Second Chances

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Episode 8: Hand of Fate

Episode Start

With Donna

Unknown Location, Unknown Time

Donna found herself in the same scenario once again. The rain was coming down hard around her as she was going to some sort of destination. She has had the same reoccurring dream ever since she joined the Outsiders but this time the dream felt different. It felt as though she was finally going to get some sort of answer, closure maybe. Continuing her walk throughout the rain she saw something falling from the sky. She was unsure what exactly but she was draw to it, like it was calling for her and she had to answer. Picking up her pace and going into a sprint she was nearing her destination.

Looking at the location ahead she saw a crater, a large on at that, but the thing that had her attention was the male standing there. To describe the person he had blonde hair that went a little past his shoulders, blue eyes that held power and respect in them. His attire was that of armor of some sorts. If one word could describe this person in front of her it would be godly. Approaching with caution Donna found herself walking into the crater to greet the person. Only for them to disappear as a large hammer was in its place. The hammer itself looked as though it was made by the finest weapon smith if she had to guess. It radiated power and for some reason Donna felt as though it belonged to her. Attempting to grasp the handle she felt for a brief second this aurora enter her body only for the world around her to disappear.

Waking up with sweat covering her form, Donna could only wonder if her dream was going to come to pass today.

Tower Of Fate

February 15th, 8:30am, EST

Currently at the Tower of Fate we see Doctor Fate, Inza who is Doctor Fates's wife, and a male who was dressed in a very well made suit. This person name was Zatara, one of the few Homo Magi users left. Right now the team was viewing an object that had landed somewhere in Brazil. The object itself was a hammer of some sorts. Right now the trio was talking about a plan of action.

"So what do you suggest we do Fate?" Zatara said questioning the husband and wife magic users as to what they should do.

"I have never seen symbols like that before." Inza stated as she was focusing on what was inscribed on the hammer. "I suggest we try to take the hammer before it falls into the wrong hands."

"It seems as though we might not be able to get that chance." Doctor Fate interjected into the conversation as both Zatara and Inza saw what looked like four demons trying to pull out the hammer only for them to fail. "It seems as though someone else wants this weapon."

"Allow me to go to the scene Doctor." Zatara said before reaching under his left sleeve and pulling out a cane which doubled as his wand. "You and Inza stay here and see if you can find some information about this hammer."

"That sounds like the proper plan of action. Go ahead Zatara, see what you can learn about this hammer along with those demons that appeared. I'm going to see if I can get an old friend of mines to help with this situation." Doctor Fate stated before waving his hand as a golden portal opened and he proceeded to step through it.

With Zatara

Unknown location in Brazil

8:45am, EST

Appearing a few yards away from the hammer and the demons. Zatara studied the scene which was these cat like hybrids trying to pull the hammer out only to be zapped by lighting of some sorts. It seemed as though the hammer was sentient and clearly these demons weren't the chosen one.

It seems as though these demons are not the smartest of the batch. The magician said to himself as he grasped his cane as Zatara was about to spring into action only for a particular beep to go off. Loosening his grip on his cane, Zatara brought his right hand up to the earpiece that was in right ear and pressed the small button on it.

"Zatara here." He answered while waiting for a reply on the other end.

"Superman here Zatara, I'm not catching you at a bad moment am I?" The Man of Steel questioned the magician.

"No my friend, please continue." Zatara answered as he heard his fellow hero clear his voice.

"Look there is this rumor going around that Batman is putting together a team filled with young female heroines. I know it sounds a bit weird at first but I can attest that Batman knows what he is doing. So I wanted to ask you if you believe Zatanna could fit into this team?" Superman stated as a thoughtful look appeared on Zatara's face.

"I'm not one to believe rumors Superman. Besides, Zatanna is not ready for the hero business. While I have been training her every day and she has shown remarkable progress." Zatara started off before taking a breath and continuing. "It's just that I don't want her to be in danger just yet."

"I understand old friend but she's growing up each and every day. I mean she's sixteen if I remember correctly and she's not getting any younger. I went through the same thing with Supergirl so in a way I understand your thinking. Sooner or later Zatanna is going to have to live her own life. Zatanna cannot be sheltered forever." Superman answered back letting the magician know his stance on this situation.

"You're right about that one Superman. I just don't want to let her go just yet." Zatara replied back. Letting the Kryptonian known his true feelings on the situation.

"Well we can take it one step at a time. Look me and a few of the other Leagers were going to go to Dakota soon. I've read that they have two teenaged heroes who're protecting the city. They're called Static Shock and Gear. I figured having Zatanna there with us, she could relate to them a bit more" Superman stated as Zatara nodded at that information.

"I thought you would have nominated her for the Teen Titans. I mean they just opened up another Tower in the east right?" Zatara asked.

"We have considered doing a joint operation with them but Batman would rather not have us mix our business with them." Superman answered.

"Fair enough, I'll tell Zatanna the news about your trip to Dakota. Do you have a date for this field trip?" Zatara stated to the Kryptonian.

