A/N: Just a little one-shot I whipped together.

Rapunzel laughed and laughed until she fell on the warm grass floor. For the first time in a long time, she finally felt free. She had her real family, a few new friends and, best of all she had a very charming ex-bandit boyfriend. Everything couldn't be more perfect.

"Oh Rapunzel!" Her boyfriend got close to her and grabbed her hand pulling her up to her feet.

"What do you want Eugene?" she asked playfully.

Without a reply he lightly grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. He moved away a few strands of, her now brunette, hair from her face to get a better view of her. Cupping her face with his hand as he slowly pulled it towards his their lips at a very close distance. He leaned towards her and pecked her lightly on the lips.

"Just thought I'd admire the beauty of a princess." He chuckled as Rapunzel began to chase him with her frying pan in hand.