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1. Dread

"Swan!" he called. I shut my eyes tightly. Don't let this happen again. I've been so anxious the entire day, and it was three o'clock now. Dad would come and pick me up after fifteen minutes.

I had hoped so badly none if it would happen today. That they would ignore me, or better, forget me, for just this day.

I had hoped.

"Chicken, don't run away so fast," Rosalie called. "I have a small surprise for you today." She called.

Slowly, I turned around. It weren't just Edward and Rosalie approaching me. Emmett, Tanya and Lauren were there as well.

All of them.

We'll they weren't the only ones, but they were the worst.

She held up a tall, familiar looking thing. Dad never smoked, but I recognize cigarettes. She hid it in her pocket and walked in front of me, while the others were behind me, pushing me in the direction she was walking.

She's nine! Who gave her a cigarette?

We were walking to the girls loo and she opened the door while the others gave me a final push inside. She was walking all the way to the end and someone was still pushing me, forcing me to follow.

She put it on her lips and lit it on. Then she handed it to me.

"I want to see you smoke it all," she demanded in a bitchy voice. A little smoke came out of her mouth as she talked.

"I-I don...don't s-smoke," I stuttered but she pushed it between my fingers and my eyes widened.

"I said, smoke it!" she yelled furiously. I glanced back at the door, only to see Emmett was leaning against it. Tanya and Lauren came be, gave me a hard push and stood next to Rosalie.

Edward was standing behind me, his merciless eyes staring at me.

Suddenly, he spoke again. "Smoke, or we'll wait until you smoke two!"

"But... but... I have to go," I nervously replied, with tears in my eyes. Both of his eyebrows rose.

My face violently jerked to the side while a hard smash echoed through the room. I felt a sting on my cheek. One of them had slapped me, but I didn't dare to look at the girls.

"I'll slap that ugly face again," Tanya sneered, while I could see that she was holding her hand up.

"Please,' I whispered, as tears streamed down my face. "Smoking is bad."

"That's why we demand it," Lauren replied. She eyed the cigarette and nudged Rosalie. She pointed at the cigarette still between my fingers and Rosalie looked down as well.

I didn't look, but the smell was making me sick.

"If you don't start smoking, we'll kick the shit out of you now and come back tomorrow with two cigarettes," Rosalie angrily said.

"No, please don't," I said, fearing them extremely.

"Smoke," she demanded.

I brought the cigarette up and stared at it, while it was in front of my lips. I couldn't do this! I was only eight! They were one year older then me! I really couldn't smoke it. Tears were still flooding down my cheeks.

"I can't," I replied nervously, sounding very ashamed.

Rosalie sighed and snatched the cigarette out of my hand.

"Stupid belly," she said, glaring at me. She used that nickname a lot. It took me two seconds to realize that she was pressing the cigarette end against my stomach and even though I was wearing a sweater, it hadn't gone out and the heat touched my stomach.

"Aargh!" I yelled, walking backward, only to be stopped by Edward.

Then the heat was gone, but I was still crying and afraid to look her in the eye.

I was humiliated. I was afraid. I wanted them to leave me alone.

"Tomorrow," she started, pushing her finger repeatedly against my shoulder, "we'll be back. And you'll smoke. Got that?" She pushed once more against the very soar spot on my shoulder again, until she marched to the door and Edward was no longer behind me. The two bimbos in front of me, followed and when I turned, the door just started to close.

I looked down and saw a small whole in my sweater and my skin was a red from where the cigarette had touched me. They had ruined my beautiful sweater.

Quickly, I brushed away the tears and picked up my small bag that was lying close to the door. I had forgotten about its existence, but I picked it up and ran outside. I hoped I wasn't too late and Daddy hadn't been waiting too long.

His police car was easily recognisable. I loved how my Dad was a police officer. He did good things. He caught all the bad. That's what police men did.

Rosalie and Edward and all the others were soon forgotten by me.

I smiled when I saw Dad and he gave me a kiss on my cheek.

"Hey," he said cheerfully.

I smiled at him. "Hi!"

"How was school?" He started driving us home and I told him all about my friends, and that we had played different games, laughed uncontrollably, run after each other, made the easy homework and played more while we waited until our parents picked us up.

Of course, that wasn't reality.

Reality was that I had lived in fear since eight thirty in the morning, hoping and praying to God that today would be a normal day. I had made my homework and eaten lunch in the toilet. After my last class, drawing, I had gone to walk outside, until the little gang forced me to smoke.

What I just told Daddy, was my imagination. My dream and the stuff I hoped for.

