Legend of Zelda: Wolf Princess

Chapter Seven: The Library




A flash of black.


Zelda tried to walk forward, but was hit with a sharp pain. She fell back on her hunches, growling at the pain. Someone stepped forward. Snarling, Zelda tried to get to her paws, but it was futile. Lightning flashed, illuminating a wolf in front of her. It was Link. She tried to crawl forward, but found she was immobile. "Link, get out of here!" she tried to say, but she was mute.

Then she saw the shadow step out of the trees. It looked almost exactly like Zant! Somehow, Zant managed to slip past Link unnoticed. It seemed Link wasn't watching out for Zelda. Then she saw him tip to one side and collapse to the ground. Blood poured from his wound. His eyes, unseeing, stared up at the sky.

He was already dead.

Zelda stared, the horror of the situation fully sinking in. Then she saw Zant come forward. And she screamed.


Zelda woke suddenly. Confused, Zelda saw Link next to her and immediately pressed her face into his flank. "You're okay," she breathed, her eyes closing.

"It was only a nightmare, Zelda," he coaxed softly.

"It was worse than the other ones I'd had before." Zelda shook her head and pulled away from Link. They were still curled up together from the night before.

"Would you like to talk about it?"

Zelda hesitated. "That's all right. I don't need to talk."

Link didn't want to leave the situation like that. But it was up to Zelda. So he nodded and said, "If you ever need to, I'm here for you."

"Thanks, Link," she said, grinning her wolfish grin. "What time do you plan on heading to the Palace today?"

Link shrugged. "The library is gigantic. It could be ages before we find this book and we have no idea where to start looking for it. I wanted to head in as soon as possible."

"Let's eat something real quick and then we can get moving."

Link nodded his agreement. He changed to a human and got Epona's food ready for her. She started eating it. Then Link walked to the small cave and grabbed the food for Zelda and himself. When he returned, he noticed there was company.

Link left the food behind a bush and morphed into a wolf. He trotted out from the trees. Zelda smiled at him when she saw him and introduced, "And Sayin, this is Link. Link, Sayin."

Sayin was a chipmunk. As were about five other animals around the stump Sayin was on. There also seemed to be a few ferrets and rabbits. Link bowed his head to the animals and walked up next to Zelda. Sayin said, "Zelda said you were searching for the Goddess's gifts of Hyrule, but you don't know where to begin the search."

Link nodded. "There is one clue we have. We need to look in a large library of Hyrule."

"The largest right now would be in Castle Town," Sayin said.

"That's where we're heading today," Link replied.

Sayin nodded. Suddenly, a ferret popped in by questioning, "Who gave you this information?"

"We thought of it on our own," Zelda lied, giving Link a look. He nodded, mostly to Zelda, but also to show his agreement. Sayin nodded thoughtfully.

He turned to the rest of the animals with him. "Let's leave these two be. They have a lot to do," Sayin said. As one, all the animals began to disappear to the trees. Once they were far enough out of sight, Zelda plopped down on the ground with a large sigh. Link gave her a confused look, but he trotted over to the Master Sword. He turned human long enough to grab the food and distribute it between Zelda and himself. He changed wolf and asked Zelda if she wanted her food heated. Zelda shook her head and walked up to the bowl with her food. They both started eating quickly. Everyone was quiet while they ate. When everyone finished, the three companions discussed what the plan was.

"Well, the King is aware of the fact Epona is with me. He said he'd have a stable set up for her. He also said you could come into the library, but the moment you're a distractions, he wanted to be able to put you in the kennel," Link explained.

Zelda nodded. "How exactly am I supposed to help look anyway? And where are we going to start searching?"

"Well, I know there's the small leather-bound book, but I don't think that's the only one that holds the key to all the information. There has to be other documentations somewhere and I want to find them. I figured you could be reading the early age history books and I was planning to search through every leather book there was in the library until we found the right one," Link said.

For a moment, Zelda was quiet, thinking, then commented, "It doesn't make sense though. I've never heard of these 'gifts' in any history book and trust me; I've read through just about all of them."

