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Hermione stared at the young Weasley standing behind her. What had happened? She turned to look back at Ron and Harry and everyone who had been standing in the potions room. They were all staring back at her and Rose. Snape had a look of distaste on his face and Hermione would swear Dumbledore looked almost amused by the sight of the two time travelers.

"Who are you?" Ron blurted out, before Mrs. Weasley gave him a look that quickly shut him up. Rose flushed as everyone turned to look at her with questioning gazes.

"I'm Rose," Rose answered her father's question, straightening her shoulders and looking everyone in their eyes, the tips of her ears turning red being the only sign of her discomfort.

"She was, err, one of my roommates when I was in the future," Hermione quickly interjected, glancing at Rose. For anyone to know who she was would be dangerous especially with Voldemort around.

Mrs. Weasley was eyeing Rose very closely, "Hello dear," she said warmly. Rose glanced over at Hermione, biting her lip.

"Hello," she said back trying not to burst into giggles at greeting the woman who would be her grandmother one day.

Hermione eyed Mrs. Weasley. She swore she saw a hint of recognition in Molly's eyes when she looked at Rose.

Dumbledore smiled at Rose, "You'll have to excuse us Rose, while we figure out what exactly happened and how to send you back."

Rose fixated her eyes on the headmaster, "Of course sir," she said, her eyes wide. The adults moved to the other side of the room, leaving Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Lavender to crowd around Rose and Hermione. Hermione ignored the feeling she got in the pit of her stomach when she saw Lavender hanging off of Ron's arm.

"Was that… was that Albus Dumbledore?" Rose turned and asked Hermione her voice low, sounding amazed.

"Yes," Hermione answered Rose.

"Whoa, Al is going to be so jealous," Rose said eyes straying back to the adults in the room.

"Who's Al?" Harry asked. Hermione and Rose turned their attention to the other teenagers near them.

"He's a friend of mine," Rose said uneasily, "he was named after Dumbledore," she glanced over at Hermione.

"Someone named their kid after Dumbledore?" Lavender sounded amused by this fact.

"Yes. Dumbledore is a hero and a great man," Rose said defensively to Lavender. The girl looked at the redhead taken aback.

Mr. Weasley walked over to the group of teens. "Rose," he said softly. The girl turned and looked at her grandfather who smiled at her. "We're going to need to know some more information about you."

"What do you need to know," Rose asked hesitantly unconsciously moving closer to Hermione.

"Your surname to start with," Mr. Weasley said apologetically.

Rose turned to Hermione her eyes wide and panicked looking. Hermione stared back at the girl unsure of what to say.

"Um it's umm, it's Weasley," Rose managed to get out with a sigh.

Everyone in the room stopped and stared at her. Ron kept turning his head between Rose and Hermione who carefully avoided his looks.

Hermione watched as everyone took in this information. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's expressions ranged from shock to joy as Mrs. Weasley began to tear up. Snape looked almost disturbed that the current Weasley children lived to procreate even more Weasleys, while Dumbledore looked calm and serene at this turn of events. Ron and Ginny looked bemused at Rose's announcement.

"So you're my niece?" Ginny asked Rose, breaking the silence that had fallen over the group. Hermione swore everyone held their breath at the question, "or are you my…" Ginny trailed off staring at Rose.

"Um, I'm your niece," Rose said looking at everyone, her face bewildered. She glanced at Hermione again, shrugging as if to ask what else she could have done but tell the truth.

There was a flash of movement and Rose found herself being hugged by Molly Weasley who had tears down her face, "I have a granddaughter," she cried holding Rose tight against her. Rose patted her grandmother on the back, looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Yes. Can I breathe now," Rose forced out. Molly let her go smiling apologetically at her newfound granddaughter who was straightening her clothes.

"Who- who is your father?" Molly asked the young girl eagerly. Rose turned to Hermione yet again, "Er, I don't know, is that really necessary to sending me back to my time?" Rose twisted around to look at Dumbledore.

"Miss Weasley, you can rest assured that once you are sent back I will take care of making sure your visit here, as well as Miss Granger's visit to your time will not affect the time space continuum," Dumbledore responded to the girl. Everyone turned to look at the Headmaster questioningly.

"He's going to erase your memories of this," Rose responded to them knowing exactly what Dumbledore had meant. Ron went to protest, "It's probably for the best. That way things will happen as they're meant to," Rose continued cutting Ron off.

"If you really need to know my father is Ron Weasley," Rose informed Dumbledore not looking at any one else in the room. Dumbledore smiled as he retreated to the other side of the room with the rest of the adults as Molly glanced at Rose and Ron with tears in her eyes.

Rose once again found she unable to breathe as yet another person hugged her. Hermione watched as Lavender wrapped her arms around Rose, trying to ignore the flair of jealousy in the pit of her stomach.

Rose pushed Lavender off, "Who the bloody hell are you and why are you hugging me?" The girl demanded.

Lavender looked confused at this question, "I'm Lavender," she said as way of explanation. Rose raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, Lavender. Still not sure who you are and why you feel the need to hug me," Rose said crossing her arms now glaring at the blonde. Lavender glanced between Rose and Ron before bursting into tears and running off. Ron just stared at Rose ignoring his upset girlfriend.

"Who was that?" Rose demanded of Hermione.

"That was Lavender. She's… dating your father," Hermione said slowly. Rose turned to Ron.

"I really don't like her. You should break things off with her," she informed him before turning to look at Ginny who was laughing so hard, she was holding onto Harry for support. Harry was avoiding everyone's looks while trying to hold back a smile.

"Wait! You mean she's not your-" Hermione cut herself off as she looked at Rose.

"My mother? Definitely not," Rose shuddered.

"So who is?" Ginny asked casually trying to stop giggling.

"Miss Weasley, we are ready to send you back now," Dumbledore beckoned everyone over.

"You'll just have to wait and see won't you," Rose grinned before looking Hermione right in the eye and winking. Hermione stopped breathing for a moment. Was she trying to say that…? No unlikely. Hermione couldn't stop the hope from flaring up inside her as Rose stood in front of Dumbledore preparing to be sent back. She looked at Snape.

"Aren't you Severus Snape," Rose asked the man.

He glared at her, "Yes I am," he answered. She smiled at him.

"I have a cousin named after you. Well middle name," she informed Snape who looked surprised by this news.

"Who would name someone after Snape," Ron asked sounding revolted, before being swatted on the arm by his mother.

"Same person who would name their son after Dumbledore," Rose responded. She grinned at Hermione, "I do feel sorry for Al sometimes, I mean Albus Severus?" Hermione looked at Rose surprised. Wait that meant that Harry… Rose once again winked at Hermione.

"Ready, Professor Dumbledore, sir," Dumbledore held his wand up and muttering under his breath, Rose disappeared.

Hermione stared at the spot the girl had just been as Dumbledore began gesturing with his wand again knowing she had just seconds before she forgot the girl…