At home, in the evening, Daddy called me, while I was playing with my dollies.

"Isabella Swan!"

I scowled a little and got a little nervous. He sounded angry, but why? Maybe he found out about my lies. Maybe he knew I didn't have friends and... I didn't know, but I ran downstairs and met him in the kitchen.

He was holding my small school bag and in the other hand a packet of cigarettes.

"Daddy?" I asked, looking at the packet with big eyes. Where did those come from?

"Isabella Swan, what is this?" he asked. He was furious. His face was read and his hearth must have had the same rate as mine had now.

"I don't know!" I said, tears starting to run down my cheeks again this day. He eyed me suspiciously.

"This afternoon, I did smell smoke, but I thought it was just some teachers smoke on you. Are you smoking, Isabella?"

"Dad, no," I cried out. I was only eight! I'm not a smoker! "I don't know why they are in my bag, someone must have put them there, mistaken my bag for theirs!" I said, impressed by myself for coming up with a lie so fast.

"Another kid your age smokes?" He shook his head. "Then why did I smell smoke earlier this day?" His voice wasn't the furious one anymore, but still suspicious and slightly angry. But I heard doubt.

"You said so yourself, I was outside and a few teachers were smoking, Daddy!" I replied, wiping away the tears. They were unnecessary. I had to lie.

He scowled deeply, staring at the cigarettes and then dumping in the bin.

"You don't smoke, Bella?" he asked much calmer now.

"I have never," I replied honestly.

Tomorrow, we'll be back. And you'll smoke. Got that?

I had to avoid them at best. I couldn't smoke, not for them. And I couldn't afford to lose another sweater. I had tried to fix the whole, but ended up throwing it somewhere deep in my closest. I couldn't just throw it away. I kept it. Maybe I could sleep in at after a few months.

I don't know.

The next day, I startled when a hand came on my shoulder.


"Hi," she said a little shyly.

"Alice," Edward barked, stalking over to his sister. He watched me filthily until turning back to her. "What are you doing? Hanging out with the smokers now?"

"What?" Alice asked confused.

"The moron smokes," rolling his eyes towards me and Alice scowled.

She shook her head. "No, Edward, she doesn't."

"Yes, she does. She's a bad influence. I saw her. She was high from it all. Stay away from her." He grabbed her arm and pushed her away. Alice left slowly.

Edward smirked and left as well.

Alice didn't talk to me again that day. Not that she every talked, but there was no more greetings anymore. She looked a little ashamed at times. But she didn't seem to like or care about me anymore.

I had officially nothing anymore.

That same day, I had ran towards the exit, at three o'clock, but I was grabbed, from the left and right.

I quickly looked, to see Emmett and Edward.

"You had not forgotten our little deal, now had you?" Edward asked in a angered voice. They quickly led me to the same toilet where Rosalie, Tanya and Lauren were already waiting. They were smoking, all three of them, passing one single cigarette between each other. They giggled, probably thinking they were cool.

"Look what we found!" Emmett said. "A forever lost, fat tramp."

Rosalie grimaced. "So fat, indeed."

Was I fat?

I wasn't fat. I knew I wasn't. They were trying to mix my thoughts!

She came to stand in front of me and Edward and Emmett didn't let go of me. She pressed the cigarette between my lips and I tasted some smoke, but tried to breath mostly through my nose.

That's when she pinched it and also the side of my mouth, so I was forced to breath through my mouth... and taste the foulness.

I started coughing violently and they all laughed. I was released and was crying uncontrollably when suddenly the door behind me opened. I looked around but nobody was there anymore.

Behind me was standing a teacher and the ones I hated to most.

"We found her, Miss! She's here smoking and she's just a kid!" Rosalie said in her most innocent voice. My eyes widened, and I looked around because I still smelled smoke. That's when I saw the still lit cigarette.

It was right in front of my on the floor, the smoke coming straight on my face, in my nose.

"We knew she's smoking, because she asked us to join her," Lauren said, nodding her head.

"Yeah, but we said no!" Tanya finished.

"We thought we were friends with you," Emmett's voice said.

"Kids, thank you for informing me. Please leave now so I could have a word with Isabella."

"Of course," Edward replied. They left as she closed the door and pulled me up. She took my hand and led me to the principal.

There they called Daddy and he was of course furious.

Furious that I had lied last night.

Upset about me smoking.

He called Renee and put me, an eight year old, along on the next plane and left me with Mom.

She grounded me for a month. Everyday to bed at seven. No television. Only books to read.

