The Power of One : The Continuation

Prologue - Aftermath

By Crow Skywalker


Disclaimer – I do not own Pokemon. It belongs to its original creators, and I am in no way making any money off of this fanfic.

As of Feb. 14, 2004 – After a lot of thought, I've decided to rewrite this fic…because lets face it, when I started out writing this, my writing was terrible. So, I've decided to totally re-do it, making it longer and correcting mistakes and adding more to it. So this is the first chapter to be rewritten. To see what has/has been rewrote, see author's notes in future chapters. You can pretty much tell from the quality anyway.

Other Notes – This fic takes place after the second movie, Pokemon 2000, or whatever you want to call it. I've changed some things to fit the fic (Ash is older, for one), and so its AU starting at the end of the movie. No new Pokemon (until he reaches Johto, anyway), no new characters…that kind of AU. And this fic will have Ash/Misty and may or may not have Melody/Tracey and Jessie/James.

Summary – After the second movie, Ash and the gang start off again on a totally new journey – but just what awaits them?


Ash Ketchum, a fifteen year old Pokemon trainer from the small town of Pallet, sat on a rock looking out at the ocean, his mind off in his own thoughts. The sun high in the sky with its warm rays shining down on the island, the gentle lapping of salty water against the rock – it made everything seem so peaceful. It was hard to believe that just days before, the world was in trouble.

Jiraldan, a 'Pokemon collector' he'd called himself, had decided that the legendary bird Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos would have made an awesome addition to his 'collection'. And of course, he was aiming for more than them as well, for there was a legend. A legend that when the three titans were united, a mighty and powerful Pokemon would appear.

Jiraldan had done just that – he'd managed to capture the three titans, not caring that the earth suddenly became unbalanced. Suddenly there was snow where there shouldn't be, smoldering heat where it should be cold, and thunder storms so violent that some small town had been demolished. The world was crumbling, just like it had foretold in the scriptures. Lugia, the god of the sea, emerged and the birds had began to attack it and fight each other.

Ash had been there at the right time, although now he knew that it was destiny that brought them to this small island. He was the Chosen One, as they'd found out, and he was destined to save the world. With his friends, Ash had managed to collect all three spears and Melody, a girl they'd recently met from town, played Lugia's song. It was then that the mighty birds stopped fighting, and calmness washed over the land.

The world was once again safe, Jiraldan was beat, and the birds returned to their respective islands. It was over – although for Ash, this was only the beginning. It was a whole new adventure. He was the chosen one, and this was only the beginnings of what was to come.

Ash sighed, glancing down at his hands, which were lying in his lap. How could he, a mere Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town be the chosen one? Of course, he'd wondered why things like this always happened to him. He'd seen many amazing things on his journeys, things such as the legendary Ho-Oh flying overhead when he'd first started out from Pallet. He'd gone up against a genetically engineered Pokemon named Mewtwo and had lived to see another day. It all made some sense now, why these and many other things happened to him. It was because he was special, born to protect both humans and Pokemon alike – he was the chosen one, just like the scriptures read.

But was this the end? Would things return to normal now? Would his duties as the chosen one finally finished, or did fate have more in store for him? He didn't know; nobody knew. Was his purpose fulfilled, or would he be called on once again? What about his friends and family? His mother…

You mean the world to me…

It had been days since she'd left to go home with Professor Oak, but her words continued to echo through his mind. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get them to stop. There was something familiar about those words, and he couldn't shake the feeling. But where had he heard them before, and who had said them?

Leaning back, arms propping himself up, Ash started up at the sky. There were very few clouds; the sky a perfect light blue. It was so quiet he could almost fall asleep..

Ash sat up with a start, eyes wide as he stared out over the calm sea. Yes, that was where he heard them before! In his dreams…sometimes he dreamed of the past, although it seemed more like memories. Memories of his long lost father. Those words…they'd been the last words his father had ever said before he had left Ash and his mother on his own Pokemon journey. He had promised to become the world's greatest Pokemon trainer and return home rich and famous – but he never kept that promise. He never returned home at all – there had been an accident, and his body was never found. Of course his mother had been devastated, now a single mom taking care of a very young boy. But she'd gotten over it, moved on and hadn't mention his father ever again.

