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[9 months later…]

It had been a calm morning in May. The citizens of ChewandSwallow were happy that the rain and cold was gone. It had been a harsh winter with blizzards and storms all winter long. But now that the weather changed, everyone spent most of their days outside.

Other than the weather, people have changed too. First there was Angelica Rita Oreant. She got a job as Mayor Devereaux's secretary. And she was signed on to being the next Mayor of ChewandSwallow when Mayor Devereaux signed off the job. The job as a secretary paid her a lot of money and soon she bought herself a house on Flint's street. Reg, Jag and Denis all moved in with her. Other than her job, she helped Flint in his lab from time to time, since she used to invent crazy things herself.

Denis was doing what he loved: football. He got a job as a football coach for the high school. He even suggested teaching Flint some more. But Flint refused and said he'll stick to inventing. But he did end up teaching Reg and Jag how to play football.

Reg seemed to take football seriously, but Jag still cracked his jokes from time to time.

"Hey, Reg wanna hear a joke?" Jag called to him the moment both finished stretching and ran out into the field. Reg just groaned. Jag's jokes where sometimes so lame, that it wasn't even funny.

"Okay here it is: A guy took his girlfriend to her first football game. Afterward he asked her how she liked the game. 'I liked it, but I couldn't understand why they were killing each other for 25 cents,' she said. 'What do you mean?' he asked. 'Well, everyone kept yelling, 'Get the quarter back!'" Jag grinned and Reg blew out a sigh.

"He should become a comedian instead." Reg rolled his eyes and jogged after him onto the field.

Other than practicing football, they were also job searching. Angelica suggested they work with her. But they said they'd get bored doing paperwork. So for now they had no jobs.

Brent was still who he was. He still continued to help Mayor Devereaux here and there, but sometimes joined Denis in coaching the football team or playing football on lazy afternoons. What bothered him the most was that he still didn't have a girlfriend by now. Denis kept telling him that one day he'll have one, but Brent was still skeptical.

"Flint has even has Sam! I thought I'd get a girlfriend before him!" Brent complained to Denis.

"You DID have girls trailing after you before, so don't worry. Everything will soon come back to normal." Denis waved him away and went back to teaching his team, once they came out of the locker room.

Sam on the other hand, went back to being a weather reporter. Except what she did was she opened up a weather station right in ChewandSwallow. Manny soon moved here too and still continued being her cameraman. But other than being a weather reporter, Sam married Flint a few days after the day everyone sat on the dock watching the sunset.

No one was surprised. Everyone saw it coming. The wedding was a huge thing. The whole town attended. Tim was almost crying the whole time. He was never happier to see Flint finally getting married. As for Sam's parents, they did come to the wedding all the way from New York. Sam's mother looked exactly like Sam, except with longer hair. Sam's mother kept on fussing over Sam and Flint. He father had short black hair and was silent most of the ceremony. What bothered Flint was that they didn't even know what happened to Sam these past months.

"Oh, look at you too! You guys are so adorable together! Aren't they Harold?" Sam's mother; Tara turned to her husband and then smiled back at Flint and Sam. Harold just nodded.

The wedding ceremony went on for about two hours. When Flint flipped over Sam's veil, and kissed her deeply, the whole town went crazy. They lifted Flint and Sam into the air and then everyone ran to the wedding tent for the party and all that.

The wedding was a night no one would forget. Everyone stayed up till dawn.

Now we actually go 9 months later, when everyone was living in peace. It was that calm morning in May.

The town was waking up to clear blue skies and fluffy clouds. Angelica was first to wake up in her house. The others were still fast asleep upstairs. She went downstairs and made a batch of pancakes. Then stood at the foot stairs and glared up, holding the spatula she used to flip the pancakes in her hand.


Immediately she heard three sets of feet running upstairs and then she heard the sink turn on. Then three doors slammed and in seven minutes, Denis, Reg and Jag slid down the stairs railing and landed in front of Angelica. All were catching their breath.

"Good. I have to go to work, now. Don't forget to wash your dishes after yourselves." She smiled. They watched as she put the spatula in the sink and then watched her as she grabbed her purse and headed out the front door.

The moment she left, all three stood in silence. Then Denis went into the kitchen and Reg and Jag followed.

"If she weren't here, this house would be turned upside-down in less than a day." Jag said out loud. They all sat down and began to eat. To them, Angelica was like a mother. In fact, she could easily be their mother. They were somewhere 20 years apart from her.

"Imagine when she becomes Mayor." Denis grinned to himself and cut his pancake.

"That won't be soon." Reg waved him off and went to brew himself some coffee.

But Denis grinned and shoveled half the pancake in his mouth. When he swallowed, he looked over at Reg and smiled knowingly.

"Not true. Earl wants to go back to being a police officer. He says the job as a Mayor is too much work for him. So I won't be surprised if next week, Angelica becomes Mayor." Denis told him.

Reg appeared back at the table and stared at Denis with wide eyes. Jag even stopped eating. But Denis just leaned back in his seat and smiled.

"I think she'll make a great Mayor. What just because Albert was a lousy, evil Mayor, she will be that too? Nah, she'll do a great job." Denis folded his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow at Reg and Jag.

The two shrugged and continued eating. Nodding, Denis continued eating too. Even if he knew Angelica would go a marvelous job, he was still worried. He knew that even if she was strong and wasn't afraid of practically anything, she had an emotional/sensitive side. She didn't show it too much, but he knew she had it.

How would she react working in the Mayor's office, when there were huge portraits of previous Mayors hanging on the walls across from the desk? Usually when someone mentioned Albert these days, she'd either get angry and yell at them for mentioning him and hit them with her purse or burst into tears and not show up at work for a couple of days.

