She'd been warned. Six years ago, her parents had warned her to not rush into love. She'd rolled her eyes, told them yeahyeahyeah, and had rushed back outside to the party being held in her honor. Honestly, she'd never even thought of falling in love, so why did her parents have to pick then to give her the stupidest advice ever?

She should've listened. Her parents had known her better than she'd known herself. She'd rushed into love, and look where she is now. Crumbled on the floor, sobbing, tears blinding her, voice hoarse. What a fool she is. She thought it was love, but she was just his toy. And now she feels like her heart's been smashed into ittybittytinymicroscopic pieces, and she'll never be able to repair it. Sillysillygirl. Stupidstupidgirl.

She should be mad at him. She should be furious, vengeful. Out for blood. But she can't seem to muster up any rage. She's just too broken. Her heart hurts, and she lets out a shriek of pain, of despair, grief. No, she's can't be angry. She's too busy mourning.

She can't believe she let him lead her on. She bets that he's been snickering about it with his friends. Laughing at the girl that doesn't know when something's a lie. BASTARD! She smashes her fists against the floor. Againandagainandagain until she does it without thinking. She's in so much agony right now. Living is hurting her too much. She just wants it all to stop! Why does love cause so much suffering?

'You broke me. You messed up everything good in my life. This is all your fault. You get to shoulder the blame for the rest of your damned life, and I hope you're happy, asshole. So smirk your smug little smirk, and break a bunch of hearts that don't deserve it. But when your time comes, know that I won't be waiting, because I'll be laughing up in Heaven while you burn in the deepest pits of Hell. Farewell and so long, you bastard.'

Everyone knows why she did it. They stare him down in the halls. His smug little smirk turns into a pitiful grimace, but there's nobody to pity him. They all hate him too much. He isn't going to be breaking anymore hearts, because no one wants to end up like her.

It makes the paper, and for the rest of his life, not a day goes by where someone doesn't look at him in disgust, once they recognize him, of course. And, true to her words, he shoulders the blame forever. When he dies, even his family is hard-pressed to plan his funeral, let alone attend it.

He caused the death of a good girl. A good girl from a good family. A good girl who might've changed the world. But he was selfishselfishselfish, and decided to play a game with an unsuspecting victim, and he broke her. So everyone hates him, long after he's gone. And he knows that nobody remembers him fondly.

He cries as the flames of Hell start to engulf him. He looks up, about to start praying, but he remembers where he is. He's about to lower his head, almost resigned to his fate, but he sees something in white above. A pretty girl, who looks like she's too young to be anywhere near here. He knows who it is the moment she starts laughing. She smirks at him smugly, the way he used to at everyone, and she flies away. She's not broken anymore.