"It should be in the upcoming weeks depending on how things-" Superman started off only to be cut off by a particular noise which meant trouble was brewing. "Hold on for just a second Zatara." As Zatara was wondering what trouble was going on?

"Superman, are you there?" Zatara asked wanting a reply as quick as possible.

"I'm here Zatara, look we need your help. It's Wotan, apparently he's trying to block out the sun. I do hope you were not doing something important at the moment. If you were I can send a team to your location to assist you or cover for you as this is a high priority." Superman answered as Zatara on his end was nodding at the information.

"No need to send a team to my location. I'll wrap up my business in two minutes so tell Manhunter to teleport me at that exact time." Zatara informed the hero from Kryption who on his end nodded in response.

"Very well then Zatara." Superman answered back before cutting the transmission off.

I'll go ahead and cast a cloaking spell. I'm sure Zatanna and Doctor Fate can handle getting the hammer to safety. After all it's not their first time going after an artifact of magic origin. Zatara said to himself before casting a cloaking spell on the hammer which seemed to have confused the demons.

"We're teleporting you now, I trust you've handled your business." Superman said through the comm-link.

"Of course, it will not be a problem." Zatara replied back before being teleported to the Watchtower. Unknown to him a person had watched the whole scene.

"It looks like it's going to be a glorious day indeed. I'll show those other villains I'm more than just bronze." The villain stated before watching the demons walk around aimlessly.

"Pathetic." Was all the villain could say seeing them give up so easily.

Mount Justice

9:00am EST

Currently the team consisting of Kaldur, Conner, and Blackfire were watching television. It was Saturday morning and the team would usually bond over morning cartoons. Cassandra was fixing them a themed breakfast like she usually did when it came to Saturday morning.

"Anyone seen Grant or Megan?" Conner asked earning a head shake no from everyone in the room.

"I think Huntress has them doing some sort of tracking exercise today." Blackfire said trying to remember what Grant had told her after their training session yesterday.

"Naruto and Jade are outside training like always." Conner replied as everyone knew those two would do some Ninjutsu training on Saturday.

"Morning." Donna called out as the team saw that she didn't have a good night's sleep.

"What going on Donna?" Kaldur asked with his voice filled with concern.

"Nothing, just a bad dream." Donna said walking into the Kitchen and fixing herself a glass of orange juice.

"Some dream if you come out looking like that." Conner commented earning a glare from Donna. "Just saying you look bad."

"And you're not helping the situation Conner." Blackfire remarked before Cassandra made a few hand gestures.

"Talk about it?" Donna replied back earning a nod from Cassandra. "I guess so, alright so in my dream it's raining and I'm running towards something. Usually in this dream I'm always running towards something but last night it was different. This time I found myself reaching a creator where a saw this man, I would almost say god like man was standing there. Before I could talk to them they disappeared and a hammer was in his place. From there I tried to grab the hammer but I ended up waking up instead."

"It sounds like your dream could have some sort of meaning. I know Queen Mera told me that sometimes dreams show us visions of what could happen." Kaldur said.

"Or you know Donna had one to many fruit smoothies before bed." Blackfire remarked earning a laugh from Conner.

"Do you at least feel better?" Kaldur said earning a nod from Donna.

"I do in some aspect, maybe I need some breakfast to help." Donna said as Cassandra had finished cooking breakfast for the team to eat. As the team started eating they heard Red Tornado and Question walking into the living room. Someone must have been going on because they were arguing.

"I see no logic in sending the team out. Their purpose is to investigate and take down villain's before their plans come to fruition." Red Tornado said in a frustrated voice a robot could muster.

"You said investigate, all the more reason for us to do so. At least I can go to bed with a clear conscious tornado." Question fired back.

"Clear conscious? Batman says you're screws are a bit loose." Red Tornado stated earning a sigh from Question.

"Well tall, dark, and brooding isn't here right now and yes I do have a conscious. Anyway back on subject I'm sending the team." Question said.

"You two do know we're right here you know." Blackfire stated before continuing. "You mind telling us the situation."

"This does not concern you Outsiders, I have a friend whose taking care of this." Red Tornado said not liking to involve the team when someone else is at work.

"So early today a foreign object fell from the sky. Zatara went to investigate it, apparently it's a hammer of some sorts. I want you guys to go and see if we need to worry about it but someone people." Question said before letting out a cough which sounded like "Red Tornado" before continuing. "Don't want you investigating it because they have a friend who I believe is not enough."

"I've been having a dream about a hammer falling from the sky Question. Maybe we should go investigate it." Donna said earning a nod of approval from Question.

"I completely disagree; you cannot use your dream as logic Donna." Red Tornado said before a blue spell portal opened to reveal Doctor Fate was in the cave.

"Busted." Conner muttered seeing a hero who wasn't in their secret circle appearing in the cave.

"No need to fear young Kryptonian. I have no need to tell others about your secret club. Now Donna was it?" Doctor Fate started off earning a nod from Donna in response. "Tell me about your dreams."

"Well like I was telling my friends earlier, I've been having these dreams ever since I've been on this team. A hammer falls from the sky, it's raining, and I'm running towards it. This time around I finally saw a god like figure and before I could ask him something I woke up." Donna explained earning a nod from Doctor Fate.

