F3 scratched Max's ankle to alert him and there was a standoff. Shtarker had a machine gun and Max had his own pistol and Seigfried's too.

"Hold it right there, Shtarker," said Max.

"Schmardt, drop your guns!" said Shtarker.

"No, you drop yours. Can't you see that two is better than one?"

"Ja, but mine is bigger, a lot bigger!"

"You could be right, Shtarker. But I still want that chocolate sundae. I won't budge until I get it!"

"Oh. Okay, Schmardt." Shtarker turned to go back into his office and make the chocolate sundae. He didn't see F3 hiding out at the doorway and she zoomed across in front of him so fast that he tripped and dropped his machine gun like Seigfried had and it flew across the room. She threw her tiny grenade in the opposite corner of the room to confuse Shtarker. Then, quick as a wink, F3 had put the butterfly net over the machine gun and pulled it into the bathroom, the handle of the net in her teeth, and she locked the door.

"Hey, you schtinken katzenjammer, giff me back my gun!" Schtarker pounded on the door furiously. "I vant my machine gun back…I luff my machine gun…" he started to sob and Max put handcuffs on him and led him back into the room with the scientists, after giving F3 the word that it was safe to come out of the bathroom.

"Well, F3, we have this case all sewed up!"

"Max," said the cat, licking her paw. "How are we going to get these scientists and our prisoners out of here through the building filled with KAOS agents?"

"We could let them jump out of the windows, F3."

"Max, we're on the 7-1/2 floor. They'd be hurt or killed."

"We could make them all invisible and lead them through the building and out the front door. No one would see them!"

"Brilliant, Max," said the cat sarcastically. "Do you have an invisibility formula?"

"Eh, not with me, F3," said Max. Then he snapped his fingers. "I know…we'll get them out of here through the fireplace and up the chimney to the roof like Santy Claus."

The cat sighed. "Max, I suppose I should say you're getting closer." She padded over to a door in the back of the room. "Open this door, Max." He opened the door by shooting off the lock. "Max, these stairs lead to the roof. Why don't we have everyone go up there and then call for Control helicopters?"

"How do you know the stairs lead up to the roof."

F3 sighed again. "Max, see those blueprints on the wall? It has the whole layout of the building. I just looked there."

Max looked incredulous. "You can read blueprints? My kitty can read blueprints?"

"Max, I'm not your kitty, remember?"

Max said something under his breath. The scientists began to awaken and Max opened their jars and debriefed them. He led Seigfried and Shtarker up to the roof, handcuffed of course, after F3 called Control for helicopters. After the KAOS agents were gone, the scientists went up on the roof and a huge fleet of large helicopters took a few away at a time.

Safely back at home in their apartment, both Max and F3 were glad to see that 99 had just arrived a few minutes earlier, after finishing her assignment. They were all glad to be home. The kids were staying with 99's mother for the rest of the week and the three agents could relax and recover from their missions.

"Say, F3," said 99, after Max and the cat had told 99 the details of their assignment. "I wonder why KAOS didn't notice on their security monitors that the scientists were up on the roof and leaving the building for safety."

F3 sat on her haunches, her front feet straight. She took a lick at one of her paws as a feline smile played at the corners of her mouth. "I took care of that."

Now Max's curiosity was piqued. He hadn't even thought of that. "What did you do, F3? Cut the electricity?"

"No, they would have noticed that. I just had our little bi-plane cover the two TV security cameras in those rooms with chocolate syrup."

99 laughed. Max said, "Oh."