~Author's Note~

This is my first ZeldaXLink story. I haven't finished playing the Twilight Princess game either so if anything might be wrong, please tell me when if anything is wrong, unless I made the thing up for the story. Thank you!

Legend of Zelda: Wolf Princess


Zelda's days never seemed to get easier. She was busy all day long and was usually too exhausted to do anything at night after her long day. She'd fall down on her bed and be asleep almost instantly. So it was strange when she was done for the day and she wasn't tired. She wanted to go for a walk, she realized, and so she changed out of her clothes to more comfortable attire, then headed out.

She didn't argue with herself about it. It was nice to walk, being in the open air, but it wasn't enough. She needed to feel the wind on her face, smell the fresh open air, to hear the sounds she normally couldn't hear in the castle. So, Zelda walked back to the stables and took out a horse, careful to be quiet so she wouldn't disturb anyone. Once she had the horse saddled, she was quick to pull herself up and took the reins. With a click of her tongue, Zelda set off into the darkened area.

Zelda was so happy she thought to ride the horse. It wasn't often she got to ride her and, for once, it was a perfect day. The day had been a calm day with hardly any extra work piling up, so Zelda was able to catch up on her work. And now, she was able to enjoy the joy of riding.

After nearly an hour of riding between trotting, galloping, and walking, Zelda pulled her mare to a stop and dismounted, allowing her to rest. She pulled her hair free from her ponytail and removed her cloak, tying it to the tree limb close by. Zelda walked up to the edge of the cliff and looked across to the sun setting. The wind caressed her skin gently, blowing back her hair in the wind, and Zelda closed her eyes, enjoying the quiet moment.

The silence was interrupted by a howl. Her eyes snapped open and searched for the sound. There, across the dark edge was another edge, where the wolf stood. He wasn't too far off. She could make out his black fur and the white markings on his forehead. She swore he had piercings in his ears also, but she wasn't sure from this distance and then also noticed the crystal around his neck.

He seemed to recognize her as well, for his ears went down and he watched her for a moment before he let off another quick howl and trotted off.

Zelda knew who it was. She had seen him only twice in wolf form, but she did.

As Zelda thought over this, the sunset went down and twilight began to fall and she knew it was time to head back. As she left the ridge, she whistled for the horse and went for her cloak.

As Zelda was tying the string around her neck, someone approached her. She noticed only because her Triforce began to pulse. She looked up. The man was in a completely black cloak, his face covered in shadows because of the hood. He was tall, almost six feet. Zelda had a bad feeling about him, but instead of running, she smiled uneasily and spoke, "Hello, sir, do you need some help?"

She could see the cruel smile that came over his face. "No, I'm fine, Princess Zelda," he replied, beginning to walk off. As he passed her, she felt his hand brush against hers and nearly jumped out of her skin. He smiled cruelly again and continued to walk. She didn't reply or look back at him, but quickly got on her mare and took off.

Zant, once the king of Twilight, watched as the princess rode off.

~Author's Note~