"I've never heard of these either, Zelda," Link sighed, letting his behind fall on the ground. "But whenever the Goddesses send someone as a messenger, you can't ignore it. Besides, maybe we didn't know where to look. Now that we have the information, we could find it easily now."

After a moment, Zelda nodded. "Let's get moving then." Link turned himself back into a human and got Epona ready. He strapped the Master Sword to his side and then swung up onto Epona's saddle. Then all three started towards Castle Town. It wasn't too long of a journey, but it took a while to actually get there. When they arrived, Link dismounted from Epona and told Zelda to keep close to him. Then Link took hold of Epona's reigns and together the three walked into Castle Town.

Epona was dropped off first at the stables. Thankfully, the stables weren't too far from the entrance. The man gave Zelda a nervous look when he took Epona, but he didn't say anything. Zelda was quiet, standing right next to Link. She was nervous around all the humans, but she managed to keep calm. All they had to do was get to the library and Zelda could relax. Unless of course all the astronomers were in the library. In that case, Zelda would be this nervous all day long. She could only hope that wouldn't happen.

When they arrived at the palace, it all seemed very familiar to Zelda. She looked around, taking in all the sites with new eyes. She saw things she'd never seen before. Smelled things that she never knew were there. It was amazing. Link watched Zelda from the corner of his eye, smiling slightly when he saw how happy she looked. Then they walked into the entrance.

Link noticed it was a different door greeter. She was less colorful with longer hair. She bowed, introduced herself as Lilia, and asked, clipboard in hand, "What are you here for?"

"The King said I was allowed into the library at any time," Link told her, "We're here to go to the library."

She nodded. "You must be Link of Ordon then. I'll have Eliza escort you there right away." She signalled to a young woman, who wore a similar outfit to Lilia.

She came over right away and asked Lilia, "Where is he going?"

"To the library," Lilia said.

Eliza looked over at Zelda, and then said to Link softly, "I'm sorry, sir, but pets aren't allowed-"

"The King gave me permission to bring her with," Link told Eliza. Eliza looked at Lilia, who nodded.

"Now take them there," Lilia said, and then walked off to greet the next person who walked in. Eliza signalled to Link and Zelda and all three started walking to the library. Eliza asked Link, "Do you know the rules of the library?"

"I haven't been here before," Link told her.

She nodded. "The rules are simple. There's no eating or drinking, obviously. No books are to be removed from the library. It closes at ten and under no circumstances are you allowed to touch the forbidden books. Only the King himself and Princess Zelda are allowed there. The books are far too old to be handled by peasants, no offenses meant," she added hastily. Zelda gave her a mean look, to which the girl jumped and picked up the pace. They started up some stairs to the next level. Zelda bounded up the stairs, to which Link whistled to her to stop. It seemed she could understand what Link wanted through his whistling. She'd have to tell him later.

She sat down on the top of the stairs while Eliza and Link climbed the last of the stairs. "We're almost there," Eliza said. They walked to the end of the hall. There was a large set of doors. Eliza stopped and smiled at Link. "Enjoy Hyrule's largest library!"

Link bowed slightly. Zelda just huffed and looked at Link to open the door. Link smiled at Zelda and took hold of one of the handles. Then he opened the door with ease. Inside, was rows upon rows of books, set up like a maze. There was even a map for Link to look at when he walked in. They had ones he could take with that would help show him around. He took one, although Zelda started walking right through the bookshelves. He followed after her.

Zelda walked Link right to the history books. A lot of them were leather-bound too, ironically. Link sighed and pulled out a rather large leather-bound book. It was labeled, 'Hyrule: A History Volume One'. "I guess I better start reading," Link said to Zelda. Zelda gave him an impatient look, to one in which he frowned. She pushed her nose against one of the books on the lower shelves. It was small book, about the ancient history of Hyrule. Link nodded, grabbing the book also. Zelda pointed towards a cushiony area near the windows and her and Link walked over there. Link settled down onto one of the cushions and set the book Zelda wanted to the side. She gave an impatient huff and glared at Link.

