I know it took me WAY to long to write this, and that, despite the year and a half I've had to work on it its a little short, but hey, I was able to write it in the first place, so I'm happy.

Leo blinked. Had he heard her right? Did Rachael really say what he thought she said? He could have sworn she just said that she loved him. They barely knew each other and she confessed to him for winning a dart game. Then again, according to Amelia the girl had been watching him for some time. So a crush then. She had a crush on him. Blushing lightly the northerner tried to quickly gather his thoughts, however it was surprisingly hard to think when an attractive woman had her arms wrapped around you, a fact Leo learned the hard way. Shifting his eyes around he swallowed and hesitantly wrapped his right arm around her. Doing so may not have been the smartest idea as it caused her to tighten her own grip, making Leo even more uncomfortable.

"U-um, you can let go now" He mumbled, more to himself than to Rachael.

"R-right" the girl unwrapped her arms and took a step back, blushing. She opened her mouth to say something but Leo cut her off.

"So..." he rubbed the back of his head "Do you maybe...want to go get something to eat?"

Leo cursed at himself on the inside. Why was he asking her that? He had no plans on forming any emotional bonds, it always would up hurting him in the end. When he looked back at her though he saw the same look in Rachael's eyes that had drawn him to Haley all those years ago. Remembering her brought back all the sad memories and he shook his head to clear his mind. He didn't want to go through that again. He tried to take back what he said, however another glance at the girl in front of him made him realize that would be impossible.

/ / / /

The moon was shining in the sky providing just enough light for Leo to guide the girl clinging to his arm along the sidewalk. He had learned two things that night while they ate. The first was that this frail looking girl could eat him under the table, which surprised not only him but the waiter and the people sitting around the two. The second was that she couldn't hold her liquor. After one glass of wine the girl acted as if she'd drinking a bottle of whiskey instead. He was currently supporting the now drunk girl on his shoulder as he lead her to his apartment, which was significantly closer than her place as he had learned earlier that day.

"Leeoooo why are you mo-oving so faaaaasst?" Rachael slurred her question enough that Leo almost didn't catch it.

"I'm not moving fast, you just can't move two feet at the same time right now." He muttered to himself.

"Huuuh? Wh-hat was that Leooo?" Rachael slurred again, this time with a playful glint in her eyes.

"Come on...we're almost to my place..."

Leo dragged her several more feet until they were in front of a large apartment complex. Pushing through the front door he nodded at the man behind the front desk and guided the girl through the hall to his apartment. First floor near the exit. He'd made sure that the one he got fit that criteria, fearing the worst and wanting to be able to leave as soon as possible. He guided the girl into the living room and was about to lay her on the couch when she squirmed and fell out of his arms, hitting the ground. Wincing he knelt down to help her up, and realized she had fallen asleep. Sighing the man threw a blanket over her and quietly slipped into his bed room. Collapsing on the bed he almost immediately fell asleep.

/ / / /

Snapping awake Leo sat up sweating profusely. He had had that dream again. It had been months since he'd had that dream, and he was hoping that he had finally gotten over it. He thought for a moment about what could have caused it to resurface, and then he remembered Rachael briefly reminding him of Haley. That would be it. Grabbing his forehead he tried not to think about the past, but the ghosts still haunted him, brining tears to his eyes. Hearing a noise outside his room brought him back to his senses. Thats right, the girl is still out there. Realizing he fell asleep in his clothes he did his best to straighten them out and walked out to be greeted with Rachael's face an inch from his own.

"Y-you're up!" She jumped back in surprise. "I-I was going to w-wake you."

"Its alright." Leo rubbed the back of his head.

The more Leo looked at her, the more he felt the cold wall around him melt. She was warm, for lack of a better way to describe it. He felt like he wanted to be around her, something he hadn't felt for years. He thought to himself that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get to know her. Before he realized it there was a smile on his face. Rachael noticed as well, and a matching one appeared on her. She giggled lightly, which made Leo feel even warmer.

"So...do you want to go for a walk in the park?" He asked her, not even sure he wanted an answer.

"Y-yes. I'd like that..." she almost whispered.

Feeling a grin creep onto his face Leo coughed to compose himself. He turned and guided her to the door and opened it, motioning for her to go first. As she stepped through Leo couldn't help but admire her body. Shaking his head he followed her out the door then the two quickly walked out onto the sidewalk. Leo felt Rachael grab his arm and he guided her along the pathway to the Park. On the way there something popped into Leo's mind.

"Rachael...why aren't you hung over?"

"O-oh, I uh...know a little magic...n-not enough to do anything really, b-but I got rid of the headache."

