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Exactly one month had passed since the whole incident with the men in the dark blue trench coats. It had been a long month. A very long and dodging month. No one has heard of the men in the dark blue trench coats at all. Patrick Patrickson hadn't come back to the WWN, neither has he been found. Mayor Shelbourne was a whole different story. Well actually he wasn't 'Mayor' anymore, since Earl has taken over that job.

He hasn't been found either. Flint, Sam and Brent were all afraid. He could be anywhere. Reports have been coming in. They all said he was spotted somewhere. Once it was the top of the Eiffel Tower, another time it was the Himalayan Mountains. But he hasn't gone anywhere. He was here. Just not quite here.


"Yes, you stole that from me and I want it back! No, NO! I stole it, and then you took it from ME! It was MY helicopter! MINE! You know what? Whatever." The phone was slammed down and an annoyed sigh filled up the room.

The morning was already starting off from the wrong foot. The man crossed the room and opened his closet. He needed fresh air. He needed a new look. He desperately needed coffee. Or water would be fine too. He thought and smiled to himself. His closet was filled with many things. But today he felt happier. Maybe that was a good thing. He found a pair of dark jeans and slipped them on. Then he looked down at his New York Yankees baseball jersey.

"That'll do." He smiled and grabbed a dark blue trench coat from the closet. When he realized what he was holding, he ripped the trench coat in half and threw it away and rummaged through his closet. He found a white trench coat. The man never knew he owned such a thing.

"Too much like a lab coat." He threw it over his shoulder. Then he found a beige trench coat. It reminded him of a detective. He shook his head and threw it over his shoulder. Next he found a red one. It reminded him of blood.

Shaking his head again, he threw it over his shoulder. Then he found a normal zip up hoodie sweater. Sighing, he put it on. It was dark blue. The color was driving him insane. He ripped the sweater off and finally found a perfect sweater. It was a black hoodie sweater with New York Yankees on the back.

"Not bad. At least I don't look like a criminal in it." He smiled and then looked at the cracked mirror on his wall. His hair wasn't so sleek anymore. It was messy. But he didn't care. He wasn't a Mayor anymore.

Outside it wasn't too bad. The streets of New York City were slowly coming to life. Yellow cabs filled the roads, as people scrambled into them to get to work. The sidewalks were becoming cramped and the steady noises of the city were getting louder.

"I seriously need a coffee." He mumbled to himself and clutched his forehead.

Really Shelbourne didn't know what happened to him. A month ago, he was a blood-thirsty criminal, wanting bad to the world. Especially to Flint Lockwood and his friends. But he still had shivers when he heard Flint's name. He wished he could just kill the guy for once and for all, but it was the hardest piece of homework he had ever done.

"I promised to never touch a gun again." Shelbourne clenched his teeth, as he walked down the sidewalk. But he couldn't promise himself that. He knew that at one point in life, he'll raise a gun once more. You lost your wife, you killed your daughter, you killed Lucio and you have harmed many people. A voice hissed in his head. Shivers ran down his spine. His wife. He had no clue what even happened to his wife.

She still might be alive somewhere…


"Say cheese!" Brent grinned as he held the camera and snapped a picture of himself, Flint and Sam. Flint and Sam ended up laughing, so the camera ended up being lopsided and so did the picture.

"What's so funny?" Brent demanded and poked Sam in the side. She stopped laughing. The group went silent for a few seconds.

"Eh, nothing." She smiled and Flint just laughed.

They had decided to spend the day on the beach. ChewandSwallow didn't have the best beaches, but it was best for them. The water was somewhat clear and the sand wasn't dirty. But the day was sunny and beautiful. Flint needed to get his mind off things, and so did Sam. She was very close to quitting her job. Or she said she'll live here and report weather for the WNN from ChewandSwallow.

Brent was always free to have fun. He helped Earl day and night with being the new Mayor of ChewandSwallow. Brent said it was hard work. It had taken them a week to clean out all of Mayor Shelbourne's things, then a week to settle in. The town was relieved to have Earl as Mayor. No one complained about him, like some did about Mayor Shelbourne.

And Flint of course wasn't too busy, but he finally had the guts to create a new invention. He didn't tell Sam or Brent yet. They'd freak out. So far he had two ideas. But he couldn't even tell us. But all he said was that it was going to be his best yet. At least he hoped. He explained that the invention was also the hardest.

"I know I might fail, and but it's worth a try." He told Steve late one night. Steve just climbed up onto the table and peered at Flint's sketches. But now Flint didn't want to think about that now. He was enjoying himself with his two best friends and that's all he needed now.