"I've heard of these situations before, the best case here is to take you to the hammer and have you pull it out." Doctor Fate stated earning a cheer from the Question and a sigh of disapproval from Red Tornado.

"Why does it have to be me pulling it our Doctor Fate? Donna questioned not understanding that part.

"Fate rarely calls us at a moment of our choosing." Doctor Fate said before opening a blue portal. "Now come on, we don't have time to waste."

"Hold your portals there Doctor Fate, Donna is a part of this team and we made an oath to help one another. Regardless of how bad the situation maybe, we're going with you and that's final." Kaldur stated.

"Sounding like Arthur, very well children." Doctor Fate replied before snapping his finger as the team was in their mission attires. "Let's go."

"What about Naruto and Jade?" Blackfire questioned knowing those two hated being left out of the action.

"I'll inform them of the situation just in case you need back up." Question said as the team plus Red Tornado entered the portal.

With Naruto and Jade


"Primary Lotus" A female voice cried out as the scene on the beach was a green downward spiral making its way down to the ground. As a huge crater was made on the beach. A few seconds later a woman wearing all green flipped out of the crater and nodded at her handy work.

"Do the pose Jade…the pose." Naruto called out from his position as he was wearing his training gear. Hearing Naruto all Jade could do was groan.

"I don't see the point in smiling and doing a thumb up Naruto. Especially when you've had me say "The Springtime of Youth" more times then I want too in a life time." Jade said as this had been their morning so far. Naruto teaching her a Taijutsu style.

"It's what a teacher and student did back at my world, so why not?" Naruto stated as Jade could only shake her head no.

"Well why aren't you wearing the green spandex then?" A male voice asked as there had been a third person on the beach with them. It was a large grey dragon wearing blue and yellow armor.

"Clearly Arashi I would wear orange spandex." Naruto said as though it was common knowledge.

"Man big bro, this isn't your day." A dragon known as Hinote stated before giggling at her cool and calm brother sigh in anger.

"Okay we can stop the Taijutsu training for today." Naruto stated as Jade had performed the Primary Lotus so well that it would make Rock Lee proud. He was debating whether or not to teach her Lion's Barrage since it was a good Taijustsu move and Jade had the leg strength to pull it off.

"Finally." Jade said happy to be done with hand to hand combat training for today. As Jade had come over to where the two dragons and their summoner was.

"Jade, there's something I've been meaning to ask you for quite a while now." Naruto started off earning a confused look from Jade. "How can you use Chakra?"

"I was wondering when you would ask me this question Naruto." Jade said before doing a few hand signs as in a puff of smoke a scroll appeared. "This is my family's scroll, Sensei had given it to me when he deemed I was old enough to understand it."

"Written by Madara Uchiha." Naruto muttered seeing the kanji for his name on the outside of the scroll. "Well it makes sense how you know how to use the Interception Fist so easily."

"The main thing I think you will be interested in is my necklace I wear." Jade said before taking off the necklace which had a Yin and Yang symbol on it. Looking at it Naruto was shocked to see six seals on it. Two of them being a converter seal which fuess two separate seals energies together. A Yin seal which was meant for spiritual power. A Yang seal meant for physical augmentation. The Adaption seal which was used to help the body evolve depending on the environment or situation. Finally a Structure seal old medical shinobi used when reparing the bodies bone structure, organs, chakra coils, and tenketsu. "I'm sure you recognize these seals?"

"Yeah but some of these are old, I'm talking pre first shinobi war old Jade. I think we need to talk more about your family." Naruto said earning a nod from Jade.

With The Outsiders and Doctor Fate


The team was now inside the Tower of Fate. Doctor Fate had to pick up the last member of their team before this adventure started.

"Man if it's another Justice League member, I guess we can kiss the Outsiders good-bye huh." Conner said really not liking the current situation they were in.

"Justice League member, like my dad would approve?" A female voice stated as the team heard the clicking of heels. Looking at the woman who was joining them they saw she was about their age. Her attire was a white blouse, a black jacket, a bow tie, black knee high heels, grey pants , and white gloves.

"Zatanna, I've heard good things about you from your father." Red Tornado stated seeing the young magic user.

"Thank you Red Tornado, whose the mini league?" Zatanna questioned.

"We're the Outsiders." Kaldur stated before continuing the introductions. "I'm Aqualad, that's Void, Blackfire, Superboy, and Donna."

"Introductions aside, Zatanna your father casted a clocking spell on an object we need to get too. I'm counting on you to unseal this object." Doctor Fate explained to the young heroine who nodded in response.

"Well let's get to it then." Zatanna said while trying to hide her grin. This was going to be her first time not only in action but with a team of young heroes as well. Maybe they would want to be friends with her? Before Doctor Fate teleported the team to the location where the spell was in place.

"What's Black Adam doing here?" Kaldur questioned seeing the super villain trying to break the clocking spell. The demons from earlier seemed to be following the villains method and attacking the dome as well.

"Myself and Doctor Fate will hold off Black Adam. Team and Zatanna, see what you can do about those demons." Red Tornado ordered as he and Doctor Fate charged towards Black Adam.

