as Naruto remembered Grant's demeanor from earlier today. Grant talking about taking care of business made sense now. "Moving on, I've got a location of where the person is, do you want in?"

"Of course." Naruto answered as he heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching them. He noticed the bike was black and gold and had a sidecar.

"Just to let you know, the sidecar is comfortable." Rose said letting Naruto know he wasn't driving.

7:50pm, PST

Naruto had to admit, it seemed like his conclusion was correct. Wilson's had a need from speed. I mean it only took ten minutes to get to a place that was supposed to take forty minutes. Pushing those thoughts aside he had to focus on the task at hand. That was clearing his friend's name.

"I'm getting one heat signature. Looks like they're on the top floor." Rose said informing Naruto who nodded.

"Let's take this person down as quick as possible." Naruto replied as the duo ran into the building. Rose taking the lead as the two were now at the upper level and were about to burst into the room when they heard a conversation going on.

"Genius move there, encore, encore." They heard a voice say as they both recognized the voice as Gizmo but who was he talking too.

"And the virus is uploaded. Now let's see whose controlling you." The duo heard Grant reply back before they heard Gizmo start to curse. Deciding that now was the best time to burst in. Rose went ahead and sliced the door open. The two were now in the room and saw the set up Gizmo had. Minus the multiple computer screens along, the wall they noticed he had multiple robot parts lying around the room as well.

"How did you-." Gizmo started off as he was startled as to how they got in. He was pretty sure no one would check an abandon apartment complex so he had no need to set up security. "Forget it, Robot Drones, attack!"

As the two heroes saw that seven robotic skeletons stand up to oppose them as Gizmo was putting on his backpack in order to get out of harm's way. Underneath her mask Roses eyes started to glow green for a few seconds. Oh how the power of seeing into the future helped and hurt her at the same time.

"I'll take these guys, go after Gizmo." Rose ordered as Naruto was already going through multiple hand signs.

"Summoning Technique." Naruto said as in a poof of smoke. A red and black colored Chinese Dragon appeared.

"Hinote, were pursuing the green midget. Let's finish this quickly." Naruto said as the young dragon nodded in response as the two quickly ran or in Hinote's case flew pass the robot drones.

"Later suckers!" Gizmo shouted as he flew upwards through his escape hatch.

8:00pm, PST

The trio arrived where the signal was coming from. Apparently it was from this abandon apartment complex. Right before they could enter it, they heard glass shattering multiple times as they looked up to the sky and saw Ravager fighting multiple robot drones. Acting quickly Red-X threw multiple Explosive X-Shurikens towards the drones. Ravager already knowing how this would end quickly dived down towards the ground floor in front of the trio.

"What took you guys so long?" Rose questioned as she put her sword on her shoulders.

"Took so long?" Red-X asked wanted to ask his sister more before they saw the form of one Gizmo flying out of the apartment complex being chased by what looked like a small sized Chinese dragon.

"Hinote, let's end this." Naruto ordered as Hinote blew out a small ball of fire which Naruto then threw a kunai which was covered in wind chakra. The weapon hit Gizmo's backpack sending him towards the ground. Huntress shot out an arrow which deployed a net that caught Gizmo.

"Alright shrimp, start talking." Red-X stated coldly towards the creator of the robot that framed him.

"Why would I talk to a sellout? Teaming up with the heroes, man you've loss some serious cred." Gizmo commented as he wasn't going to talk.

"I'll show you sellout." Was all Red-X could say before teleporting himself and Gizmo to a roof top. From there Red-X tied Gizmo to a rope and pushed him off the building. Earning some screams.

"Now start talking you unsuccessful computer geek." Red-X said as he brought Gizmo's form back up to the roof top.

"Alright, it was from Slade…well he's calling himself Deathstroke now but that's not the point. He gave me some data he collected from you and your team on some island. I don't know but the point is he wanted me to create a robot so I did. Now can you please LET ME GO!" Gizmo replied as Red-X took in the information before deciding to leave Gizmo hanging for the Teen Titans.

Mount Justice

12:15am, EST

Right now Grant, Naruto, and Cassandra were back at the base. Greeting them was none other than the rest of the team.

"Grant, we're sorry about-." Jade stated off only for Grant to interrupt the sentence in process.

"Save it, I should have told you guys about the situation instead of tackling it on my own. Now that we know that this imposter of my father has something in store for us. We can prepare to stop him." Grant answered as the rest of the team nodded.

"So, Naruto, what were you doing in Jump City anyway?" Grant questioned as all the eyes were now on Naruto.

"I wasn't riding your sister if that's what you're asking." Naruto said before realizing the words that came out of his mouth.

"Sequel book, "What you should not to say to your friends volume one." I smell money." Shinku commented as Grant face filled with a bit of rage.

"Come here Naruto, I have to show you my new gadget." Grant said before chasing the blonde around the base.

End Episode


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