The Power of One : The Continuation

By Crow Skywalker


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Chapter Summary – Just what are Team Rocket up to?

Warnings/Pairings – Contains spoilers for the movie. Otherwise, there will be Ash/Misty and Melody/Tracey.



Chapter Seven – Operation Pidgy


Butch and Cassidy stood in their normal Team Rocket wear – the black Team Rocket outfit, with a large R on the front to show just whom they worked for. They were Geovanni's best agents, whom he counted on and could trust. They rarely failed or were defeated (although there were a few embarrassing mishaps) and didn't take crap from nobody. They were the ideal Rockets, a model for all who were less than them. A couple to look up to, but looked down on everyone else. The best of the best they called themselves, and at the moment, their abilities were soon going to be put into action.

"What do you mean you're leaving?" The female trainee asked, staring at her two commanders. This was her first mission, and Butch and Cassidy had been assigned to be her and the other Team Rocket trainee's leaders. Now they were leaving them halfway through their mission?

"Geovanni has given us another mission that only be and Butch can handle. We won't be gone long." Cassidy answered her.

"But...what if something goes wrong?" The other trainee whined, much to the two older Rocket's annoyance.

"We won't be gone long." Butch repeated for Cassidy, "And I'm sure you two can easily continue to track down that Pidgeot that's supposibly found in this area. A creature of that size and power can't hide forever. At some point it'll have to come rescue it's friends." He gestured to a large cage that was filled with Pidgy's.

"That's what we're afraid of." The trainee mumbled, giving up the argument.

"Fine," Cassidy glared at them both, "If you really want someone to look after you like you're children, then I have the perfect babysitters." Waving a hand and pulling out a cell, she walked away from the two trainee's and Butch, who stared at her in confusion. What was she doing now?

Finishing a quiet conversation which the three unheard, she returned with a smirk on her face. "They'll be here shortly."

"Who will?" Both trainee's asked.

"Why, Jessie and James of course." She answered sweetly, noticing their distaste. Everyone knew of that pair of failures. "They should be able to handle a pair of kids." She winked and Butch, who laughed. "And who knows, maybe they'll learn something. Ready to go Butch?"

"Ready if you are."

Both Rockets left, leaving the small camp full of Pokemon to the two trainees and the future two Rockets who would be accompanying them.

"You're evil, you know that?" Butch laughed when they were out of hearing distance, and Cassidy laughed as well.

"That's why I joined Team Rocket."


"Chuuu..." Pikachu chu'd softly, catching sight of the poor locked up Pokemon below them.

"I wonder what they're doing with those Pokemon..why are they keeping them in cages instead of Pokeballs?" Misty wondered out loud, making sure to keep her voice low.

"I don't know," Ash whispered back, "Maybe they're not planning on keeping them?"

"But why would they catch them then?"

"Ash! Where are you?"

Both teens shushed Melody as she, Tracey and Brock stepped into the small clearing. She gave them a confused look, but quietly obliged.

"Come see what we found." Ash whispered, ushering them over. They quietly made their way forward without questioning.

"Its Team Rocket." Said Brock, peering down at the camp.

"Team who?" Melody asked, totally confused by now.

"Team Rocket." Tracey repeated, "I've run into them a few times – they're usually after Ash and his Pikachu."

"But why would they want Pikachu?"

"They seem to think that Pikachu here is powerful – and Team Rocket is a organization for collecting – or stealing Pokemon, in this case, that are rare or of great power and value to them." Ash answered for her.

"Chuuu.." Pikachu sighed, ears flat to his head.

"They've been after Ash and Pikachu for years now."

"So you're saying I should get used to this?" Melody gave a small smile. "So how are we going to do it?"

"Do what?" Misty asked, and the others blinked at her in confusion.

"Save all those Pokemon of course!"

Looking back at the camp, Ash nodded. "She's right – we can't just leave all those Pokemon in cages. Who knows what Team Rocket is up to? Besides, Butch and Cassidy just left, so here's our chance. This should be easy!"

"Just one thing Mr. Pokemon Master," Misty crossed her arms, "Just how are we getting down from here?"

"Well er..." Ash looked down the edge of the cliff," It is kinda far down..."

"That's nothing, we can just follow the ridge. It probably leads down at some point." Said Brock, making his way back towards the clearing they'd left their stuff in. The others followed behind.

"I still don't see what they're doing with all those Pidgy's – they're not rare or anything." Said Misty, making sure Togepi was still safe and sound and asleep in her back pack.

"Well, we'll soon find out."


Jessie growled in frustration as her and James and Meowth tracked through the think foliage. They had been at Viridian City when Cassidy had phoned, ordering the two Rockets to watch over their camp a few miles out in the forest from the city. She had said that she and Butch were assigned to a special mission, and if Jessie and James didn't follow her order, then the boss was sure to cut back on their pay again.

So here they were, trying to find their way to their assigned position, with no avail.

"I told you to take a left at that tree!" James grumbled, getting hit by yet another tree branch.

"Why didn't we just fly there? Asked Meowth.

"Because nobody's supposed to know where the camp is!" Jessie barked, making another turn to avoid a rather large tree. "And a giant Meowth balloon would attract attention, don't you think?"

The two males of the group stayed quiet, knowing that she had a point.

"Hey – Jessie, where do you think the brat is?" James finally asked, "He always seems to be around when we're not looking for him, and for once when we're looking for him to help him – he's nowhere in sight!"