"Look whose here, where's the rest of the league?" Black Adam questioned as he wasn't a push over.

"You're in lucky my boy, you only have to worry about us today." Doctor Fate stated earning a evil smirk from Black Adam.

"I look forward to beating you into a pulp." Black Adam replied back before flying towards the duo. Acting fast Red Tornado send a powerful torrent of wind which sent Black Adam back.

"We need to stay on top of him, giving Black Adam a chance to recuperate is dangerous." Red Tornado advised earning a nod from Doctor Fate.

"I understand my old friend." Doctor Fate said before his hands started to glow green. "Let's take it to him."

With The Outsiders

"Blackfire, start off by hitting them with a few Starbolts. From there Conner see if you can touch them, if so send them flying. Myself and Void will guard Zatanna as we take her to the hammer." Kaldur ordered before pulling out his signature water bearers and forming two hammers with them.

"Consider it done." Blackfire said before her eyes started to glow purple. From there she took off and started an aerial assault on the demons. Conner seeing the start of the assault, decides to see if he can fight a few of the demons with his fist. Punching the nearest one he is able to send them flying but only to find himself feeling weak.

"You okay Superboy?" Kaldur called out seeing his friends fighting stance looking off.

"I hate magic." Conner muttered before deciding to answer Kaldur. "Yeah, you might want to speed this up. Me and magic are not a winning combo."

"I'll back you up." Blackfire said continuing her air assault hitting a few of them. Conner decided to uproot a tree and use it as a weapon

"Zatanna prepare to use the spell." Kaldur stated earning a nod from Zatanna as a blue energy starts to surround her.

" laever eht noisulli" Zatanna ordered as nothing happened to the clocked hammer. As more of these demons started to appear. Cassandra seeing more enemies appearing makes a few hand gestures towards Kaldur who nodded.

"Void right, prepare to fallback." Kaldur said as he knew something wrong must have happened with Zatanna's spell.

"Void, teleportation approved." A robotic voice stated before the team and Zatanna felt themselves being teleported elsewhere to regroup for the time being.

With Naruto and Jade


"So let me get this straight, so only the woman in your family can use Chakra?" Naruto questioned as the story Jade told was interesting. Jade told Naruto about how her very old ancestor had found the scroll and necklace. Jade had showed Naruto the notes her ancestor had made and for Naruto they were interesting. It sounded like the Necklace was able to inject his worlds body structure. From there making Chakra a genetic gene only for the woman in this family.

"Great grandma Lei said when she put on the necklace something was injected into her and a few years later she had the ability to use chakra. From there she had two children a boy and a girl. Lei noticed that the female seemed to have a chakra system while the boy did not." Jade explained earning a nod from Naruto.

"It sounds like something the Snake clan would do, those science nerds always finding a way to explain things with science. Something things happen naturally Yamamoto." Shinku said before it became a rant about something Naruto wasn't sure if he wanted to know about or not.

I'll ask you about Yamamoto later Shinku. I have a feeling it's a long story. Naruto commented.

"It is so you better have nothing to do. Back to your friend, the Necklance looks as though it was made by your clan, the Uchiha, and Snake. The Snake's probably contributed the injection. Your clan made the seals and connected each of them to work. I'm guessing the Uchiha had some part to do with the spiritual essence. I'm willing to be it's because of those damn eyes." Shinku explained earning a nod from Naruto.

"Do you have any idea who your mother is Jade? Maybe I can talk to her." Naruto asked earning a head shake no.

"I only know my father, he goes by the name Sportsmaster." Jade revealed as that brought a particular memory out of Naruto.


Gotham City, February 14th 9:00pm

Naruto currently dressed up in his Ghost attire was playing golf with a group of super villains this warm evening. Apparently it was one of the many traditions some of the villains did during the holiday season.

"And you guys are sure we won't get in trouble with Penguin for this?" Naruto questioned as they were using explosive golf balls to hit one of the many boats Penguin had on sea.

"Relax Ghost, besides he can always buy a new one or ten." A woman replied. Her attire was a pair of black pants, a red shirt that clung to her torso, a black vest, and a pair of black boots. Her name was Nyssa Al Ghul and one of Naruto's closest villain friends.

"I agree with the lady big G." A huge man with grey skin stated. His attire was that of a biker. This was Lobo, an intergalactic bounty hunter and part time comedian depending on your galactic system.

"No one told me Lobo was going to be here. I would have brought more food." A male voice said. He was wearing a brown leather jacket, a black armor like shirt and pants, grey boots, and a red helmet over his face. This was Jason Todd, formerly known as the second Robin.

"I'm sure the motorcycle enthusiast brought some. I hate free loaders." A woman wearing a pair of black pants, black boots, a customized black and silver vest. Her name was Scandal Savage, the daughter of Vandal Savage.

"Where's Cheetah, Giganta, Killer Moth, Sportsmaster, and Weather Wizard?" Ghost asked wanting to know where the others where.

"Too busy kicking everyone's butts in Golf." One Sportsmaster boasted proudly as the villains mentioned above were following him.

