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Chapter 1

"Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you

never met." -unknown

"So, then she brings in the items for the exhibit's grand opening and the name of the artist is misspelled. On ALL of the posters and fliers. She walks out and just leaves them spread out all over the conference room." Kate is struggling to keep her voice from leaving our table. The quiet conversations at the other tables around the room create a gentle hum, but Kate is very conscious of appearances and she does not want anyone else to overhear her and assume that she is unhappy in any way.

It is Thursday evening and we are sitting across from each other in Schwa, one of the nicer restaurants around Chicago's Whicker Park area. It is the type of restaurant where your meal comes to you in 9 separate courses, each course looking like some abstract expressionism artist's latest rendering. I am more of a burger and fries kind of guy, but I am trying really hard to make Kate happy.

Kate is my boss's niece. Her uncle is co-owner of the advertising agency I have been working at for the past 3 years. We met a couple of months ago and I was immediately struck by her beauty. She stands about 3 or 4 inches shorter than my own 6 foot 4. She has amazing hair, the color of freshly cut hay. It hangs down to the middle of her back in a shiny curtain. It is obvious that Kate works out and takes great pride in displaying her body in tastefully conservative clothing that hugs her curves and encourages the imagination. We have been dating for about 3 weeks and already some ground rules had been discussed. Under the category of "Needs Improvement" is my use of profanity, as well as my complete lack of interest in religion. This is by no means a complete list, but these tend to be the items we discuss most often. Kate is a woman of very specific and expensive tastes. Thankfully my current position at Hunter-Danali allows me to keep up with Kate professionally, as well as financially. I've come a long way since James first helped me get an internship at his father's company.

I met James Hunter at the end of my Senior year at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He had a photography class with my girlfriend of 2 years, Bella. They were collaborating on an end of the year project, so we spent a lot of time together. James discovered my desire to get into marketing and informed me of an internship at the agency that his father co-owned. He helped me set up the interview and I was offered the position. I have since made my way up through the ranks and am now a valuable member of the marketing team.

Kate continues to rampage as I bite into my Tiger Fish (is that marshmallow?), so I try to be supportive. "What the fuck? Did she just expect you to clean up her shit, like you're her maid?"

Silence. I can almost feel the disappointment pouring out of Kate and dousing my smile.

"Edward, I've asked you to please not use that kind of language, especially when we are out in public," Kate says quietly as she shakes her head.

Ah, yes, the "please limit your profanity" talk. I remember now. Kate told me that a lady never talked that way and shouldn't have to listen to others do so. "Oops. Sorry, Kate," I say. I really hate that I feel like a child being chastised for being naughty. I am trying so hard not to fuck, I mean screw, this relationship up.

Kate is still recounting her day, and my mind is transported to another time and place...

I watched Bella through the books on the shelf in the library where we were "studying" for our mid-term exams. Her finger followed the words on the page as she read. She was so beautiful and graceful, even in these small little movements. I squeezed the trigger on my water gun and watched as the droplets of water sprinkled on her arm. Silly girl didn't even notice, so I decided to change my target. As I leaned into the shelf, I focused on the freckles on the tip of Bella's nose. Perfect. My target may have been perfect, but my aim was a little less than. I ended up squirting Bella right in the eye. I did not wait around to see what was going to happen. As I ran down the aisle laughing, I heard her draw in a deep breath, "EDWARD CULLEN, you get back here, mother fucker!" All heads turned in my direction as I grabbed my books and made my way towards the door, giggling like a child. I waved to the librarian, Ms. Cope. I wanted to leave before she had to ask this time. Almost as soon as my foot stepped out into the sunshine, I felt small arms circle my waist. As I threw my arm around Bella's shoulders, she slapped one hand against my stomach and said, "You are such a little shit."

"...so I think the dinner next week will be the perfect time for you to meet the new graphic designer.

James has been seeing her for about 2 months. Her name is Betty, or something like that. They knew each other in college, I think. Anyway, I've seen her work and I think she will be perfect for the Johnson account." Apparently Kate had moved on from the incompetent worker. More importantly, she didn't seem to notice my little trip down memory lane.

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