(Rated T- A slight mention to sexy times, but none here. Sorry lovelies.)

The clock ticks incessantly and Josh finds himself sitting in a chair with his knees tugged about his face as he views the screen in front of him nervously. Screams come quickly as the girl before him gets ripped to shreds and her soul is sucked from her leaving her little more than a pile of bones. The steps seem to come closer to him, and he hides his head shaking it back and forth as he bites down his nerves, suddenly a hand reaches forward gripping Josh's shoulder fiercely.

Josh will never admit to the scream he barely bit back. Aidan's laughing as he reaches forward to turn on the light of the lamp.

"Watching 'Night of the Soul Sucker' I thought you hated horror movies?" Aidan begins, a shit-eating grin splitting his face. Josh hit's Aidan's chest lightly, before standing up and moving behind the couch to force Aidan into a hug, though he already has his arms open for Josh.

"Sally mentioned it was a personal favorite of hers and I got it from those odd DVD rental booths, but I have to return it tomorrow and she's watched it maybe six times, and I haven't been able to stomach watching it the once." He huffs into Aidan's chest still stiff from fear, but relaxes the moment each solid arm wraps around him and tugs him forward.

"So you were watching a B rate horror film, because you were too scared to sit through it with Sally?" Aidan chuckles in return to that thought, Josh normally level-headed and clam Josh is afraid of horror movies.

"…shut up…" Josh mumbles back, obviously displeased with being found out. Aidan finds the whole thought more than a little adorable. Josh is far from being an innocent; he's a wolf he lost that a long time ago. But seeing him like this, Aidan almost feels like he's getting to see the part that no one sees. Suddenly the T.V. belts out more screams and the sound of an electric drill begin, causing Josh to stiffen once more, so Aidan peels himself away to grab the remote and shut the film off.

"How about we go to bed?" He offers, clicking the television off and looking up to Josh for approval. Granted, Aidan doesn't need it but maybe Josh has other plans for their bedroom.

Instead of a suggestive movement or wink, Josh just nods and turns to leave quickly moving up the stairs and wandering into Aidan's room. That's when Aidan realizes Josh may be more scared then he lets on, perhaps not of the movie villains with power drills and gas masks, but instead afraid of the things he knows exists. Maybe, he hears the screams of his family then actors who are just fine.

When Aidan finally forces himself out of his pondering mindset he turns the rest of the lights off and heads upstairs himself. Josh is already curled up under the sheets, and Aidan doesn't bother to ask him how he feels or if he wants to talk about anything so he just curls up behind him and holds him close.

Aidan eventually drifts off, his sleep coming peacefully and he finds himself rather surprised when he wakes up. The room is still pitch black, but Josh is stirring a bit his eyes are opened wide as though they hadn't drifted shut once.

"No sleep?" Aidan manages through a yawn. Josh upon hearing Aidan's sleep-laced voice turns to him with a sorry expression.

"Sorry about waking you, I'm having a bit of a bout with insomnia." Aidan frowns at that, and rolls a bit so he's resting entirely on top of Josh, his nose pressing against Josh's throat. Josh sighs and tilts his head back a bit, still not relaxing to the common touch. Eventually, long pale fingers move up ghosting over ribs and lightly over sides, and Josh can't bite the starts of laughter.

Aidan digs the fingers in there at Josh's sides, ticking Josh with purpose now. Drawing out long breathless peals of laughter out of him, Aidan stops when he feels the smile won't disappear when he draws his fingers away. It doesn't.

"Going to tell me what that was for?" Josh questions lightly his own hands moving from his chest to Aidan's, as he makes vain attempts at tickling him as well.

"I just heard that tickle fights usually end in sex, and considering you couldn't sleep it seemed like a much better option." The night escalates quickly, laughter slowly transition into moans. Needless to say, Josh may not be able to sleep, but Aidan intends to make sure he's tired enough to want to.

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