I read seventy three books that month. And realized I loved books. After I wasn't grounded anymore, I didn't watch television. I read books. Charles Dickens. Emily Bronte. Jane Austen. I loved them all.

The incident was forgotten, thankfully, after two months. Never brought up again and I talked regularly with Dad on the phone.

I made a few friend for the first time in my life, but never got close enough to anyone to call the a real friend, a friend for life.

And the year went by fast, while I read books, and pretended to be the girls in all the beautiful novels.

When I didn't read, I would be reminded of green evil eyes, or strawberry blond hair, or a particular big guy that looked like a bear or a beautiful monster girl.

I had nightmares. They never went. I bought a dream catcher when I was twelve, but I still had nightmares.

Up until the day I turned seventeen and still read books and still feared the nightmares. Sometimes the horrors they had done to me for years would be repeated and sometimes my own imagination would randomly make up things, like Edward shaving my head, or Rosalie punching me until I died. Or Lauren saying that I was wasting oxygen, but I laughed hysterically when I woke, because in real life, Lauren wouldn't know what oxygen is.

Sometimes, I forgot. The dreams my mind had made up would look so real, that I didn't know if it had really happened or not. And I just forgot. I tried to tell myself it was a dream made up by myself but I hated for not knowing or remembering.

Yeah, I was still haunted by each and one of them. In my dream. In my day dreams. Every night and day.

When I couldn't sleep, I'd read Fallen. I liked that book. I had probably read it too many times. But it was a more original book, a new one, not an classical one.

Also, when I turned seventeen, Charlie asked if I wanted to visit him. More like live with him.

"You could stay here, live here, go to school here." He had been so nervous.

As was I.

He had never brought up the cigarette incident again. And he probably had forgiven me, because kids are innocent. You can't hate an eight year old.

I was forgiven, yes. But, could I handle it? Going back to that place. The place where my tormenters lived. Where the kids lived that had made my life miserable, and still were, without knowing, probably. They had long forgotten about me. Sure they had. Why remember the fat, useless, brainless, boring, plane Bella Swan? They had surely not once thought about me.

I had been so nervous for a week. I had asked about a few girls at my school what they would think of if I finished school at my old school.

They thought it was great. They were happy for me. The way they were talking, made me feel like I was already forced to go away. Like I had no choice anymore.

"That is so exciting, I'm so happy for you!"

"REALLY? Wow, that's so cool, enjoy it there! Make pictures and send them!"

"Bella, honey." This girl had hugged me. "You'll see all of your friends again"

"I'll miss you, Bell. But you probably miss all those old friends in Forks."

"Say hi to Alec, Jane and all those others okay?"

"Yes, definitely say hi to them, say they aren't supposed to mess with you!"

I had smiled at each one of them and hugged them.

I had lied, of course, also to them. I had made up people and come up with names to pretend that I had friends in Forks. That I had never been bullied there. That everything was fine when I left and that the only reason I had shed tears, was because I didn't want to leave all those friends of mine.

Now, I felt like I was forced to be heading to Forks, as the plane landed and Dad greeted me and talked the entire way home to me. He didn't bother me while I went upstairs to my same old room.

I had been a little nervous, but Charlie did not once bring up what had happened nine years ago.

Thank God.

I twisted and turned in bed. Before I came here, I had told Charlie not to tell anyone that I'd be coming back. I told him I wanted to surprise my friends.

He had held his word and I wondered how tomorrow would be like. Would they recognize me? Hate me? Question me? Chase me away again? Play tricks with me?

I was an easy target.

With that knowledge, I promised myself not to let that fact ruin me again.

Ruin me more I should say.

Being in this same bed, caused me to have at least five memories back.

I was only six when Edward came to sit in front of me. It was our first meeting and I instantly noticed his dreamy, pretty coloured eyes.

He scowled as he pushed himself closer and watched me closer.

"Who are you?" I had asked.

Suddenly, he smiled. It could have been beautiful. If he hadn't had that evil glint in his eyes. "Your worst nightmare."

Six months later, I had memorised well who was acquainted to who. Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were all living together, but they were adopted. Esme and Carlisle were the ones who adopted them. Alice and Jasper were kind of a couple, and they were never mean to me. Rosalie and Emmett liked each other too. Edward seemed to fancy Tanya. And Lauren was kind of left behind, but still friends with Rosalie and Tanya and maybe also a little with Alice.

That day, I had started just a second too long at Edward. I had just had the courage, only because he hadn't looked at me. And I was freely staring at the side of his face.