Link frowned again. Zelda growled slightly at Link and plopped down next to Link, trying to drag the book over with her paw. He blinked, surprised, but set the book in front of Zelda. She looked up at him with an expectant look. He grinned. She probably needed the book opened for her. So he did that. Zelda seemed to smile at him and got up enough to lick him on his face. He laughed quietly and told her, "That's enough. Let's get reading." In response, Zelda looked down at the book between her paws. Surprisingly, she seemed to be able to read.

Link turned to his book and opened it to the first page.

This is the documentation written by Gaelan Blàrach.

Entry: The Beginning

The Colony has been traveling for weeks. The land seems rough, the brush built-up to large proportions, but the goddesses have led us here. This is where we're to settle. Everyone seems excited…

It seemed the beginning documentations were journal entries. But Link was intrigued. He never heard about the Colony. He continued to read.

Zelda's was just as intriguing. This woman, a loner, had traveled far to stumble upon the land. It was rich with Magick. She wrote only of the entire journey, not like a journal at all. Zelda was hoping she could find something about the gifts in this book. To both of their displeasure, neither discovered anything about the gifts, despite the good stories. So Link and Zelda started on new books. Link started volume two of Hyrule: A History. Zelda got another book about ancient history.

Both compared their stories after they finished the next book. It turned out the loner woman and the man from Link's book met up together in the second volume. In Zelda's book, she learned more about the previous history than when the woman wrote her story. It talked more about ancient springs and hidden lands. There was even talk of a hidden library.

That book seemed a little more helpful, so she tried to tell Link so. When he didn't seem to be able to understand, she got up, grabbed hold of the crystal around his neck, pulled it off and touched it to his hand. Instantly he morphed. Thankfully, he had his Master Sword hidden in a bag beside him.

"What is it Zelda?" Link asked, already nudging around to open his bag.

"This book is helpful. Can you slip it into your bag so we can take it?" Zelda asked.

"We can't. The rules-"

"Princess Zelda gives you permission to." Link grinned.

"I wish that was enough, but we'd need permission from the other Zelda-" Link started.

"I'll tell them when I'm human again that I gave you permission," Zelda told Link. "But I think this book could help with this quest. There's maps and everything. It even tells you about the old sites that people used to live in. It's amazing."

Link hesitated, thinking. Would it be all right, if it would help Hyrule? After another moment of thinking, Link said, "Let me talk with the King first. He might allow it. Otherwise, I'll have to sneak it out."

With that, Link turned human once again. He got up to ask for a messenger to send a message for the King, when suddenly the King appeared out of nowhere. He smiled at Link and asked, "How is the research going?" He glanced at Zelda too, who was up on her feet, alert and staring at the King. The King looked like he was getting nervous, so Link whistled at Zelda. She lowered her ears and tail and walked in circles temporarily to curl up on the ground. She still watched the King with yellow eyes.

Link smiled apologetically at the King. "Actually, I wanted to ask for a favor. This quest I need to go on requires finding extremely old areas and I found a book that explained a lot of these areas-"

"You want to be able to take the book with?" he sighed.

Link nodded, adding, "It would be a big help."

"I'm afraid I can't. As much as I would love to help, I'm not able to allow books leave, no matter who it is that wants the books. We've already lost so many because people were careless. I'm terribly sorry."

Link nodded. "That's all right. Well, I need to get back to searching. I don't know how much longer we'll be here for so…"

The king nodded, seeming to understand. "I'll leave you to your research then."

Link bowed his head and walked back to the shelves, four books in hand. Once he returned three of the books and grabbed a few more, Link returned to Zelda. Zelda noted the book he brought back and grinned wolfishly. Link grinned back and opened another book to read.

They did this until late into the day when the sun was beginning to set. Link got up and stretched. "Well, we better get going," he told Zelda. Zelda nodded and got onto her feet. She stretched out while Link returned the books back to the shelves. They didn't find anything about the gifts of Hyrule. So they would have to come back tomorrow. They left in a hurry to get Epona, who seemed extremely well rested and well fed. Link got onto her back and Zelda walked beside them. Epona and Zelda seemed to be chatting away, which Link didn't really mind.

It wasn't long before they were back to camp. Both Link and Zelda were starving, so Link took out what was left of the stew and he and Zelda just ate from the pot as wolves. Epona just lay on the ground, declining any alfalfa. Once Link and Zelda were done eating, they both lay on the ground with full bellies. Link turned human long enough to place the horse blanket over Epona and then changed to wolf. It was a chilly night, so Link and Zelda curled up together and fell asleep.


