The Tale of Aramis and Christelle

By: Raven in Red

Athos had a wife at one point, D'Artagnan has Anne, and Porthos has all his favorite women, but what about Aramis? Why doesn't he have someone to love? Meet Christelle, who follows the Four Musketeers through the events of The Man in the Iron Mask.

Chapter One

Christelle Dupont and the great Musketeer Aramis were destined to fall in love.

Their story began with Christelle wanting to be a Musketeer all throughout her childhood, despite the rule that denied the position to women. However, when she was 22, she disguised herself as a young man and joined the Musketeers under the alias of Gabriel Bertrand. For twelve years, no one knew her true identity. She performed her duties like any other Musketeer. One day, she met Aramis when they were both on duty together. She fell in love with him, but she couldn't tell him due to the fact that he still believed her to be a man. Eventually, she couldn't bear it anymore and revealed everything to him and his closest friends: Athos, Porthos, and D'Artagnan. Aramis and Christelle got to know each other well, with Aramis and his friends agreeing to keep her secret safe. Soon, he admitted his love for her. Unfortunately, several other Musketeers somehow found out about Christelle's true identity, and she was dishonorably retired from her position. Aramis deeply regretted losing her and blamed himself for their discovery of her. He thought about her often and tried, but failed, many times to find her.

Christelle lived in loneliness for two years after her dismissal from the Musketeers. She missed Aramis deeply, but she had no means of contacting him. He probably thought her a fool for making such a stupid attempt as to join the Musketeers as a disguised woman.

One afternoon, out of the blue, Christelle got a tip from a friend about where Aramis could be found. He was a priest at a Parisian cathedral, so she decided to go visit him. When she reached the cathedral and was crossing the courtyard, she saw a familiar face.

"D'Artagnan!" she exclaimed as she approached her old friend.

"Hello, Christelle!" the great Musketeer greeted her with a warm hug. While Athos, Porthos, and Aramis had all retired, he still maintained his post. "It's been so long!"

"Yes, my friend, it has!" Christelle replied, barely able to contain her excitement. Her long brown hair was a tangled mess from her multiple-mile horseback ride to the cathedral.

"I've actually just been to see Aramis," said D'Artagnan.

"He's really here?" Christelle was ready to burst. She hadn't seen Aramis in so long, but her love for him was as strong as ever.

"Yes, of course," D'Artagnan replied. "You really should go relieve him of his loneliness. He hasn't stopped talking about you since the day you two parted two years ago. He would be overjoyed to see you."

"Thank you so much!" Christelle hugged him again and then took off running. Once she made it through the big double doors, she entered the first room she saw. What she found was Aramis, utterly startled at her sudden appearance.

"Christelle," he choked out in a whisper. "My dear, is that you?" He rubbed his eyes, as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Christelle, instead of replying with words, took a running leap into his arms. He caught her and held her tight, crying along the way. His tears dripped onto her shoulder as if from a rainstorm. She began to cry, too.

"Yes, Aramis, it is me," she replied, pulling back just enough to look into his eyes. She wiped away his tears with a gentle hand. "I've missed you so much."

"I thought I would never see you again, Christelle," Aramis smiled. "Unfortunately, you have caught me at the worst of times. I'm supposed to be off to see the king." When he managed to let go of her, he crossed the room to a wardrobe and retrieved a set of black robes. He removed his jacket and put them on over his current clothes. "How have you been, my dear?" he asked once he had donned a simple wooden cross necklace. He approached Christelle and held her hands gently.

"Well, I've missed you almost more than I could bear," she answered with a sad smile. "And now you have to run off to see the king. I thought you didn't serve him anymore."

"Although I am no longer a Musketeer," Aramis replied, "he still calls on me for advice or minor services from time to time." He then leaned over and kissed her cheek. "I will not be long, my dear, and when I am back, we can catch up and fill in that lonely two-year gap that kept us apart." He leaned in for a quick kiss before reluctantly exiting the room. Christelle took the opportunity to kneel down beneath the wooden crucifix mounted on one wall. She clasped her hands together in prayer.

"Thank you, Lord, for reuniting me with my true love," she said with a single tear dripping from her eye. She made the sign of the cross and stood up on shaky legs. She was so overwhelmed with emotion that she could barely think straight. Nothing mattered now that she was with Aramis again.

Aramis returned within only a few hours, although it felt like an eternity to Christelle. He entered the same room he had left her in and saw her delicate angel form sound asleep in a chair, probably to pass the time. With a slight laugh, he leaned down and woke her with a gentle kiss.

"Did you get lonely waiting for me, my dear?" he asked with one of his handsome smiles upon his face. Christelle sat up and hugged him gently.

"Yes, I did," she replied in a tired voice as he hugged her in return. The excitement of her day had sucked all the energy out of her. "What time is it?"

"Late afternoon," Aramis replied. "Why don't we find a more suitable place to talk and catch up?" Without asking her permission first, he lifted her right up off the chair and into his strong arms. She was so tired that she didn't object, even though she probably wouldn't have anyway. Aramis carried her out of the room, down a hallway, and up several flights of stairs, finally setting her down on a balcony in a tower high above the cathedral. "So," he began, "tell me how you have been over the last two years." He sat down on a bench and pulled her down into his lap, giving her his full attention.

"Well," Christelle said, "I lived with my family again, resuming my normal duties around the house. I assisted my friend Christine in taking care of her sick father. I filled many journals with silly love poems, mostly about my dear Aramis. That's pretty much it." Then she paused. "And how have you been?"

"Well, I've been a priest ever since I retired from the Musketeers," he replied. "But every day since we parted, I did miss you. I thought about you all the time. I prayed every day for a reunion with you and the Lord's forgiveness to me for letting you go." She tucked her head into the crook of his neck.

"I hope we never have to be apart again, Aramis," said Christelle. She looked out at the beautiful afternoon sky and sighed with relief. Everything was going to be okay now.