A/n one year after Eveny Mercer was murdered and Jack didn't die :) first four brothers story. Hope you like. Bobby/OC and Jack/OC!

It had been a little over one year since the four brothers had to lay their beloved mother, Evelyn, to rest. Angel had left town to do his own thing and Jeremiah and his family moved from Detroit to Saginaw to be closer to his wife's family. It was now only Bobby and Jack left in the house. Things were a little tough at first but they were getting into the swing of things. Bobby opened his own garage and hired Jack to help out. Between the two of them and a little help from the others, they were able to pay off the house and restore it to the way their mother had left it. Things were finally looking up for them.

It was just after seven pm on a Friday night. Bobby had stepped out while Jack was getting ready to close up. He had all the cars covered and was about to turn the lights off when he heard the clicking of heals behind him. "We're closed." He yelled out.

"Damn." He heard a young voice say. When he turned around he saw a young girl standing there in a long jacket, heals, and a scarf. "I was hoping to catch you guys before you closed. My car broke down and your garage was the first I found in the phone book so I had the tow truck bring me here." She said. Truth be told Jack didn't hear a word she had just said. He couldn't stop looking at her. His eyes went back and forth from her eyes, down her slim body, and back up again. "Are you even listening to me?" she asked.

"Uh, oh yeah." Jack said and wiped the grease from his hands and walked closer to her. "Jack." He said and stuck out his hand.

She looked at him for a second before smiling and doing the same, "Katie Clark." She said. "So….do you think you can help me out?" she asked and he just smirked at her, head in the gutter at first, "With the car." She said.

"Oh well….like I said we were closing…" he started but he couldn't just turn her away, "But I can take a quick look right now and get to it first thing in the morning." He told her. Normally he would say tough luck but she was too hot to turn away.

"That would be great." She smiled and they walked out of the garage.

While Jack popped the hood and was looking it over, Katie stood there with her arms wrapped around her body. "It's freezing out here."

Jack looked at her and smirked, "Well, what the hell do you expect? You're in Detroit in the winter. Where you from anyways?" he asked.


"And you drove here?" he asked. "Why the hell would you do that?" he asked.

"It was cheaper than flying." She said. "So….can you fix it?" she asked.

"Yeah." Jack said and slammed the hood. "Just needs a new battery. I can get it done first thing in the morning." He said.

"That's fine I guess." She said. "Thank you."

"No problem." He said and walked over to her. "As soon as my brother gets back we can give you a ride if you want." He said.

"Thanks but I called my cousin on the way here. She is going to pick me up."

"Oh ok then. Maybe another time." He said.

Katie smiled at him. She found herself intantly attracted to him. "I would like that."

"So you have family around here?" Jack asked

"Yeah. I am just here for the next two months. My cousin is getting married so I am here for all of that." She said.

Before Jack could ask her anything else, he saw a silver mustang drive up, "Ah shit!" he cussed when he saw a tall blond get out of the car.

"What it it?" Katie asked.

"What the hell you want?" Jack asked the girl and looked down at Katie, "Sorry, major bitch." He whispered.

"So you know Anna?" she asked.

"Yeah…Why? Do you?" he asked.

"I should. She's my cousin." Katie smiled at him. Jack felt like he just blew any chance he had with her right them. Calling her cousin a bitch wasn't the best way to get in good with her.

"Of all the places you had to come here didn't you?" Anna asked her cousin.

"It was the closest place." Katie said and hugged her cousin. "It's good to see you."

"You too." Anna said. "Ok let's get out of here before….." Anna couldn't even finish what she was saying. She looked behind Jack and saw a very familiar car pull up. A car she knew all to well. "Crap."

Jack turned around to see Bobby jump out of the car and walk over to them, "Back away slowly Jackie before she gets her germs on you." Bobby said and walked over to them.

"Oh grow up, Bobby." Anna said.

Katie just looked up at her cousin, "Wait. Bobby as in the Bobby?" she asked. She remembered Anna talking about the love of her live and it wasn't her fiancé Conner. It was Bobby Mercer.

"Aw you talk about me?" Bobby smirked.

"I just talk about how stupid you are." Anna smirked back at him, "Come on. Lets get out of here Katie." Anna said.

"Why don't you go crawl back into your sewer." Bobby said.

"Why don't you go back to hell or did the reject you too?" Anna asked.

Jack and Katie just stood between the two and watched as they went back and forth with the insults. "Should we leave?" Katie whispered to him.

"Nah, they have been doing this for months now. You get use to it." He smiled down at her.

"They seem to really hate each other now." Katie said as she looked at Bobby and Anna who were now face to face, screaming at each other.

"Actually, it's the opposite." Jack said

"Should I take my car somewhere else?"

"No don't worry about it. I can still fix it for you." Jack said. "It will be done by nine so maybe after that we can get a bite or something. I don't have much to do tomorrow. I can show you around."

"I would like that." Katie said.

"Screw you!" Anna snapped and turned around and headed back over to Katie, "Let's go."

"Yeah why don't you run back to Rickie Rich. At least maybe he can pay for some therapy for your crazy ass. Come on, Jackie." Bobby said. "I think it just got colder out here.

"So I'll see you in the morning?" Katie asked.

"I'll be here." Jack said.

"Now Jack!" bobby said.

"Would you wait just a damn minute?" Jack yelled back.

"Don't let her suck you in Jack." Bobby yelled from the garage door and Jack glared at him.

"Katie, come on. He's a Mercer!" Anna yelled.

"And you're a bitch!" Bobby yelled back.

"Ok well I better go before they kill each other." Katie said. "See ya later….Jackie." she smiled and walked over to Anna's car and got in, Jack watching her every step of the way.

Once they pulled off, Jack walked back into the garage and helped Bobby close up. "Thanks a lot, man." Jack said.

"Hey, I did you a favor. If she is anything like Anna she will screw you over."

"Oh come on."

"I'm serious, Jack. Stay away from her you hear me. She has trouble written all over her." Bobby said.

"Are you sure you aren't a little pissed because Anna is getting married?" Jack smiled at him.

"Don't even go there. I'm glad she found someone to put her with her ass." Bobby said and turned out the lights.

Jack knew Bobby had been on edge since he read about Anna's sudden engagement in the paper. They had only been broken up six months. Either way he was going to see Katie again. He had to have her.

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