Morning came not too soon. Link woke up before the sun had risen and slipped away from Zelda silently, luckily not disturbing her. He walked over to the first tree that was somewhat concealed and hiked on it. Once he had relieved himself, he walked back over and touched the Master Sword, changing to a human instantly. Epona was the only one to notice. He slipped a leather sac over his shoulder and strapped the sheath of the Master Sword to his side. Before he slipped the sword into its sheath, he turned wolf and explained to Epona, "We're low on food so I'm going to go find some for Zelda and I. I'm sure I can find some alfalfa while I'm out there too."

Epona nodded and rested her head down again. Link changed human and put the Master Sword into its sheath. He started into the forest quietly. He figured he could catch something while he was out with his sword. The only thing was the guilt he would feel afterwards. Knowing that these animals could speak and talk and think, Link felt bad for killing them. But they needed something to eat. 'Maybe,' he thought, 'I could just bring back some berries, nuts, and roots. We could go to Telma's bar for breakfast.' Happy with what he came up with, Link looked more for the non-meat products. He found several trees with edible roots and a few roots that made wonderful medicine for healing. Maybe it could help Zelda's front leg, which he noticed she was limping on more and more. Link should probably get a vet too, when he went to Castle Town.

While Link was in thought, he stumbled up a large bush of berries. They looked to be just perfect. So he pulled out a small leather pouch and picked the berries, popping a few into his mouth. He made sure to keep track so he could give Zelda the extra berries. Once the pouch was filled, he tied the strings and tied the small bag onto the outside of his pouch, giving a better chance of less berries being crushed. Just as he was stepping away from the bush, he found a patch of trees with Red Haven peaches. They looked extremely ripe. There were even a few that had fallen to the ground.

He took off the small black berry pouch and slung his larger pack over his shoulder. Then Link proceeded to climb the tree. It wasn't too long before half the pack was filled with ripe peaches. Link started eating one when he began walking again. It was delicious, the juice lightly dribbling down his chin. He found one last patch of red raspberries and picked whatever he could fit into the last of his pack, ate a few berries himself, and started back for camp.


Just as he walked into camp, Zelda was stretching out. He watched the beautiful she-wolf with a smile and set the bags down. Instantly, she was alert, but she relaxed instantly the moment she saw it was Link. He turned wolf after setting the Master Sword and its sheath against a tree trunk. Then he morphed to wolf.

"Where have you been at? Epona was just telling me you'd been gone for quite a while," Zelda said.

Link grinned wolfishly and replied, "I found us a bunch of berries and fruits for breakfast. I figured we could get something more at Telma's bar."

Zelda nodded her agreement. Link quickly turned human and pulled out to dishes for everyone. Then he proceeded to divide the food in thirds. He knew Epona would love some fruits too and figured she was fed whenever she was in the stables. She even told him in her own way how much she wanted, though it wasn't a whole lot. She must have been pretty full yesterday.

He removed all of the pits in the peaches, broke open some of the nuts, which were actually quite good, and divided the raspberries and black berries. He made sure to add the extras to Zelda's and Epona's dishes. Then they all dived in. Link decided to stay human to eat breakfast, relishing in the delicious flavor.

Zelda watched Link, slightly jealousy. The fruits themselves were wonderful, but she could tell there was a difference when you were human. Link just proved it. So she leaned down and ate a chunk of peach. The juice went everywhere, even dripping from out between her jaws into her fur. Instantly, as if it were some animal instinct, she began to lap at the juice-soaked fur.

She looked over at Link, when he burst out laughing. Zelda growled at him slightly, but continued to lick at her fur. After a moment, Link decided and changed wolf too. He asked Zelda, "What was it you ate?"

"A piece of peach," she replied, finally getting the last of the juice out of her muzzle fur. Link nodded and took a piece of peach. The same thing happened to him and he did everything that Zelda did. She let off a barking laugh, which to either a human or prey would scare the crap out of them. To a wolf, it was just a laughter. And Zelda's was certainly beautiful. To a wolf, it was musical and bright.