It was true, they were looking for him, and had been since they had heard the news. But it seemed that he vanished, and they had no idea where he could be. Having lost him in the Orange Islands, they had returned to the Kanto region to see if they could find him there. So far, no luck.

"I don't know." She said through gritted teeth.

"Well, we know that collector guy hasn't caught the birds yet – everything seems normal." Said Meowth, looking up at the sky and remembering. When the birds had been caught the sky had grown dark and the world cold, and Pokemon of every kind started making their way towards the islands. Now, however, the sky was clear and sunny and showed no signs of changing.

"Don't be stupid Meowth," Jessie snapped, "We have a while yet before he starts up again. He has to rebuild his airship thing and get everything working right."

"But that'll only give us a couple of weeks!" James pointed out, avoiding another branch as it flew in his direction, "Boss has the best technologists working on it, I heard them talking last week!"

"I'm sure we'll find the pest before then." Jessie assured him, "Hey! I think I see it!"

"Eeehhooo! The ship??"

Jessie whacked James for being stupid. "No! The camp!"

"Oh." He picked himself up and brushed off his outfit, following Jessie out into the clearing. He looked around, spotting two tents and large cages full of Pidgy's, and one with a big Fearow, who eyed him. "Jessie!" He squealed, hiding behind her. She looked over her shoulder, confused.


He pointed at the Fearow, who opened and snapped his beak in response. "Its him!"

"Him who?"

"Its the leader of all those Spearow's!" Meowth answered for him. "You know – when we were stuck up in dat tree outside of Pallet!"

"Ooohhh.." Jessie recognized it now – that gleam in its eyes. "Well its in a cage now, so stop hiding behind me you dope!" She hauled James away from her.

"Who're you?"

The trio whirled around to find a young girl staring at them, dressed in Team Rocket uniform. "Oh, you must be Jessie and James. We've been expecting you."


A boy about her age came out of a tent, answering the question for them.

"Yes. My name is Roxy and this is Danny." She held out her hand, which Jessie finally shook after a few moments. "We're Butch and Cassidy's trainee's."

"Its uh...nice to meet you." James said awkwardly.

"This is great. We've been assigned to babysitting." Jessie mumbled to James once the introductions were over.

"What was that?" Roxy asked.

"Nothing." Jessie replied quickly.

"So what're ya doing here?" Meowth gestured to the cages full of Pokemon.

"Oh, well, this is our first mission. We've been sent here by the Boss after sightings of a big and powerful Pidgeot in this area." Danny answered.

"So what's the Pidgy's for?"

"And the Fearow?" James asked, shooting it a look of fear.

"The Fearow was caught upon arrival – it seems very powerful. A wondrous addition to the Team Rocket collection." Roxy smiled, "The Pidgy's however, are just bait."


"Yes," Danny replied, "Bait. It seems our Pidgeot friend protects these Pidgy's from the Fearow's and Spearow's of the woods. We captured these Pidgey's in hopes that the Pidgeot will show up, and that we may catch it."

"Ooohhh..." All three of them nodded, letting the information sink in.

"Anyway, we have work to do." Said Danny, walking back towards the tent he had just exited, "Make yourselves useful – watch these Pokemon."

Both the Rocket trainee's disappeared, leaving the trio behind.

"Definitely Cassidy's." Jessie shook her head.

"Hey Jessie.."


"Doesn't that bird they were talking about sound familiar?" James asked.

She nodded. If they were talking about the same Pidgeot that she was thinking about, then the trainee's were in for a lot more trouble than they expected.

A lot more.


"Hey Ash! Catch!" Melody threw her back pack down the steep hill, which Ash caught. He had been the first one down, and had let them know that it was safe enough to descend. She quickly readied herself, and slowly slid down the hill, holding on to branches and other things for support. Making it safely down, she gave the others a thumbs up and retrieved her pack from Ash.

Tracey was the next to come down, and took a lot less time than Melody did. He grinned at her as he joined them, and she playfully smacked him. Misty, however, had a lot more trouble.

"Come on Misty! You can do it!" Ash called as she stared down the slope. She was unsure if this was such a good idea – she had a problem with heights. Sucking in her fear and making sure Togepi was safely in her pack, she began to descend the hill. All went well until halfway down, when she lost footing and fell.

"Misty!" Yelled Melody, seeing her friend's fall. However, Misty didn't hit the ground. Ash was there to catch her.

"You okay?"

"I..I don't know." She said in a shaken voice. "I think I twisted my ankle."

"Here," He set her down on her good foot, "Lean on me."

"Thanks." She replied quietly.


"I'm okay Togepi!" She called over her shoulder to her pack, where Togepi's head was sticking out. "Mommy's okay."

"Come on guys, we have to go back to the camp and save those Pokemon!" Brock declared, having come down the hill himself.

"You guys go ahead, I'll get Misty there safely."

"Pika." Pikachu nodded from his feet, staring up at Misty sadly.

"Sure thing Ash!" Melody smiled, and winked at Misty, who blushed furiously at the girl and silently cursed her. Nodding at her two male companions, they set off in the direction of the camp.

"You sure you're okay?" Ash finally asked once they were out of his sight.

Misty sighed, leaning more on him. "I'm fine, Ash."

"Good." He smiled at her, "Then lets get going!"

"Pika chu!"

To Be Continued...