"Glad you could make it Ghost." One Cheetah stated smiling at the shinobi. Her skin was that of a Cheetah. She had long red hair and wore a black bodysuit.

"Have the meditation techniques been working Cheetah?" Ghost questioned as recently Cheetah had been going through a cycle where she wanted to "mate" to say the least.

"They've been working but if I don't get something soon, I'm afraid I'm going to snap." Cheetah admitted as Jason's jaw dropped from behind his helmet. There were some super villains he had to admit where hot and Cheetah was one of them.

"What happened to getting Wonder Woman?" Scandle Savage asked earning a sigh from Cheetah.

"I've been trying but I don't know what to do. I feel like Catwoman trying to seduce Batman." Cheetah stated earning an "Oh" from the crowd.

"I saw you go up there and plant one right on the lips. Sometimes you have to be aggressive to get their attention." Giganta advised.

"I don't know Giganta, I mean it's Wonder Woman." Cheetah replied back as she was a bit nervous about doing that plan. I mean if she were to do that with the camera's rolling, all her credit as a villain would be gone just like that. Then again being an anti-hero wasn't a bad route from what Red Hood had told her.

"Does Wonder babe have a lasso of justice or something like that? I saw use that and get your justice on." Lobo said earning a laugh from Killer Moth.

"Lasso of justice, nice one." Killer Moth commented.

"Can we stop talking relationship problems and get back to golfing." Nyssa stated not wanting to hear anymore relationship talk.

"Sounds like someone's canary stood her up again." Sportsmaster said earning a cold glare from Nyssa.

"Shut it before I take those balls you pride yourself of and feed them to the Lazarus pit." Nyssa threated earning a reaction of the guys covering their groan area.

"No need to anger Nyssa, we're all friends here." Weather Wizard said blowing a cool breeze at Nyssa to cool her down.

"I apologize for my outburst, I'm in the same boat as you Cheetah." Nyssa said.

"Girls and their relationship problems, am I right?" Sportsmaster said in a joking tone only for it to not land. "Anyway let's get of this boat and go play some Mini-Golf."

"I don't know Sportsmaster, I mean Mini-Golf is kind of dumb." Naruto said as the part that seemed to echo inside Sportsmaster was "Mini-Gold is kind of dumb"

"I agree with you big G, Mini-Gold is for kids and you know I'm not a kid man. I'm Lobo, I make and break rules at my own pace." Lobo said.

"Could you repeat that again Ghost, I didn't hear you." Sportsmaster said as he was gripping his golf club.

"Yeah man, Mini-Golf is kind of dumb. I say we find an indoor Basketball court and go from there." Ghost said earning nods of approval from everyone else.

"You might want to run; I think you took it too far with the kind of dumb comment." Shinku advised before Naruto saw Sportsmaster running towards him like a mad man.

"I'll show you Mini-Golf is not dumb!" Sportsmaster shouted as the chase to catch Naruto had just begun.

End Flashback

As Jade, Arashi, and Hinote were laughing up a storm at Naruto's misadventure.

"Yeah my dad's pretty weird." Jade said earning a nod yes from Naruto. Before Naruto could say something his stomach started to growl.

"Looks like it's time for breakfast, I hope they saved us some." Naruto stated before getting up. "Do you two plan on staying for Breakfast Arashi and Hinote?"

"Is the Batguy around? You know he doesn't like me that much." Hinote said as that was one of the main reasons she decided to stay in Naruto's room while he was away.

"He's in Gotham so you're in the clear. You can stay too Arashi, you might have to shrink but yeah you can stay." Naruto explained earning a nod from Arashi.

"I want to meet this Question you speak of, he sounds like an interesting fellow." Arashi said as the man they were talking about was walking towards him.

"Dragons…you're fascinating Naruto." Question started off before continuing. "Anyway I want you two on standby; the team went to go investigate a 0-8-4."

"Sounds like fun, just let me change out of this spandex. The last thing I need to hear is Grant saying something about it." Jade said as the trio and two dragons made their way to the base.

With The Outsiders

10:00am, EST

Thanks to Cassandra, the team was able to retreat successfully. At the moment the team was now strategizing a way to not only get the hammer but defeat their current enemy as well.

"Way to go Zatanna, your first day in action and you mess up big time. If only I was my father." Zatanna said to herself as Blackfire had heard every word she just said.

"Will you knock it off Zatanna!" Blackfire shouted having enough of Zatanna berating herself. "You messed up, who hasn't? You're not your father, I don't really care. What you need to do right now is starting thinking more like Zatanna and less like your father. I swear I hate people like yourself who only blame themselves and don't do anything about it. Grow up and get it in gear!"

With that Blackfire decided to fly off a bit to cool herself down. Unknown to Blackfire those words would heavily influence Zatanna from this point forward

With Black Adam

I'm growing tired of these two. Black Adam told himself as these two had been keeping him from recuperating.

"Black Adam, why do you want this hammer?" The one known as Red Tornado questioned. How dare he question Black Adam of all people? The machine of all things wanted to know his motives.