He just smiled at Zelda and continued his own licking. Zelda decided to start again. Within minutes, the two were laughing with each other. Epona was the one to interrupt their fun, informing them that the sun was getting higher into the air. Instantly, the two finished eating. Then they started getting ready. There was enough fruit for dinner that night and Link figured they could get a little extra food in town too. So when Link had everything gathered, he got Epona ready for another ride and then they started back for Castle Town.

When they arrived in town, Link once again dropped off Epona and consulted Zelda about food. She didn't seem hungry, so they decided to head back for the Palace. Effie and Ellie were there that day, so they escorted Link and Zelda to the library, although this time it was Effie because Ellie was terrified of Zelda. Link could tell Zelda's disappointment in this and patted her head. She looked up and gave Link a wolfish smile, bringing back her lips. It looked like a snarl, but Link knew better. He just grinned in returned. Then they were at the library. Nothing seemed out of place. There were a few more people than yesterday, but Zelda seemed to be more comfortable. Today they would make sure to keep track of time and eat something. Link would want to check on Epona too, to make sure she was doing well. Zelda seemed satisfied with this also.

Zelda led Link right back to the shelves. Link started in on the volumes he had been looking at yesterday. Zelda wanted to read more about the ancient land. They settled back down in the cushions they'd been at yesterday. Link opened Zelda's book, and then started in on his own.

Throughout the whole morning, they didn't find much for information at all. Zelda was getting frustrated, but Link told her they'd find something soon. His reassurance made her feel just a little bit better. So they kept looking. Link really seemed intrigued with the journals he was reading. It wasn't long before Zelda was tired of her books. So Link offered her his books and took hers in return. She was grateful and much more intrigued with the journals. She was surprised she hadn't read them before. Link found the ancient history just as intriguing as the journals.

About eleven, Zelda nudged Link. He looked over at her. She pawed him and pointed at the sun. When Link noticed what time it was, he was up and saying, "I was just getting hungry myself. Let's go get some food." Zelda jumped to her feet, looking happy and excited. Link grinned. Then they walked out of the library. He told Effie they were going to lunch, but that they would be back. She nodded, but didn't say anything as another person walked in to be escorted somewhere. Link and Zelda headed into Castle Town's bustling areas.

Link led Zelda to Telma's bar, but Zelda seemed to know where she was going. It would make sense, considering Zelda lived in Castle Town. When they entered the bar, Telma greeted Link warmly. "Who's that there?" she asked, motioning to Zelda. Zelda just looked at Link, expectantly. Link looked back at her, who nodded. They had talked last night about what they should do if someone asked who she was.

"She's a companion of mine. I found her and she won't leave my side," Link said.

Telma nodded thoughtfully. "So what are you here for? I didn't think you'd be back in Castle Town so soon."

"I'm here in your bar for some food. Would it be possible for her to get some too?" Link asked.

"Sure, if she's not too picky. What would you like?" After Link had ordered for Zelda and him, Telma asked about his business in Castle Town.

Link hesitated. "I got a new sign for a quest. It's similar to my last one."

Telma nodded. "What exactly?"

"We're trying to figure out exactly about these things called 'Gifts of Hyrule'," Link told her.

"Well, I don't have much information myself, but I do know someone who might."

Link frowned. "Who would that be?"

"Don't you remember Shad?"

It dawned on Link. He was the scholar. Shad would be a perfect reference. "Where would he be?" Link asked.

"Actually, as it is, he's right over there. Hey, Shad!" Telma called.

"Oh, no, you don't have to-" Link started, but Shad was over at the bar in a second. He glanced at Zelda, then looked back over at her again, and took a good look at her.

He looked back at Link with a nod and asked, "What are you doing here again?"

Telma chuckled. "He could use a scholar right now, Shad. Link, explain to him what you told me."

Link told Shad what was happening. It was a very vague explanation, but Shad seemed extremely intrigued of Link's small explanation. "Who told you of these 'Gifts'?" Shad asked. Link hesitated. Zelda nudged his foot with her nose and gave him a long look when he glanced at her. He could read her expression; she wanted him to tell Shad about Amadahy.