"Stupid retard," Tanya whispered. "What are you staring at?"

"I know," Lauren said. "Eddie!"

Tanya gasped, but it was fake. She ran, together with Lauren, screaming I had a crush on him.

"Bella loves Edward, Bella loves Edward."

His head had snapped to me and when he glanced at the teacher, who was watching some other kids, he flipped me the bird. I had turned my back to all of them and had stared into space fifteen past three, when Daddy always picked me up.

They didn't mock me many times about the fake crush, but at my birthday, when I turned seven, they somehow knew and came to me, all too innocently.

"What?" I had asked nervously. By then, I had been through a lot. I hated when they neared me. It never meant anything well.

"Nothing!" Rosalie had exaggerated, touching my hair with one finger and looking at it disgustingly. "Have you showered?"

"Y-yes,' I had stammered, remembering the unusual question.

Emmett had burst out in laughter and from behind, Lauren had thrown something over my head. It felt thick and sticky as it ran down the side of my cheeks and I touched it with my fingers, only to see green paint on my fingers. My eyes had widened. They were all laughing.

But I hadn't understood.

Tanya had gladly explained. "It's paint, greasy. We thought we'd help you dye your hair. Don't you just love that? Happy birthday, smelly."

I don't remember what I had done. I had lied so much to Charlie back then, but I think I told him that someone accidentally dropped paint and it landed on my head. I had also gotten rid of most if it in the toilet, but it was strong pain and my hair was finally brown again after two weeks.

Then after the green had gone, they had gotten bored again. I remember how the ripped one of my drawing. I would have gotten such an high grade. But Edward had stolen it and I never saw it back. I received an F.

They had also liked to bump into me, real hard. Emmett's hurt the most, but damn, was Rosalie strong and hard for a woman! She had always been taller then I had been. But sometimes, I hadn't been able to sleep on a side, simply because I was too soar.

This bed. It reminded me of too much.

Then, when I slept, it also gave me two fantastic nightmares.

I was seven again and Edward somehow twenty. I never saw his face. But he gave me the same glares. Held me tightly, without allowing me to see that face. Pushing me around until someone else caught me and hurt me too. It gave me chills, because it was so quiet. I was scared and crying, but the two never stopped.

I didn't know who the second one was. But the dream changed.

Rosalie was fifteen. She was yelling at me while I was on the floor. My nose was bleeding from where she had hit me. Lauren came by her side and Tanya stood by my head. She grabbed my head and slapped me on my face. She said I was ugly. Asked me why I was alive. Lauren held two scissors and handed one to Tanya. They cut off my hair and I couldn't do anything then cry and whimper as Tanya stood by me feet, glaring as if she was the world, and I... I was nothing. At the end, she held up a mirror and-

I gasped as I woke up, sweat on my face and back.


Why did I have these nightmares? Why did my mind make these things up? I didn't even know a twenty year old Edward and I had never seen those girls when they were fifteen. Yet my mind knew what they had looked like.

The same.

It was time for me to wake up anyway and suddenly the urge to call me in sick was big. But also too suspicious and Charlie would probably have questions.

So I got in the truck Charlie had given me, some guy named Jacob had sold it to him, and I was making my way to the ones that held power over me.

No! Bella Swan, don't think like that! You are strong!

"I am strong," I whispered in the car.

You are funny.

"I'm funny."

You will not let them walk over you.

"They won't walk over me."

You are a strong woman, Bella!

"I am strong," I whispered, but seeing my hands shake as I got closer to school.

You are an adult and will handle this situation.

"I'm just a child and will not quite sure if I can handle this," I whispered, seeing people around me, but not really.

You are not afraid, Bella! Lauren doesn't have a brain. Rosalie is ugly. Tanya's hair colour is hideous. Emmett is fat. Edward has ugly eyes.

"I'm afraid. Lauren must have gotten smarter. Rosalie's beautiful. Tanya has a natural hair colour to be jealous off. Emmett isn't fat, he's trained well and has muscles and Edward... how can they be ugly?" I whispered while doing my best not to cry.

You shall not cry over them! Not one single tear! Do you hear me? BELLA, it is over. They will leave you alone, because you will tell them to piss off. Yes, you will.

I wiped away the few tears that were still close to my eyes and had not yet fallen.

For the first time, I looked around and indeed, a few people were looking. The truck was loud and big. Nobody had probably ever seen it. I had secretly hoped it used to be one of the student, but I guessed it wasn't.