"It's my nature machine, to seek out power that is and that hammer has it." Black Adam answered.

"What about the demons Black Adam? Where do they come from?" The sorcerer questioned.

"I have no need for demons since I can take anything I want with my own hands." Black Adam stated before rushing them at a faster speed. He was able to hit Red Tornado with a powerful punch which sent the machine flying.

With the Outsiders

"That can't be good." Donna said seeing Red Tornado taking a punch from Black Adam.

"Indeed, we need a better plan we can use if we're to be victorious." Kaldur said as he was trying to come up with different scenarios for the team.

"I guess smashing is out of the question huh?" Conner said earning a nod from Cassandra.

"Indeed, I have a plan we could use but we need Blackfire." Kaldur said finally deciding to use this plan.

"I'll find her, gat ekat em ot erifkcalb." Zatanna called out before the team could say anything Zatanna disappeared from their site.

"Didn't know she could teleport." Conner muttered earning a nod from Cassandra and Kaldur.

With Zatanna

Zatanna found herself appearing a near a tree. Looking over she saw Blackfire was sitting there meditating. Sensing someone was there Blackfire opened her eyes to see Zatanna was there.

"How did you find me?" Blackfire questioned as Zatanna pointed to her shoulder where a Z appeared.

"It's a tag I placed on you and the others. It teleports me to where you're located. I've placed it on you guys when you entered Fate's Tower." Zatanna admitted earning a nod of respect from Blackfire.

"Impressive." Blackfire said earning a smile from Zatanna.

"You were right Blackfire, I need to stop comparing myself to my father and start creating my own path. I hope we can act as though the last fight did not happen and we can start over." Zatanna explained earning a smirk from Blackfire.

"Alright, my name is Blackfire and I'm an Outsider." Blackfire said extending her hand.

"Zatanna, and I don't really have a team." Zatanna said earning a laugh from Blackfire as the two shook hands.

"Funny, you'll fight right in if-." Blackfire started before a loud crack was heard. That got Zatanna's attention.

"My father's cloaking spell was broken, we need to move now." Zatanna said before pulling out her wand and teleporting not only Blackfire and herself but the rest of the team to a location near the hammer.

"Teleportation that doesn't make me feel sick, I love magic." Conner said as Zatanna smiled a bit at that.

"I have a plan but I need Blackfire and Conner to stall the demons once again." Kaldur said looking at the team. "Can you two hold them off as we do what needs to be done."

"Of course man, we got this." Conner said before Zatanna's wand started to glow red.

"tnemgua." Zatanna said while pointing her wand towards Blackfire and Conner. As Conner felt himself encased in some sort of energy. Blackfire was feeling a similar energy.

"The spell I casted makes you two impervious to magic, not for long but it should be enough for Aqualad's plan." Zatanna explained.

"Did I mention I love magic." Conner said as Kaldur made the signal to start the plan. Blackfire and Conner charged at the demons who were trying to pick up the hammer. Blackfire was able to kick one of them sending them flying. Conner was taking on a group of three who tried to jump him, only for him to send each of them flying in different directions.

"It's mine!" Black Adam roared flying downward towards the hammer.

"No!" Donna cried out feeling this energy encompass her, it was a feeling she only got in her dreams. As she started flying towards the hammer at a fast speed "It's mine!"

"Now Void!" Kaldur ordered as Void who everyone seemed to have forgotten appeared in the air holding a red blade.

"Engine Maximum Drive." Was all Black Adam heard before find three red slashes marks hit him, sending him to the ground.

"You insect!" Black Adam shouted as he now had three slash marks on his back in the form of a A. "I shall kill you all!"

"Looks like you lose Adam." Kaldur taunted as he saw Donna holding the hammer high above her head. From there a blur lightning bolt stuck Donna as everyone saw her attire had changed. Now she wore silver armor, a black cape, and a helmet that had wings on it.

"Wow." Zatanna muttered feeling the raw magical energy coming out of Donna.

"Begone." Donna said before multiple bolts of lightning hit the demons, vaporizing them in one shot.

"Now that's power." Black Adam said before unleashing a powerful black bolt of lightning towards Donna whose hammer seemed to be able to not only absorb it but fired it back at Black Adam. That knocked him out for a while.

"Alright Donna, let's go home." Conner said only to have to dodge a blue bolt of lightning from Donna.

"Looks like Donna's not in right now." Blackfire said before turning her attention to Kaldur. "Plan?"

"Communicators are jammed so there goes a chance for calling Naruto and Jade. Dodge and restrain." Kaldur ordered as the team had to snap their friend out of this trance.

With Donna

After grasping the hammer and pulling it out of the ground. Donna found herself in what she had to guess was her mind. Looking around she saw the unknown male from her dreams standing there.

"Why am I here?" Donna questioned the male.

"You were almost worthy Donna. Which was good enough for my weapon." The male answered.

"They're hundreds of other heroes in this world. Why did you weapon chose me?" Donna asked.

"I think my weapon wanted someone who was still growing and improving. You'll have to talk to Mjolnir for the official reason." The male answered.