"You guys wanna go swimming before it gets dark?" Sam then got up, just as Brent and Flint sat down. Both looked up at her and she gave them a pleading look. Sighing, Flint threw his towel down and got up. Sam smiled, and then both looked down at Brent.

"You guys go on without me. I want to catch the last of the sun's rays." Brent slipped his sunglasses on and lay down with his hands behind his back. The August sun beat down the last of the summer rays. Soon it would be September again.

"C'mon, Flint!" Sam grabbed Flint's hand and led him after into the water. The water was a bit cold, but Sam instantly dived in. Flint stood there with the water up to his waist. Then Sam came back out and smiled at Flint. She came over and shoved him into the water and he fell in screaming.

"What was that for?" he asked as he came up to the surface laughing. She blushed and then dove back under. Flint followed her. He opened his eyes once he was underwater and glanced around. A few sardines swam by. Then he saw Sam swimming like a fish not too far away. The water was already very deep and the bottom wasn't seen. She looked over at him and smiled. He smiled back.

But before they could swim to each other, something fell into the water. It was small and round and—

Gasping, Flint swam to Sam and grabbed her hand. Then he they both began to swim hurriedly to the surface. Sam tried to look over her shoulder at whatever the small round object was, but they had already broken through the surface. Still holding Sam's hand, Flint swam to shore as fast he could.

"Guys! What's wrong?" Brent asked as he ran to shore to meet us.

"Something landed in the water and Flint seemed to know what it was, so he helped me back." Sam explained and gave Flint a quizzical look. He looked down on the ground and sighed.

"It was a bomb." He whispered.

"WHAT?" Brent cried and took his sunglasses off. Sam glanced at Flint with wide eyes and a small gasp escaped her.

"A b-bomb? Where did it come from?" Sam stammered. She exchanged knowing glances with Brent and Flint. Both blinked. Then Flint shook his head. It couldn't be. No, I couldn't. It would be insane if it was.

"No. It's not him. Shelbourne cannot have come here." Flint shook his head. But Brent didn't look so sure. Neither did Sam. Sam bit her lip and looked up at the sky, where the sun was setting and the sky was growing dark. Slowly, Brent looked up too. Sighing, he went to pack up their beach things.

"Sam, I'm 99.9% sure it's not Shelbourne." Flint put a comforting arm around her shoulders and she looked up at him.

"What about the 0.1% that's left over?" she demanded. Flint blinked down at her and didn't answer. She looked worriedly over at the empty beach. Everyone had already left. Brent soon came with their things and each one of them took something to carry home. He looked calm, for someone who had just had his best friends experience a bomb. But suddenly Flint dropped his beach things.

"I'm going in." he replied in a confident voice.

"Huh?" Brent asked and Flint slowly kicked off his flip-flops.

"I'm going underwater to search for the bomb." Flint told them.

"Are you insane?" Sam wailed and dropped her beach things too. But Flint wasn't kidding. He was seriously going to dive under and search for the bomb. As he approached the water's edge, Sam ran over and grabbed his arm. She stood there and pleaded for him not go.

"Sam, do you want to find out who the bomb belongs to? If someone wants us dead again, I want to find out who it is." Flint shook her hand off and ran into the cold water. Sam watched him with a horrified look on her face. When he reached the approximate area where the bomb was, he took a deep breath and dived.

The last rays of the sun shone into the water and gave little light for Flint to see underwater. He spread his arms out and swam deeper down. It was pitch black down there. He wondered if the bomb exploded yet. To answer his question, the water got warmer and vibrated a bit.

Flint was also loosing breath too. He began to paddle to the surface. But then something was pulling him back. Some sort of underwater vacuum. He began to desperately paddle again and wave his arms helplessly through the water.


The water was churning so fast that Flint lost control of himself and tried to see through the churning water and many bubbles. The bottom of the ocean floor was now visible and the tiny bomb had exploded. But Flint didn't have time to get it and swim to the surface. He was losing air fast and couldn't move another muscle.

Brent had dived into the water to save Flint, because Flint didn't seem to be coming out of the water. When he reached the churning waters, he dove and underwater saw Flint sinking to the bottom. Holding his breath, Brent swam through the water and grabbed Flint's arm. He quickly resurfaced and hauled Flint all the way to shore.

"Is he okay? What happened?" Sam ran into the water and helped Brent place Flint onto the sand.

"The bomb exploded underwater. Don't worry, it wasn't that bad. Just churning water and warmer water. He'll be okay." Brent flopped down on the sand too. Sam knelt down beside Flint and gently patted his cheek.

Someone defiantly wanted bad for the three of them.