I had a plain black bag. I had wore a light brown skirt that reached still above my knees, with brown boots, and the leg warmers were poking out the ends of the boots, they were black. I liked the effect they had. I had also put on a black, thick panty hose, so I wouldn't get cold. The skirt came high up my waist and I had wore a blouse that had the material that jeans had, only it was thinner. I had put the ends in the skirt and hoped I looked alright. My hair was loose and tall, coming over my shoulders.

The only other thing I had put on was a little mascara. That was it.

It was now or never. Face them. Perhaps talk to them. And hear them insult me.

Now or never.

Now or never.

"SHIT!" I yelled when a guy I didn't recognize knocked on my window. His broad smile disappeared when I yelled.

Yeah, what kind of a reaction is that? I opened the door.

"Hi, I'm Mike," he said. "I've never seen you here before."

"Hi," I said, staring at him.

Mike. I knew Mike. Wow, had he changed!

"I'm, eh..."

He raised one eyebrow.

Bella Swan. "Jane. Jane Volturi." I used the name I had made up to my friends in Phoenix. I couldn't let them know. Not yet. "Nice to meet you," I said, shaking hand with him. "So what's this school like, since I'm going to go here too. Will I have nice classmates?"

I wondered if they actually were still on this school.

He laughed once and shook his head.

"Yeah, let's start with the girls. Which year will you be going?"


"Excellent. Well, we have Rosalie. She's a bitch. Don't talk to her, don't even near her. Then there's Tanya. There's only one girl with that kind of hair. This blond with a strange orange in it, I don't know. Rosalie, by the way, is a goddess, and you'll recognize her soon as well. Then there's Lauren. She's blond and she'll be with either Rosalie or Tanya." He stood in front of me to slowly say, "Stay. Away. From. Them."

I opened my mouth to say something, but he cut me off.

"Then the guys. Be careful around Emmett, he might break a bone or six of yours if standing a foot too close. Those arms..." He shuddered. "Jasper is his brother, but he's okay, as is Alice. The last brother," he shook his head, "Edward..." He seemed to be deep in thought.

I wanted to tell him something again, but he smoothly cut me off.


"He slept with four girls I'm sure off, and the rest I don't know, but if you want to believe gossip, the rate will go up to nine girls. You see, I've only had two girlfriends in my life, and I broke off with both off them when they had actually taken Edward to their beds and were moaning his name out loud. I had opened the door. First time I was pissed. That was one year ago. Second time I felt like an idiot. And a felt a strange sense of déjà vu."

After a few second, he went on.

"The second girlfriend was two months ago." I eyed him, carefully and he smiled.

He seemed to give me a few second to allow me to say something. "Still heart broken?"

"Nah," he said with a shrug. "He's an ass and she's a slut. They both were, both Jessica and Lauren."

"Lauren?" I asked in horror.

He laughed. "You're quick at memorizing names. Yes, Lauren, she was nice at the time."

Now I shuddered.

"It's strange to invite your boyfriend over when you know you're cheating on him," he said. I felt sorry for him. Edward had turned even more cruel, in different ways. It had happened to Mike twice. "He was an strange colour of hair as well, so when you see that, don't near him. It's for your own good, trust me, Jane."

I smiled a little, hating for lying to him, because he'd find out, sooner of later.

"I thought," I began with a smile, "you were going to tell me if I have nice classmates. Usually people would say who the nice ones are."

"Yeah," he replied sheepishly. "Just figured the warning was more important."

I smiled and nodded again. I told him I'd go alone to the administration and he luckily left me.

"Hello?" I said. "I'm the new student," I said nervously.

"Oh?" she asked, watching me up and down.

"Yes, I live at Charlie's place, I don't know if you remember Bella Swan? I'm her friend and I came here to finish high school." Lies, more lies, and I regretted them already.

"Name, please?" she asked.

"Jane Volturi,' I whispered. I was so screwed.

"A little louder please."

I repeated the name.

"Well, I'll need some ID the next time, just to put you in the system and I'll call Charlie as well. Just rules, sweetheart."

"Yes, okay," I mumbled, "but Charlie will be gone for a few days. You better try next week."

She thanked me for the tip and I wanted to die.

She already gave me a plain study schedule after I told her which subject I was taking and I walked to my first class. English.

While I was walking, I noticed a very big guy in front of me. Emmett.

And I saw that colour nobody else had. Tanya.

And at last, next to her, was the goddess everyone wanted to be, but never could. Rosalie.

They went into the classroom which, according to the schedule, was my class as well.

I breathed in and held my breath.

It will by okay.

Another lie, I was sure.