Shikaeshi, Part 4
Disclaimer: Weiss does not belong to me, sadly enough. If they did, I'd keep them tethered in my closet for emergencies. (Hentai emergencies, ohohohohohhohoooooooo!)

The warehouse district was silent and deserted, the only thing on the streets was a dense fog that wrapped everything in obscurity. The sudden sound of someone running was the only herald to the large explosion that lit up the night sky as though it were day. The building closest to the water exploded, showering the bay with debris, smoldering with fire. Silhouetted against the fire, a man stumbled out of the building, badly burnt and half dead. He managed to make it to the edge of the property and collapsed against the chain link fence. With the last of his strength, he reached into his jacket pocket and retrieved a cell phone, punching in a three digit code before his last breath left him.

Korat fumbled for the phone, trying to find it in the dark, her eyes still heavy with sleep. Finally, her hand landed on the handset and she was able to lift it to her ear. "'Lo?" She slurred.

Morimoto's voice boomed over the line, screaming at her, babbling about an explosion.

"What? Wait...Morimoto, can you repeat that?" She asked, suddenly completely awake.

"There was an explosion at our Tokyo warehouse, goddamit! Seven people died! Those bastards from Koketsu stole all the harddrives, killed our people and then blew the building up just to be assholes! WHY AREN'T THEY DEAD KORAT?!" Morimoto howled.

"Just calm down." Korat said, fighting a feeling of nausea. "I'll be there in ten minutes." She hung up before he could say anything else and punched in another number. The phone rang half a dozen times before a sleepy female voice answered at the other end.

"Meet me at the office in ten minutes." Korat said in a clipped voice. "There's been an explosion." Her tone of voice left Manx no room for questions. Korat hung up, flipped on her bedside table lamp and began hunting for her pants.

"What a shitty way to begin my day." She muttered.

At three that afternoon, Korat and Manx left Morimoto's office with pounding headaches. The older man had spent the entire day grilling them about Weiss's failure to destroy Koketsu. He was unmoved by Korat's pointing out that she had only given them the orders a few days earlier.

"I WANT KURO AKIRA'S HEAD ON MY DESK BY TOMORROW MORNING!" Morimoto's shrieks chased them out into the hallway.

Korat rubbed her forehead and fumbled in her purse for her sunglasses. "Manx, I want you to call a meeting with Weiss. This evening...let's say 6 o'clock." Sunglasses firmly in place, she gave a fleeting smile to the red head. "I'll be there to give them their mission."

Ran took a sip from his glass of iced tea and nodded absently at something his sister said. He was still brooding over his meeting with Hanae and wasn't really paying attention to a word she said.

Aya glared at her brother and decided to catch his attention. "So, I said to him, honey, for 50,000 yen, I'll do anything you want. Thus began my life of prostitution."

Ran's eyebrows raised and he nearly spit out his tea. "Nani?" He sputtered.

Aya grinned and gave one of his eartails a playful tug. "Baka. You weren't paying attention."

He sighed. "Gomen, Aya-chan. I have a lot on my mind."

A look of concern flitted briefly over her face. "Do you want to talk about it, big brother? Or does it have something to do with your ultra secret ninja spy life?" She asked, a teasing tone hiding her concern.

He rolled his eyes. "Aya-chan, there is no ultra secret ninja spy life." He said, sounding harassed.

She frowned. "Right, so you and those other three guys really are florists and the katana you keep next to your bed is just for decoration. Honestly Ran-chan, I'm not a stupid little kid and you don't have to protect me." She huffed.

He sighed again. "Aya," He began, purposely leaving off the -chan, "There are a lot of things about my life during the past couple of years that I don't even want to think about, let alone share them. And as for my current concern, it's nothing for you to worry about."

She glared at him and looked mutinous.

"Why is it that women always look angry in your presence, Fujimiya?" A smooth male voice intoned. Youji grinned at them both and slid into the booth next to Aya. "Hello, look gorgeous as usual." He said with a flirtatious wink. She smiled at him warmly.

Across the table, Ran was directing daggers from his eyes that promised certain death. Youji glanced at him and did a double-take, lifting up his sunglasses to get the full effect of the death glare. "Ouch, Ran-san. If looks could kill, I'd be six feet under." He said. He turned and gave Aya another wide smile. "However, I would die in the presence of a beautiful woman, so it wouldn't be a complete waste." He winked at her again and she giggled.

"What do you want, Kudou?" Ran asked, his voice tight with anger.

"Easy, easy. Unfortunately, this is no time for me to play. Manx is at the shop and she wants to talk to us..." He glanced sideways at Aya, who was looking extremely interested in their conversation. "...about a large order of flowers for a wedding." He finished lamely.

Ran snorted and Aya rolled her eyes.

"Good save, Youji-san, I really don't suspect anything now." Aya said sardonically.

Youji grinned and shrugged. "Why would you suspect anything of four handsome young florists?" He asked innocently.

Ran was already on his feet, digging out some money to pay the bill. "Get up Kudou and stop flirting with my little sister." He said dangerously before throwing a handful of bills on the table. He then turned his attention to his little sister. "Aya-chan, I'm sorry to leave so abruptly, will you be okay getting back home?"

"Oh, I don't know, onee-san, I might not be able to cross the streets without someone to hold my hand." She simpered.

He sighed. "Good. I'll see you later."

She blew both of them kisses, but Ran pushed Youji away before he could recieve his.

Ken waited until Ran and Youji clambored down the spiral staircase before he asked Manx why she had rounded them all up. The red head sighed and rubbed the back of her neck, seeking to relieve some of the tension caused by spending the day being screamed at. "We'll have to wait for one more person before you'll get your answer Ken-san." She said, her voice hinting at her fatigue.

Ken looked around the room. Ran, Youji and Omi were all seated and waiting like he was. "One more person?" He asked.

She nodded. She was about to say more when a door slammed above them and someone began descending the stairs. "Speak of the devil." She said, dryly.

Korat stepped into the room and grinned at Manx. "What a dramatic introduction, Manx." She said lightly.

She looked around the room at the four young men who were currently gawking at her. Ran was the only one who did not look completely surprised to see her. "Good evening, Weiss. My name, as you may have already deduced," she looked directly at Ran with a small smile, "is Korat, and I have a mission for you."