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Joe Dawson was a Watcher. More than just his job, it was his calling, and one that he took great pride in. Part of the appeal of owning a blues bar was the opportunity to observe his customers. So when HE walked in, Joe straightened up and took notice.

HE was, on the surface, just another guy out on the town. Decent looking, nothing too special or out of the ordinary, except for the fact that he was surrounded by beautiful women. Nothing special, that is, until he turned to Joe.

The eye-patch was a surprise, offset by a cheerful grin. No doubt, few people looked beyond the boyish smile. But for a man who had seen the darker sides of Vietnam, the remaining eye spoke volumes, and Joe was lost in time. He knew that look, the look that he'd seen in many a soldier's eyes, that said he had seen and done far too much to ever truly be innocent again. The eye spoke of suffering and perseverance, of a relentless drive to overcome, despite any odds set against him.

Holding his gaze for a minute, the man nodded briefly in acknowledgment, one soldier to another. Joe smiled and raised a glass. They may not have served in the same war, but Joe Dawson could still recognize a brother-in-arms when he saw one.