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Chapter 26

"There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than

knowing you are right next to the one you love."

I tug the sleeves of my white shirt so they hang one quarter inch beyond the sleeves of my tux jacket. I'm so nervous and uncomfortable that I cannot quit fidgeting. I slide my finger under the collar of my shirt that suddenly feels too tight as I stand in front of this crowd.

I look over at Jasper for comfort, but he is in his own little world. Emmett, who is standing beside me, suddenly jabs me in the ribs with his elbow. I shoot him a dirty look and see him nod toward the back of the church. Amazingly, the crowd, and Emmett disappear. There striding confidently down the aisle of the church, is my whole world. Bella looks directly into my eyes as she makes time down the white fabric runner. I'm distracted by the thought and thankful that she doesn't follow the traditional step-together-step-together wedding walk. She approaches the front like she wants to get this whole thing under way. Believe me, Baby, I am right there with you.

Her eyes never leave mine as she passes friends as family members. The left side of her mouth curls up a little as she gets closer to those of us waiting at the altar.

Her strapless dress is a work of art. It molds and dips and flairs in all the right places. The sweetheart neckline frames her breasts, causing my mouth to water. She wears a simple gold chain with a small teardrop shaped diamond resting between her collarbones. Her glorious chestnut hair is swept up into some complicated hairdo that I cannot wait to destroy.

I smile as I see my future getting closer and closer.

Abruptly, the music swells and the crowd stands to their feet as everyone turns to look at Alice making her way down the aisle to her waiting groom.

What? You didn't think this was mine and Bella's wedding, did you?

While everyone in the church is ooh-ing and aww-ing as they watch the bride walking beside her father, my eyes focus on Jasper and the look of wonder he has on his face. I'm gonna have that someday. One day, I will be the one waiting for my bride to get to me, so that we can make those vows in front of our family and friends. For now, though, I am content in the knowledge that Bella is the one for me and we have time to get to know things about each other again.

The past three months have been very busy, yet spending every spare second together. More often than not, I come home to find her playing catch with Bear in the backyard, or curled up on the couch watching a movie with Bear, or slipping Bear scraps as she prepares us some dinner.

I still often feel guilty for wasting so much time that I could have spent with Bella. She still has feelings of insecurity and has to fight to be herself, not who she thinks people want her to be. We are getting better though, and we have learned to talk to each other when these feelings come on.

Most nights end in Bella staying the night at my place. This has led us to our plans for tomorrow. After returning my rented tux, Bella and I will be moving all of her items from her rental house to my home. She is moving in with me. Well, she really has mostly lived here for the past month anyway, but after tomorrow it will be official. I won't have to wonder if I will have to sleep without her at night.

I know there will be some adjustment time, but I really am looking forward to knowing that when I get home from work she will be there. Doing whatever it is she does. Filling my house and my heart with all things Bella.

I listen as the minister talks of love and forever. He mentions honoring and cherishing and I cannot keep my eyes off of my Bella. Her fingers are stroking the leaves of Alice's bouquet that she is holding at the moment. Her smile brightens and her eyes flare up at me when the minister says, "in sickness and in health".

We have billions of wedding party photos to sit through after the ceremony. This IS Alice we are talking about. She is not about to let one grouping get bypassed. Bella and I do sneak a few secret touches and smiles.

Alice has assigned the wedding party special seats at the head table, but Bella and I both risk the pixie's wrath by sitting together. I feed her a bite of my chicken and she lets me have a sip of her soup.

The time for the Best Man Speech has arrived. I nervously tug my collar again as Bella slips her fingers around my free hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

"Ladies & Gentlemen. My name is Edward, and on behalf of Jasper and Alice, I would like to thank you for attending this blessed event today! I promise to keep my words brief, as I know we're all here to witness the spectacle that is Jasper's dancing.

Alice and Jasper have each journeyed many miles to be here together today, and this wedding is a joy to behold. I can speak for everyone in this room, when I say to you both that we wish you all the happiness that you deserve. We are so glad that you have found one another, and this day will serve as a reminder that the best years for you both are yet to come. It's been said that if marriage is to be a success, one should begin by marrying the right person. It's obvious that each of you is indeed marrying the right person today. I have known Jasper for years, and cannot image anyone who would complement him better than Alice. Alice is a dear friend who is always on a spiritual journey to better herself and I would say she has had a remarkable quest. Jasper is an intelligent, soft-spoken, organized and witty man. He is also one of the best friends a person could ever ask for. I enjoy watching Jasper and Alice challenge each other to continuously be better.

They are very supportive of each other, and while they are fiercely competitive people, they are never competitors. They are two people with a wonderful amount of synergy and they are both a joy to know. They say that there is no surprise as magical as finding your life's mate. You two must feel the magic, because it seems as if your happiness emanates from you on this very magical day! I really feel that I would be remiss if I did not just give you some advice.

I asked a few of your family and friends what advice you can give Alice & Jasper to ensure a long happy marriage. I had some great responses for you both. Primarily, though, Jasper, they thought it best to direct the advice at you. Never go to bed angry… always stay up and fight. Always remember the three words to end all arguments… "You're right dear". Keep the lid down, and the best way to remember her birthday or your anniversary is to forget it once.

Let's raise our glasses as we toast this couple: May you both live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live."

I collapse into my seat as the cheers and clinking of glasses fills the room. The band starts up their first song, drawing Jasper and Alice out for their first dance as a married couple. After a few minutes, Bella grasps my hand and leads me out onto the dance floor.

I pull her a little bit closer thinking that I could definitely get used to this, especially as Bella's sweetheart neckline allows me an eyeful of her fabulous cleavage. I rest one hand on her waist, while the other travels up her back to splay out between her shoulder blades. I feel the vibrations there as she moans with pleasure.

As the music dies, Bella starts to wander off of the dance floor, knowing that dancing is not my favorite activity. I wrap my fingers around her wrist and draw her back to my chest.

"Please stay," I whisper. "I want to hold you just a little while longer."

Bella beams up at me and nods her consent.

The music begins and we sway gently in time to the beat. The singer's voice echoes out over the speakers and my eyes meet Bella's as his words begin to register in my brain.

"You are all that I need

For you, I give my soul to keep

You see me, love meJust the way I am

For you I am a better man

I said you are the reasonFor everything that I do

I'd be lost, so lost, without you"

Bella and I maintain eye contact throughout the rest of the song. I've proven that I'm not perfect. I've shown that I am completely lost without Bella. But the song is right. She sees me and she loves me, and because of that I've become comfortable with who I am. Because of Bella, I am a better man.

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