That's how bad it was.

"I hope so. This town needs a good Mayor." Reg sighed and went to see if his coffee brewed yet.


That same day, Flint woke up in his lab and looked around. Once again he fell asleep working on an invention. Well he wasn't exactly working on it—he had been reading blueprints all night long. He and Angelica were working on something together.

The blueprints she had drawn were so complicated, that it really hard to read. There were arrows and little notes all over drawings and doodles. He was still trying to figure out what the invention was! That's how messy the blueprints were. But now he was wide awake, and decided he'll just ask Angelica later. Right now he wanted to visit Sam and see how she was. She was probably at work already.

The moment he came out of his lab, he realized how warm it was. The perfect day for the beach. But he knew today was a Thursday and many people worked today, like Angelica, Denis, Brent and Sam. So the beach wasn't such a good idea.

Main Street was full with people walking in and out of cafés, shops, and other buildings. He spotted Angelica walking not too far from where he was. When he called to her, she turned around and came over to him.

"Lovely morning isn't it?" she smiled and they walked down Main Street together.

"Beautiful." Flint beamed and both of them continued to walk.

Suddenly Flint's phone began to ring loudly. He pulled it out of his pocket and answered it. Angelica watched him nod into the phone and then his face went really pale. Slowly, he glanced over at Angelica and she could tell something was wrong. Then Flint hung up and took in a deep breath.

"It's Sam. She's in the hospital giving birth." Flint went even paler.

"WHAT?" Angelica demanded. She looked even more surprised than Flint.

"You heard me. We need to get there fast." Flint's eyes widened and he began to mutter something nervously under his breath

Gulping, Angelica asked to borrow Flint's phone and called her house. Denis answered. They still seemed to be eating pancakes.

"Hello? Denis speaking." Denis replied into the phone and yawned.

"This is Angelica. GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE! And tell Reg and Jag to get here too. Call Brent to come too." Angelica cried into the phone.

"Huh, why?" Denis asked.

"Sam is giving birth right now! Come to the Medical Clinic!" Angelica told him. She heard him tell her, that he'll be there right away.

Meanwhile, Flint and Angelica stopped heading to the direction of the City Hall (the weather station was right next to the City Hall) and this time turned down the street away from that direction. They raced down the street as fast as they could and Angelica didn't even care if her hair was getting all messy because of all the running. At one point, she took off her high-heels and ran holding them in her hands.

The Swallow Falls Medical Clinic stood where it had always been. Everytime, Angelica saw it, she'd complain about there not being a proper hospital. And why they had broke down the old one. But this time, she didn't say anything.

They ran inside and the man sitting behind the small counter watched them. He didn't even say anything as they ran to the elevators.

They reached the 2nd floor and ran down the hallway to the birth section. Angelica spotted Sam's card stuck to one of the doors. Quietly, Flint pressed his ear to the door. Sam seemed to be sobbing.

"Go inside. I'll wait out here." Angelica smiled at him. She began to tear up as Flint slowly opened the door and walked inside.

When Sam saw him she sighed with relief and he came over by her side and gripped her hand tightly. Sam screamed out one last time, before another set of screams filled the room.

"It's a girl." The doctor held up a crying baby girl. Sam looked ready to faint. But the doctor handed her the baby and Sam cradled her in her arms.

"I'll leave you too alone for a while." The doctor smiled and left the room.

The moment he left, Flint stared at his daughter. He still had trouble believing she was his. Sam looked at him and smiled, then slowly kissed him on the cheek.

"Why do you look so confused?" she whispered and he looked at her.

"I cannot believe I'm a father." He stammered and blinked down happily at his daughter.

Both Sam and Flint looked down proudly at their daughter. Suddenly, she stopped crying and began to squirm. Then she slowly opened her eyes. They were a beautiful green color. Then Flint noticed that her head was covered in messy brown fuzz for hair.

"She has your eyes." Flint kissed Sam on the head.

"She is defiantly going to have your hair. I don't have brown hair." Sam smiled proudly.

They both watched her, then Sam moved over a bit and Flint sat down beside her on the hospital bed. Slowly, Sam asked if Flint wanted to hold her. Gulping, he nodded. Carefully, he picked up his daughter and cradled her in his arms.

"What should we name her?" Sam then asked. Their daughter looked from Sam to Flint with her huge green eyes.

"Fran Camille Lockwood." Flint then smiled.

Sighing happily, Sam leaned her head on his shoulder and nodded. She liked that.

Both watched Fran proudly. They hoped their daughter would live a wonderful, happy life. They didn't even have to hope. They knew. There was no more evil left in ChewandSwallow as far as they knew.

Soon Angelica, Reg, Jag, Denis, Brent and even Manny all walked into the room. Everyone began to quietly praise Flint and Sam, because Fran had already fallen asleep in her father's arms. Then everyone just watched Fran sleep.

Maybe if you walk into ChewandSwallow a few years later you'll find Fran probably running around in her father's lab coat chasing Steve. Sam and Flint have now moved into a house, but Flint will never forget his lab. Angelica eventually became Mayor and Reg and Jag finally agreed to get a job to help her.

And what about Esto? Everyone thought he was dead, but a year later he reappeared in ChewandSwallow alive and well. Someone had rescued him from the crack, but he had lost both of his legs, so he rode around in a wheelchair. But Reg and Jag were never happier to see him.

So the story of Flint Lockwood comes to an end here, because we know he'll live a peaceful life from here with Sam and Fran. But everything that he has showed us in his life; all will not be forgotten.

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