Ash's hands clenched at his sides. He sometimes dreamed about that day, even now. And when he turned thirteen and had started his own Pokemon journey – the nightmares had started. Nightmares of his father's death, and those last few happy moments he'd had with his father.

You mean the world to me…


"Melody you get back here!" Misty Waterflower yelled, her hands on her hips as she watched the other girl run off giggling. Brushing her red hair over her shoulder, which for once she'd let down instead of putting up, Misty took off after Melody, determined to catch her. However, she didn't get very far before Melody stopped, and Misty had to dig her heels into the ground to keep from crashing into the other girl.

A large grin on her face, Melody turned to her friend, waving a small colored picture in the air in front of Misty's face. "Awww! Isn't this the cutest thing!" She cooed, referring to the picture, which was of both Ash and Misty sitting close to a campfire, for once not fighting and looking rather comfortable with each other. "Don't you guys make a cute couple?"

"I don't know where you got that idea Melody, but we're not a couple!" Misty growled, making a grab for the picture. Melody yanked it out of her reach just in time. "Never were, never will be!"

"You saved him!" Melody pointed out with a small knowing smile. "Jumped into the freezing cold ocean and saved him!"

Misty rolled her eyes. "So what? Was I just supposed to stand there and watch him drown?"

"Well then, what about those lovey-dovey eyes you're always giving him?" Melody moved her hand again as Misty tried to get the picture from her.

"What?" Misty cried, eyes widening, "I do not!"

"You do!" Melody laughed, "I've only known you for a few days, and I've seen it!"

Misty fumed. "I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Plus you gave me that awful look when I kissed him.."

Inside the house, the Pokemon artist Tracey and Melody's older sister watched the scene outside while sipping on some tea. The window was wide open, and Melody's sister was sitting on the kitchen counter, Tracey standing next to her – so it was hard not to hear what was going on outside.

"You know," Melody's sister began, taking another sip of hot tea, "They really would make a cute couple."

Tracey nodded, looking down at his cup and swishing the contents a little before he spoke, "When I first met them and started to travel with Ash, I thought for sure that they were a couple. I mean, they argue all the time…but you can tell that they don't really mean it. They really like each other, it's really obvious to everyone except for them. They just haven't noticed it yet...I bet all they need is a push."

There was a scream from outside, and both teens looked up as Misty tackled Melody into the grass, grabbing for the photo.

"Give it back, Melody!" Misty yelled, her face now a dark red. Melody must have said something they hadn't heard. "Why were you going through my things in the first place?!"

Back in the calmness of the house, Melody's older sister grinned as she watched the red head struggle to grab the picture from her little sister. Instead, she ended up being tickled by the other girl, and Melody easily got the upper hand. "Well, maybe Melody will be able to give them that push that they need."

Tracey looked up at her, laying his empty mug on the counter, and giving her a questioning look. "We're probably leaving soon..Ash never stays in one place for very long. Unless Melody can work super fast, I doubt she'll be able to do it."

"Oh, so you haven't heard?" Melody's sister grinned, jumping down from where she sat on the counter and taking both her and Tracey's mugs to the sink.

"Heard what?" Tracey asked as he followed her, now confused. "I haven't really been talking to anyone lately…Ash has been pretty distant since the whole chosen thing, and Misty's always hanging around with Melody."

"Well, that's another good reason for Melody to go with you." The older girl answered, her back to the other teen as she rinsed the mugs with warm water, "I'm sure Misty is tired of traveling with two boys all the time. What she really needs is a girl to talk to!"

"You mean Melody's coming with us when we leave?"

The girl nodded, turning off the tap and grabbing a towel to dry her wet hands. With a smile she turned to Tracey, "It was her idea, really…but I finally gave in. It would be good for her to get off this island. I mean, she hates all our old customs and she always has. She's always dreamed of getting away from here and seeing the world, and this is her chance. She's like a caged bird here…she needs to be set free."

Tracey nodded, letting all of this sink in. "You're right, and I'm sure Misty will love having another girl around. She's always been with guys, even before I knew them. Before I joined them, I heard that they traveled with some guy named Brock. That was until he decided to settle down and work for some professor."

Melody's sister raised a brow at that. "Just how long have Ash and Misty been travelling together?"

Tracey looked thoughtful for a moment. "I'd say for maybe two or three years now, maybe longer." He suddenly smiled at her, "Funny, isn't it?"