"Mjolnir, does that mean you're Thor?" Donna questioned earning a laugh from the male.

"I'll have to meet this Thor fellow one day but no. I am a god..well was a god before being casted out by my friends. In my last attempt I sent Mjolnir here to Earth with hopes of it finding a new owner." The male explained.

"What did you mean by almost worthy?" Donna questioned not getting that part of the explanation from earlier.

"You forgot what it felt like to have a warriors spirit Donna. Think about your previous fights and tell me Donna. Where was your warrior spirit?" The male questioned as Donna started to think of her past battles starting with Themyscira. There she remembered taking pride in the fights she was in. Now with the Outsiders she didn't have that feeling anymore.

"Have being with the Outsiders made me soft?" Donna questioned herself earning a head shake no from the male.

"You need a new resolve for this part of your life Donna. Anyway I must go but before my spirit is put to rest. I need you to remember this, beware of the seven guardians for time will judge all." Were the final words the figure said before vanishing.

With Doctor Fate

"Red Tornado, let's try suffocating Donna, maybe that can knock her out." Doctor Fate ordered as he and Red Tornado had joined the Outsiders in their attempts to stop Donna.

"Very well." Red Tornado said before attempting to execute the plan. Only for Donna to throw the hammer at Red Tornado who had no choice but to dodge. The hammer proceeded to come back to Donna's hand.

"Tornado, I have a spell that could contain the hammer. Maybe we can isolate it from Donna long enough for whatever possesses her to disperse." Doctor Fate said coming up with another plan they could use.

"You sure that's going to solve this doc?" Conner said as the plan sounded stupid in his opinion.

"Something is better than nothing at this point." Blackfire answered as the team they went into action. Blackfire threw Conner towards Donna who seemed to be ready for him. She dropped the hammer and met him in a grapple. Before Conner could use what he learned from Black Canary, he found himself being slammed into the ground. Blackfire acting fast joined the battle by throwing out multiple kicks at Donna who seemed to have met them with some of her own.

Interesting, Donna never fought like this before. Blackfire said before dodging multiple jabs Donna was throwing at her. Blackfire started to hit her with a few jabs which earned a smirk from Donna. Is Donna enjoying herself? As Blackfire jumped back and allowed Cassandra to take her place. Cassandra started directing the hand to hand battle away from the hammer. Something Donna did not notice.

"Now Fate!" Kaldur called seeing their only chance. Acting fast, Fate placed the containment spell on the hammer. Donna seeing the hammer contained landed a powerful punch to Cassandra who seemed to have felt it given how wide her eyes were.

With Donna

Inside her mind Donna was seeing everything. It was a very weird feeling seeing your body moving with you in charge of it. Currently she was fighting Blackfire and started feeling something she hadn't felt in a while.

I'm enjoying myself, wow I move so differently. Donna commented seeing how her moves looked more natural rather than rigid. As she was now fighting Cassandra who was still able to hit her pressure points at such a fast speed. Donna then heard Kaldur call Doctor Fate to do something and then Donna did something she could never forget. She hit Cassandra with all of her might, something Donna would only do with her fellow Amazons. Seeing that Donna could only cry out in anger.

"Noooooo, stop this right now!" Donna roared at whoever was controlling her body which seemed to have stopped moving.

With Zatanna

"No more Donna." Zatanna said as a blue hue of magic poured from her entire body. "Remove this armor at once!"" Zatanna roared before pointing her wand at Donna. The powerful wave of blue energy hit Donna. As the powerful wave died down you could see Donna was back to normal.

"I didn't know she could say her spells…you know normal." Conner said earning a smile from Zatanna.

"It's a last resort as you can see. Now if you excuse me I need a nap." Zatanna said before passing out onto the ground.

"Void." Kaldur said running towards Cassandra whose back was against a tree. She hadn't moved since the blow Donna had delivered.

"Speak child." Doctor Fate commanded wanting to know something about her injuries. Upon seeing Cassandra, Kaldur noticed she was in half but there was no blood.

"Illusion" A robotic voice stated before the Void that was on the ground seemed to disperse into data bits. Revealing a red blade which was broken in half, Cassandra who was alive and uninjured minus a few burn marks jumped down from the tree she was hiding in.

"You're one clever girl." Doctor Fate said seeing Cassandra pull a bait and switch.

"Question, you can teleport us now, we've recovered the hammer." Red Tornado informed as the team was transported back to the base.

Mount Justice

12:00pm, EST

Upon healing those that were injured, the team was filling in the members who hadn't attended the mission about what went down.

"Man your Engine Blade though Cassandra. That thing was made out of some of the finest metal." Naruto said earning a nod from Cassandra.

"We can try making another one, I'm sure Grant would be up for it." Blackfire said as she knew how much time and effort went into the blade.

"Let's be positive here, we have the rest of the day to kick back and relax." Grant said as he and Megan had come back from their training with Huntress a few minutes ago.

"We should be looking at the positives of this situation." Megan said agreeing with Grant.

"Until Batman comes in when he notices Zatanna and Doctor Fate." Conner commented.

"I can hear him now Why did you let her and Fate into the cave? Naruto said in his best Batman voice.

