im goddess mike changes sister. my name is really nushen-thts goddess in chinese. my mom is partly mentaly rtarded and she cnt tell m her dauter cuz shes stupid bych. wutvr. dnt need her. i dcided wen i wuz 3 i wuz gana b a synger. my voice cud b hurd from 3 streets away it was so loud. ppl turned into hypntized zombies nd slowly weree tempted by my magic most budiful voice in da world. i sed 2 my dad i wud b a synger nd he slapped me and threw me in da oven fr 20 mnutes. he didn't wnt me to b noticed. he sed i wuz ugly nd i wud b working a pole for hm wen i turned sexten. im not rly ugly im budiful. im 5'10 lyk a modle but I onl way 100 pnds. mi boobs r the syze of bdy balls nd su r my bucheeks. my hips r like a pare surrounding my hot but, but my shldrs r thin nd petite. my teeth hve always bin ndraly purly wit and strate (nt lyk my sexualidy im by) my lips r ndraly hot red nd as full and thik az lps angelinaz i hv tny buttn noze, nd i hv ndraly prfctly blshed cheeks aginst my purfct tan skin i'v nvr hd acne or skin prblms in my hole lyf i hv changing ey color it chngs wyd my emotion: (in ordr how oftn i hv da eye color)

blue-sdd D: (itz uzualy blu)







yllow-i hv 2 pys

brown-i hv 2 shit

grn-im gana barf

my eyes r slinted cuz im a chink. bt i ndrly hv a crml shimmer round my eys nd thyk long curly fat pych blck lshses lyk it's a fk lsh. my hare is ndraly purfctly pych blck budiful nd thyk pyn strate dwn 2 my hips nd rvyuns lways jelus.

i dnt no wut hppy is cuz ive nvr bn hppy.

my bruther myk tried to sav me from da oven but my dad threw him agros da kitchen nd he hit his hed on da tile floor nd pssed out. i dint cry in da ovn. i wuz brv. wen my dad bnt dwn 2 laf i pshed th door open nd knockd him out. i tk my bruther nd found him nd cleend his bloody fce. he wokd up nd he bnt up nd kiss me nd I kyss bak nd leeve 4ever.

tht chngd my lyfe 4ever. now im cuming bck nd I aint tkin nu crp frum nobody.