"William? Patrick? Jon? Tom? Peter? Colin? Sylvester? Paul? Christopher? David? Matt?" Amy Pond's guessing had become random.

"Matt?" the Doctor repeated incredulously.

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?"

"Amy, do you really think that I'd have a name like 'Matt'?"

Amy shrugged. "Juliette?"

The Doctor stopped in his tracks and stared at Amy in horror. "Juliette?"

"Well, it would explain why you don't tell anybody!" Amy teased. "Besides, I like the name Juliette. If I ever have a daughter-" she broke off, a sudden look of sadness coming over her face.

The Doctor watched her closely. It had only been a few days since Rory's death. But Amy didn't even remember that. She had forgotten that he even existed.

"Anyway," Amy continued, holding her copper hair back from her face, "you didn't say- what's that?"

The Doctor gave her a strange look, "What king of name-"

"No, what's that?" Amy tugged on the Doctor's tweed jacket and pointed. In the middle of the street was a triangle shaped door. It was silvery, and rippled like water.

"Now what is that?"

"That's what I just asked."

Amy followed the Doctor to inspect the door more closely. She reached to tap it, but hastily withdrew her hand at the Doctor's warning look. He pulled out his sonic screwdriver and began buzzing around the edges.


"Well what?"

"What is it?"

The Doctor pointed his screwdriver at her and then himself. He held it up to his ear and listened for a moment. Frowning, he adjusted his bowtie and started buzzing at the door again.

"It's impossible."

Amy sighed. Would it be another one of those days? She was almost sorry that she had even brought it up. She was too curious to walk away, though.

"What's impossible?"

"It's a door!"

"I see that, Doctor."

The Doctor turned to her, his black hair standing up on end from the wind. No, Amy realised, the wind had stopped. The air was filled with a humming kind of feeling. She looked up at the sky. It felt like a bad thunderstorm was coming, but the sky was clear. She smoothed down her own hair and it crackled with static electricity.

"It's a door to another universe," the Doctor stepped back, eyeing the door nervously. "There used to be these all over the place. My people made them. We could travel between universes like stepping-"

"Through a door," Amy finished for him. She looked at the triangle with new appreciation. She turned to the Doctor, about to suggest that they take a little trip, but the expression on his face stopped her. "So what's it doing here?"

"More importantly, how?" The Doctor stepped back and surveyed the door. "It's unstable, but I think all it needs is a little more energy and-"

The door seemed to ripple. The Doctor grabbed Amy and pulled her back.

"Doctor? What's it doing?"

Before he could reply, the door splintered and exploded outwards. Both Amy and the Doctor covered their faces to protect them from the shards.

"Rose! They're coming!" a familiar voice shouted.

"Impossible," the Doctor breathed, edging closer to the door. On a street much like the one that he and Amy stood on, two people stood close to a machine. At first the Doctor didn't recognise either of them. They had gotten so old.

"It's open!" Rose shouted. "Get her through. I'm going for Mum."

The Doctor was frozen with disbelief as his human self- his former human self- linked his arms around the shoulders of a young woman who was sitting by the machine. He lifted her up and half-dragged her towards the door.


"Doctor!" Amy gasped. "We've got to help them."

The Doctor rushed forward, Amy at his side, only to bounce off of the crackling triangle. "It's one-way. We can't get through." The Doctor watched, wanted to scream out to them but knowing it would do no good.

"Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!"

The Human Doctor and the young woman he was helping got through the door. They glanced briefly at the Doctor and Amy before looking back.

"Hurry!" shouted the young woman as Rose appeared again, with Jackie close behind.

"Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!"

There were two quick blasts.

"Mum!" Rose turned back briefly as Jackie fell.

"Rose!" The Human Doctor jumped forward, as close to the door as he could. "Rose, hurry! It's going to shut off!"

But as Rose turned away from her mother, half a dozen Daleks landed between her and the door. One extended an appendage towards the machine. Rose pulled something out of her pocket.



The Daleks turned to the door. "Exterminate!"

Rose threw something as a Dalek blast sped at the door. An explosion. The last image the Doctor saw was of Rose standing defiant as the flames roared towards her.

The doorway crackled with electricity and disappeared.

He stood still, staring in blank horror.

"Dad? Daddy?"

The Doctor turned at the sound. The young woman was crawling over to where the Human Doctor lay. In an instant the Time Lord saw that the final Dalek blast had grazed him. He was still alive, but...

Amy rushed forward, her hands fluttering in the air, panic on her face. "Doctor? What do we do?"

The Human Doctor looked at her strangely, and then grimaced with the pain. "There's nothing anyone can do."

"No. No, Daddy, you can't-" the young woman cradled his head in her lap.

"The TARDIS." The Doctor said, though he felt like he was under heavy water, everything too slow. "If we get you back to the TARDIS maybe... Part Time Lord."

"Too human." He narrowed his eyes, looking at the Doctor for a while. Eventually he gave a short, humourless laugh. "Still not ginger?"

The Doctor kneeled beside him. "Still not ginger."

"Doctor?" Amy looked at the Doctor.

"Doc-" the young woman looked up at Amy and then at the Doctor. Understanding dawned in her face.

"I love you," the Human Doctor said to her. His voice was getting weaker and more constricted with gasps of pain.

"I love you, too," she whispered, her voice breaking.

The Human Doctor's eyes closed briefly. When they opened, they focused on the Doctor. "Take care of her."

The Doctor couldn't even nod. His throat was tight, and he couldn't talk. His mind rejected everything that was happening... and then he watched as Rose's Doctor closed his eyes for the last time.