"Doctor!" Amy screamed.

"I'm fine," the Doctor managed to choke out. His breathing was laboured. His stupid bowtie had been ripped off and was lying at his feet. "Amy, really, I'm fine."

Susi stared into the eyes of the angel that held him. Her heart was pounding against her chest. It was clear that the angel was giving her a choice; come willing, or they would kill the Doctor and Amy the minute they could.

She tried to think clearly. How much longer did they have until sunset? There weren't even any streetlamps in the alley, and if there would the Angels would just drain them anyway. She stepped forward, still staring into its eyes.

"Don't look in its eyes!" the Doctor shouted.

Susi jumped. Her gaze turned to the man who once had the same mind as her father. His eyes were wide and desperate. Maybe he wasn't as different as she had been telling herself.

"They only want me."

"Susi, listen to me-"

Susi shook her head. "There isn't anything else we can do. Nothing. Except- Amy, watch them." she turned. The time energy had stopped, spreading from one side to the alley to the other. Cutting off all retreat, except to step right in.

"I'm from another universe. If I never existed-"

"NO!" the Doctor shouted. Susi could hear him struggling. "Amy, stop her!"

"Take your eyes off them and we're all dead!" Susi snapped at Amy.

Amy struggled to decide what to do. Keeping her eyes on the Angels, she sidestepped to Susi. "You're not seriously-"

"Amy, if I had never come here, none of this would have happened."

"But being erased from time never changed anything on that planet with River Song!"

Susi looked at her, saw the desperation that was tearing across her face. But she also knew that when it all came down to the end, this was the only thing that anybody could do. "This is different. If I never existed, then none of this would have happened. That doorway would never have opened. Because everything that happened there and here is my fault."

"Don't say that," the Doctor pleaded. "You can't- you're from another universe. Even I won't remember you! Susi!"


The Doctor froze, tears in his eyes. Rose's daughter turned to him. Her eyes were wide with fear but set. Determined. It was like looking into a mirror from just a year ago. She had his eyes.

"My name is Donna."

She smiled, and backed up into the light.

"William? Patrick? Jon? Tom? Peter? Colin? Sylvester? Paul? Christopher? David? Matt?" Amy Pond's guessing had become random.

"Matt?" the Doctor repeated incredulously.

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?"

"Amy, do you really think that I'd have a name like 'Matt'?"

Amy shrugged. "Juliette?"

The Doctor stopped in his tracks and stared at Amy in horror. "Juliette?"

"Well, it would explain why you don't tell anybody!" Amy teased. "Besides, I like the name Juliette. If I ever have a daughter-" she broke off, a sudden look of sadness coming over her face.

The Doctor watched her closely. It had only been a few days since Rory's death. But Amy didn't even remember that. She had forgotten that he even existed. What would that feel like? To not remember somebody that you cared about so deeply

"Anyway," Amy continued, holding her copper hair back from her face, "you didn't say yes or no to Juliette. That must mean it's a yes. Come on, Juliette, let's get back to the TARDIS!"

"It's a no!" the Doctor exclaimed after her. He shook his head. He ran his hand through his hair and felt static electricity shock him. For some reason he looked across the street, half-expecting to see a doorway to another universe.

Amy was at the TARDIS, unlocking it. "Are you coming, Juliette?" she shouted.

"My name isn't Juliette!"

The Doctor sprinted to get to the TARDIS. When he got in, he turned and scanned the road, not knowing what he was looking for. Was his missing something? He touched his throat. He hadn't forgotten his bowtie. Had he even forgotten anything?

"Juliette!" Amy teased from somewhere in the TARDIS. "Come on, I don't have all day. Well, we do have all day, this is a time machine, but you know what I mean."

Rory. The Doctor felt his absence. He closed the TARDIS' door and put on a smile. He wanted to make everything right for Amy. Even if she didn't remember that she had lost someone she loved, she still felt it. The Doctor felt a pang in his heart, but he pushed it deep under a pile of logic and show.

"Stop calling me Juliette."


The Doctor rolled his eyes. "Why don't we go somewhere amazing? You said that you like Van Gogh's painting? Let's go see an exhibit."

Amy grinned. "That'd be great. Thank you, Juliette."

She pranced off, and the smile faded from the Doctor's face. Poor Amy. She'd lost so much. Even her memories. He was glad that he was a Time Lord, and would never have to forget the people that he loved. Even if it were easier.

He stopped a moment, looking around the TARDIS. What was he forgetting?