She nodded. "Were they friends before that?"

"No," Tracey shook his head, "From what I hear, Ash met Misty within a few days of leaving home. I've only heard bits and pieces of the story, because every time Ash mentions that day Misty gets really mad and starts yelling. Something about Ash owing her a new bike…well, at least, that's her explanation to why she's following Ash."

"Love's a fickle thing."

"Hey! I heard that!" Came a shout from outside, and both teens looked up at the window to see a very angry Misty glaring at them from out in the yard. However, they were all soon quieted by the sound of a door opening, and a very happy Pikachu came running down the stairs.

"Ash must be home," Tracey smiled.

"Hey guys," Ash said as he entered the kitchen, Pikachu now perched on his right shoulder. With a small smile Ash reached up, scratching the small yellow Pokemon behind the ear. Pikachu closed its eyes, almost purring in contentment. "What'd I miss?"

"Not much," Tracey replied, " Unless you count Misty and Melody out there." He pointed out the glass doors into the back yard. "Where did you go to?"

Ash pulled a chair out from the table, sitting down on it backwards and resting his head on his arms, which he propped up on the back of the chair. Pikachu jumped down from where he sat, jumping onto the counter to grab an apple from a basket that sat there. Ash shrugged, "Nowhere. Just out wandering around…had a lot on my mind."

The older boy nodded, deciding it best to leave Ash alone. The younger raven haired boy would have a lot on his mind, especially after what happened last week.

"I think we should leave soon," Ash stated out of nowhere, a glazed look in his eyes as he stared forward. "Today, maybe."

"Are you sure?" Tracey asked, eyeing him. Something was definitely wrong with Ash – in all the time Tracey had known him, he'd never seen the other boy so out of it!

Ash didn't answer, just continued to stare forward quietly. He didn't even look up when the balcony doors slid open, and the two girls who had been playfully fighting in the backyard stepped in.

Noticing the awkward silence, Misty raised an eyebrow. "What's up?"

Tracey glanced away from Ash to the girl with a shrug. "Ash thinks we should leave today."

Misty frowned, suddenly noticing Ash's expression and how quiet he was being. From beside her, Melody's face brightened, and she grinned, throwing her arms up into the air. "Alright! I can't wait to get out of here!" She cried.

Ignoring the other girl, Misty stepped forward, waving a hand in front of Ash's empty gaze. "Anyone home or is it just as empty in there as it always is?"

Ash suddenly woke out of his trance, immediately sending her a glare before looking at the others, "Yeah, I think we should leave as soon as possible." He hesitated before saying, "I heard about this new place while I was out. I think it's called the Johto League. Although I've never heard of it, I think it's pretty close to Pallet. I think I might return home for a while, take a break for a few days, and then start off from there."

"But how are you planning on getting to Pallet?" Misty questioned, "It's too far away for Lapras to carry us..and we have extra baggage this time," She shot an amused glance up at Melody, who suddenly put her hands on her hips and mock glared.

"Hey!" She pouted, and Misty had to laugh.

Tracey nodded in agreement, "She's right."

Melody's sister spoke up. "The St. Anne Two comes here once a day. It's pretty fast, but it doesn't stop at Pallet. If you really want to, you can hitch a ride and when its going by Pallet, hop off onto your Lapras and sail the rest of the way. It shouldn't take too long, and since my father is the Mayor of this town, the ride on St. Anne is free."

Ash jumped up, the chair almost toppling over in the process. With a smile on his face and hands clenched together in triumph, he almost seemed like his normal self. "Alright then! This is great…we can leave today!" He looked to Melody's older sister, "When does the boat arrive?"

Leaning back against the counter, Melody's sister lifted her arm to look at her watch. "Lets see…it's just past 12 now…the boat will be arriving in about an hour."

"Doesn't give us much time to pack," Melody frowned, and Misty pushed her playfully.

"It's not like you have much to pack!" Misty grinned, "You can only take what you can fit in your back pack!"

Melody pouted. "That means I can't take my collection of shoes.."

The group laughed, including Ash, who hurriedly pushed them out of the kitchen and up the stairs. The sooner they got ready, the better! Without another word, the four travelers went to get their things ready.

A new adventure was about to unfold.

To Be Continued…