Telma had traveled away from their side of the bar. So Link took a deep breath. "What do you know about the name Amadahy?" he asked.

Shad didn't seem surprised. "I've only read about one Amadahy. She was a Spirit woman and part of the Council of Goddesses. In fact, there had originally been three. Amadahy, Miakoda, and Zyanya or they were better known as the Beginning, Present, and End. Each council member was closely related to one of the Goddesses. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but in the history books, there had been a dispute between members and so they were sent to the Land into ancient springs. With the Goddesses' council members in a spring, those springs moved. No one can pinpoint them exactly. There have been a few cases reported where they stumbled upon the springs and one of the members spoke to them." He paused. "Why do you ask?"

Link explained the meeting with Amadahy. Shad did seem slightly surprised then. "Is that why you're here? She told you about these gifts?"

Link nodded. Then asked, "Where did you get this information?"

"There's a hidden area in the library very few scholars get to study in and I happened to be one of the few the King decided. We're allowed there even now."

"Would you be able to bring me there?" Link questioned, getting excited. This was exactly what they needed.

Shad nodded. "I might be able to. Do you need a lot of information?" Link nodded. "I'll be back in one moment," Shad said and scurried off. When he returned, he held a leather-bound book in his hand and handed it to Link, along with what looked like a quill.

"What's this for?" Link asked.

"Not many people have access to notebooks and quills. You seem like you could use it to write down notes. This is the largest book I have to offer."

"Oh, we don't need it," Link started, but Shad shook his head.

"I insist," he said. "If you would like, we can meet up here around four sharp, have an early dinner, and then I can escort you to the part of the library I was telling you about."

"That would be great," Link said, hesitantly putting the notebook and quill in his pouch. Telma brought over Link's and Zelda's food at that time. She put Zelda's food in front of her on the floor and then walked back behind the bar. Link started in on his food, while Zelda hesitantly sniffed at hers. After a moment, she tried a piece. It was delicious. Zelda started scarfing hers down. Link enjoyed his food thoroughly too. It was wonderful. Shad left as soon as the food was brought over.

They left soon after Link paid and went back to the library. Effie didn't need to escort them this time. Zelda continued into the journals, while Link kept scanning through the ancient history. But he found he wasn't as interested in the books. Link really wanted to get to the other part of the library they didn't have access to. If they could find all the information they needed there, what was the point reading these books?

He guessed there was some point to it. The ancient books had many maps of Hyrule before all the buildings came in. For the most part, there were a lot of old buildings they could probably hunt down. But it seemed a lot of these were in the deepest recesses of the forest, at the edge of Hyrule. In the books, it was said to be abandoned a little while after they discovered the part of Hyrule Link, Zelda, and the rest of the people lived in now. Link really thought these books would be useful. There weren't many of them either, so he planned to take them later the night. Zelda had said it would be all right. He hoped he wouldn't be in too much trouble later on.

Around three forty-five, they decided to leave again. Link only planned to return again after he saw the hidden part of the library. Zelda seemed to agree. They walked back to Telma's bar, where Shad was already ready. He even had dinner ordered. So they all settled to eat, Link across from Shad and Zelda on the floor next to Link. Shad watched Zelda with interest.

After a few moments, Link said, "Is there something about my companion you're curious about?"

Shad cleared his throat and nodded. "Yes. She seems… very different. The designs in her white fur and of course the extra tails…"

Link nodded. "I don't know much about her, unfortunately."

"Well, I've seen designs similar. They were documented when those creatures you said were called Twili were here. People, scholars specifically, had documented all about them when they were around. Her designs are exactly like one we have sketched up. Those aren't available yet to the library, but…" Shad fell silent, watching Zelda. She seemed nervous though, with his eyes on her.

Link brought Shad's attention away from Zelda. "I believe she was changed by the Twili. I believe she's human."

Shad nodded. "She does have a human quality to her."

"That's what I believe," Link agreed. Zelda looked up at him and finished licking at her plate.