Thats right. Leo almost forgot about magic and the Ether. The mist that covered the entire world. Their continent Vian had a less dense Ether than Myor, however it was enough to enable spell craft, but the common man relied more on science, to the point where while Myor was almost dominated by magic, Vian's sorcerers were few and far between. Nodding his head at Rachael's explaination, and somewhat embarrassed he'd forgot about magic, even for a moment, Leo quickened his pace towards the park.

When they got there Leo felt something out of place. He couldn't place it at first, but then it hit him. There was no one there but them. Part of him wanted to just brush it aside, however the rest of him knew that there was a reason. Tensing slightly he cast his gaze around and caught a movement. Whatever it was was to quick for him to see properly. Feeling himself becoming paranoid he kept casting his gaze around, and kept catching a bluish blur at the edge of his vision. After a few minutes had past with Rachael watching him with concerned eyes he relaxed and turned towards her to give her a smile, having brushed aside the movement. The moment he turned his head he felt something sharp cut across his shoulder and felt blood on his arm. Twisting around he met the eyes of a young man. Something about the man's gaze unnerved him. He had short white hair that was spiked upwards and almost empty blue eyes. He wore a zipped up blue jacket with a hood and off white cargo pants with white sneakers. His right hand was held out and his hand was open as if he had thrown something. Glancing down Leo noticed a small throwing knife embedded into the dirt.

"I was expecting you to dodge that." The man's voice was as empty as his eyes, there wasn't a trace of emotion in his monotone.

Leo watched as the man lowered his hand slightly and with a flick of his wrist a revolver appeared in his grasp. The man opened the chamber snapping the finger of his spare hand, which was followed by six flashes of light that flew into the gun before he closed the chamber and spun it. Leo watched as he leveled his aim and shot, and a moment later he felt something hit his leg and fell to his knee.

"Rachael. Run."

Looking up at the man again Leo noticed he had switched his gun to his left hand and had lowered it. Instead he was holding out his right arm and a shimmering light appeared in front of it as a long bladed sword materialized. Looking his blade over the man suddenly rushed forwards, the tip of the sword aimed at Leo's heart. Closing his eyes and bracing for the impact Leo waited for his end. But it never came. After a moment he opened his eyes and saw the bloody tip of the sword and inch from his face. Confused about whose blood it could be he realized that there was someone standing between him and the man. She had long black hair and her brown eyes were wide with shock. Leo watched as Rachael's now lifeless body slumped on the sword and started to fall backwards before the man grabbed her by the hair.

"Dumb bitch." He pulled his sword free and let it hang loose. The blade shrunk till it was the length of a dagger and then the man slashed across her face several times before dropping her in front of Leo. "You gave your life to extend this Deamon's by mere minutes."

"Who are you?" Leo was able to croak out.

"You piece of filth, you don't need to know my true name. You may call me...Ryan." The main aimed his now full length sword at Leo once more. "Now, please die."

Ryan thrusts his blade forwards, but Leo was able to deflect it with his arm. Taken aback that his attack failed Ryan took a few steps back as Leo stood up, the wounds on his leg and arm gone. He raised his gaze and locked eyes with the white haired man, the killing intent obvious to even an onlooker. Leo noticed Ryan take another small step back instinctively and smirked. He'd never encountered one this powerful, but he could still scare them with his own power. That was good.

"You Angels call us the demons. If anything you're more evil than we can ever be."

"That is not your place to decide scum. I know of you. The 'Bloody Reaper' as the others of my ilk have taken to calling you. You have the ability to recover from most wounds, however the strongest you've encountered before me was an Unum Alas. A single wing." Ryan stood straight as a light began to form behind him. When the light faded Leo's eyes widened as three white wings, each at least 4 feet long unfurled from his back, two on the right and one on the left. "I am a Tres Alas. Three winged. I am three times as powerful as them."

Leo stepped back and felt his legs buckle slightly at the sight of the man's wings. It was true, the power that was radiating from his was at least three times greater than the strongest Angel he'd encountered before. It was his turn to instinctively step away from his enemy. Ryan noticed and started laughing, the first emotion he'd shown since his arrival.

"Don't worry, I'll make this quick."

Ryan lowered his blade and was about to rush forwards when he suddenly stopped. He raised his gaze skyward and frowned before dismissing his weapons. He glared at Leo before spreading his wings and launching himself into the air.

"You're lucky Deamon. Something has arisen that I might attend to. Pray we don't meet again."

And that is that. I was going to write at least a small fight between the two, but then realized that it wouldn't have turned out the way I wanted to, not with the gap between their power.

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