"No it would be more like this Team, I'm highly disappointed in your performance today. No more Outsiders." Jade said earning a laugh from everyone.

"Oh can I try?" Zatanna said walking into the room earning a whistle from Grant.

"You guys didn't say we had a Strip-." Grant started off before noticing Cassandra hand signs. "Magician, she must be Zatanna huh?"

"Indeed, you must be Red-X." Zatanna said seeing the costumed thief. Deciding to play a trick on Red-X. Zatanna started to strut towards him. In Grant's mind it was a dream come true, a beautiful woman walking towards him. Zatanna quickly pressed herself against Grant and whispered in his ear. "Pirts ot ruoy reawdernu"

As Grant felt himself melting at the woman's words. Only to hear laughing from his fellow friends.

Man, when did it become so cold in the mountain? Grant asked himself realizing that not only was his costume was gone but he was currently in his boxers.

"Almost say that word again and I'll be sure to do more Red-X." Zatanna said before snapping her fingers as his suit was back on.

"I hate magic." Grant muttered as Red Tornado, Doctor Fate, and Batman entered the room.

"Thank you for keeping this a secret Doctor Fate. Now can you make sure Zatanna forgets this day?" Batman asked not taking any chances at loose ends.

"Zatara may want to have a few words with you. While I disagree with wiping the child's mind, I partially agree." Doctor Fate answered.

"I'm going to have to stop you right there Batman. Today we learned that as a team we're not equipped to deal with magical users. While Donna and myself have some knowledge in that field. We are not trained in that art like Zatanna, whose life revolves around it. It's in her blood or have you never teamed up with Zatara? I believe that Zatanna should join this team. Not only would we learn from her about the mystic arts but given time she will be a force to be reckon with. So please Batman, let her not only remember this day but let her join this team as well." Kaldur pleaded.

"Do you all feel this way?" Batman asked as the team nodded yes in response. "Fine, but she cannot tell her father about her involvement here. You all will be responsible for her. Dismissed."

"We were never called though." Grant said earning a laugh from Conner.

"Welcome to the team, I'm Megan but out on the field I'm called Miss Martian. I can read people's mind but I've learned it's not the right thing to do and so much more. Come on Zatanna let's bake some cookies to celebrate." Megan said in a happy tone, earning a nod from Zatanna.

Mount Justice

9:00pm, EST

"This has probably been the best day of my life guys but I have to get home before my dad does." Zatanna said.

"We understand, do what you have to do." Blackfire said.

"But comeback soon, we usually do Sunday dinner but we can move it up if you want to join." Megan added earning a smile from Zatanna.

"Will do, which way is the cave entrance? I don't want to use the teleporter and Batman has a no magic rule." Zatanna asked.

"Straight down and make a right, be sure to enter the code 061998. That opens the entrance door to the beach." Grant said as Zatanna had it memorized.

"Later guys." Zatanna replied back before making her way to the cave entrance. Upon reaching her destination she saw Donna who looked as though she was trying to sneak out.

"Where are you going Donna?" Zatanna asked as that startled Donna.

"I'm leaving the team Zatanna. With this power, I've become a threat to everyone around me. I need to go in order to master this power." Donna answered.

"It's okay to be scared." Zatanna started off as Donna was about to say something only for Zatanna to continue. "When I first learned that I can use magic, I was scared of what I could do. Growing up I didn't have any friends my age. When you're the daughter of a magician you don't have that many chances to make friends. Your always on the go, so I used magic to comfort me. Look I'm getting off track but my point is simple. You have friends who are willing to help you, be there for you, and here you're walking away from them. If you can't look them in the eye and tell them you're leaving then in my books you're THE WORST TYPE OF FRIEND OUT THERE!"

With that said Zatanna took a deep breath after getting that rant out of her system. Zatanna was hoping that her words had been able to reach Donna somehow.

"Zatanna, you're right about this whole thing. It would be foolish of me to throw all this away due to fear. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two about how to control it?" Donna started earning a nod from Zatanna.

"Sounds like a plan my pupil." Zatanna said as she was about to enter the pin to let herself out of the cave.

"Wait before you leave, there's one thing I need to tell you and the rest of the team first. Could you teleport them here for me?" Donna requested as a few seconds later the Outsiders were present.

"You know Zatanna, as cool as it is being teleported. I don't want to do it all the time." Conner said before noticing Donna was there.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked seeing Donna and Zatanna.

"When I was in my mind scape, I left a part out when we were doing the debriefing with Fate and Tornado. The person told me to beware of the seven guardians for time will judge all." Donna informed earning looks of confusion from the team.

"I'm not good with riddles." Naruto admitted as this wasn't his strong suit. I mean first Infinity and now this. Where was the Riddler when you needed him? Oh wait he's probably in Arkham.

"Is this something we should look into?" Jade asked earning a nod from Donna.

"The way this man said it, I think we need to prepare for the worst." Donna answered earning serious looks from the team.

"Welcome to the big leagues Zatanna, see if you can look up what these seven guardians are. From there will see what else we can do." Kaldur said.

End Episode


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