After Link and Shad finished eating, Shad telling Link a little more about the history of the Council of the Goddesses, they pushed back their chairs and got ready to leave. Link paid for dinner, as payment for the notebook. Then they started for the library again. Shad led him to the front desk, where he told the man his identity and informed him where he was going. The man nodded, eying Zelda and Link closely, but he allowed them all to pass. Shad led them past the desk to a door. When he pushed it open, there was a hallway. They closed the door, grabbed a few lit torches and walked to the end to another door. Shad put his torch to one side of the door. Link did the same. Then Shad pushed open the door and they walked in.

It wasn't huge. But it wasn't small either. You could tell the documents were old. There were few windows and Shad explained the lighting affected the book print. Currently, there were several scholars copying down the books before the print faded. They had lanterns lit, holding the fire in, but they were always blown out whenever someone left. Link walked over to one of the shelves and pulled down one book. It felt worn and extremely old. The book even had a musty smell. The good thing; it was about ancient Hyrule. More precisely, it was about the ancient, ancient Hyrule history.

Link looked over at Shad. "Is there any you suggest?"

Shad nodded. "There are several about the goddesses and the land they created. I don't know if you'll find any information about those gifts you were talking about, but it might help some. I'll go get them." Link nodded, opening the book he had in his hand carefully. The information was far more helpful than the stuff on the shelves. It talked about the original inhabitants, who called themselves the Celtic and Native Americans. Link had never heard of them, nor had he seen any of them. When Shad returned with a few books, Link asked him about them. He explained they were all the original ancestors. Link was so intrigued with this, he actually had to go and take out the notebook he had. There were so many important facts they needed to know for their quest. Link hoped he could get it all written down.

Shad had a stack of books for Link to look through when Link finished the book he had in hand. It took far longer to read than usual, only because there were so many notes. He filled about six pages, back to back. Shad grinned when he saw Link finish writing down a last note. "Pretty intriguing stuff, isn't it?'

Link nodded. "Is this why you became a scholar?"

"In fact it is." Shad had finished sorting some piles of books. He looked back at Link and told him, "All right, I have about ten books in all. There are four piles, one of the Goddesses, but all three books written in a different language. It's your luck I can read it. I'll translate it for you overnight. It won't take too long and besides it's a job I was already assigned. The other two piles had already been translated. It's more specific about the Celtics and the land and buildings they created. There are two books in that pile. The other pile is about the Native Americans and their history. They did, in fact, have a lot of help with the creating of Hyrule itself. The last pile is one book when the Celtics and Native Americans were together as one group. It's the most intriguing and I suggest reading that book first."

Link nodded, but told him, "I'm going to read about just the Goddesses, then the Celtics, Native Americans, and finally both. I need to fully grasp everything."

Shad nodded, seeming impressed. "They're not too long, so you shouldn't have much of a problem reading them quickly. It'll probably take about two days for one person."

"How long will it be before the other two books are translated?" Link asked.

"I'll have them done tonight. The handwriting in those books are so big, the books themselves are quite small. There isn't much information about the Goddesses," Shad explained.

"Will we be able to come back tomorrow?"

"Of course you will." Link nodded, asked for the book about the Goddesses that was in the Hylian language, and started reading that. Within minutes, he was back to scribbling down notes. When he could discreetly, Link passed a book down to Zelda. Shad didn't notice. He sat across from Link, hunched over the book he was translating and the new book he was writing down in the Hylian language.

It was quiet for the most part and peaceful. Zelda would paw Link when she was done with one book to get another one. They were getting through the books fast. Link knew Zelda would tell him about all the information she learned too that night. She had an amazing memory too. Zelda could just about memorize the books after reading them once. So they'd share the language and Link could write down important notes too. He made sure to make a small list which books she read.

Before long, it was almost dark out. Link looked outside, surprised, when Shad mentioned it. He decided to leave, so they could go get Epona. She had seemed to be doing pretty good though, when they'd visited her earlier that afternoon. He hoped she wasn't too bored.

Link was right when they got there. She wasn't bored. In fact, she was extremely happy, talking to this stallion beside her stall. He was there most of the time. Zelda even told Link, when quickly changed wolf, that Epona suggested staying the night in Castle Town. After a final assurance it was okay, Link decided it would be all right. He had about four books left to read in the pile, besides the ones needing translations, so Link thought it would be good to research more. Zelda even told him she had a house a little ways in Castle Town that she stayed in sometimes. They could crash there for the night.

So they headed back to the library and were able to get back into the back room without Shad. He didn't comment much when they returned. Zelda and Link both read one more books. By the time they finished those, Zelda was basically falling asleep and Link was yawning often. It was late at night. Link decided it was time to head to Zelda's home. Telma's bar was still open, so they made a quick stop for a snack both were craving. Ironically Zelda's home wasn't far from there.

It was a nice, spacious home and very homey and warm. He started a fire in the fireplace and then changed wolf.

Zelda grinned at wolf Link. Link grinned back. "So what had you learned today?" Link asked.

Zelda seemed excited. "Those books have a lot of information. I can tell you a little, but I'm pretty exhausted."

"Well then, let's just go to bed. We can talk about it in the morning."

"I'll be okay-"

"Where am I allowed to sleep?" Link asked her.

"You can stay in my bed. It's the only one I have. It's just up there. I should be able to jump up there, if you want me sleeping beside you that is," she said.

"That's great. You wouldn't mind if I was human, would you? I don't sleep as well when I'm in wolf form."

"That's more than fine," Zelda told him. He grinned and changed human. After making sure to keep the fire controlled, Link and Zelda climbed up to Zelda's sleeping corner. Link climbed into bed and Zelda hopped in after them. Once they were both comfortable, they fell quickly asleep.



They woke up early in the morning again. Zelda had a little food in the home, so they made some breakfast instead of buying some food. While they ate, Zelda told Link about the information she had. Link had to change from wolf and human often until midmorning. By then, they'd gone through all the information Zelda had to offer. Link decided to make a stop for Epona and took her for a little run before heading back to the library. Shad was there and informed Link he had the books translated. Link started reading those first, while Zelda started reading the last book about the Native Americans. Link had finished the books about the Celtics already.

By midmorning, they had a lot of information. Unfortunately, it wasn't any precise information about the gifts, but it was possible leads to them. Link hoped they could find something solid in the last two books. There were the last book about both the Celtics and Native Americans and also the last book about the Goddesses. Zelda decided to take the Goddess book. So Link started into the book. Unfortunately, by the time Link almost finished the book, he fell asleep. Zelda had nodded off after she finished the last book. Luckily, the sleep seemed to help Link. For when he woke up, he knew. He woke Zelda and changed wolf.

He told her, "We're at the wrong library."

Zelda frowned. "How are we at the wrong library? Amadahy told me we had to go to the largest library in Hyrule."

"But did she specifically say it was in current Hyrule." Zelda looked confused. Link explained, "We've been so busy looking through all the ancient history. And the last book I read told me something. I didn't think about it, until I had a dream."

"What was the dream about?"

"There's an ancient library. That's where we have to go."

"There's an ancient library?"

"Yes. It's in the deepest part of Hyrule that's been abandoned. The Celtics and Native Americans built the library together and filled it with information about the ancient Hyrule we haven't even read about. Actually, let's get out of here. I can't have someone discovering me in wolf form." The two decided to leave, since they no longer needed to library. Link decided to get Epona and they headed back to their campsite.

Epona seemed just as intrigued when Link started telling Zelda about the history.

"See, when the library was first built, the two Clans decided on a few members for a council to protect the library. There were many ancient scripts and tablets they didn't want destroyed. These council members hosted Magick in the blood, though I'm not completely sure what that means. Either way, about three years after the library was created, the two clans got into a war. The council decided to hide the library when the war started. None of the council members had any opinion of what was going on with the war. Unfortunately, all the council members were wiped out before the library was unhidden. Only things of Magick can show the library."

"So then, how are we supposed to find this library?" Zelda asked. "We don't have Magick-"

"But we both do. I read about your Triforce when I was looking at the documents of the Goddesses. It has lingering Magick. And my Master Sword has some also. I really believe we can open the library!"

"And you're positive we can get there and open the library?"


Zelda looked at Link for several quiet moments. Then her lips pulled back in a smile. "Let's go to the library."

~Author's Note~

I'm terribly sorry for the extremely long update. I hope you all enjoy the chapter! Thank you for reading!