This is my first AF fanfic (well technically AF AND Leviathan), so I might have missed a few details. Neither Leviathan nor AF belong to me…

Many have tried to describe Artemis Fowl, many have failed. He has baffled even the most intelligent child psychologists around the world. He is a genius, like none other that has ever been seen. Not only has Artemis succeeded in being the smartest boy of his generation, he has been the first to reach 'the people' (the fairy community) in years, able to put insane criminal mastermind, Opal Koboi, behind bars, saved a fairy city Atlantis from destruction, and stopped global warming. All of this before his sixteenth birthday. It is true that there have been some drawbacks, he developed a case of 'Atlantis Complex' through his affairs in magic. The Atlantis Complex gives the boy a sense of paranoia, extreme OCD, and a multiple personality. He currently in Haven city, subject to treatment. His projects are still in the works, but under temporary supervision.

Holly Short waited inside the Cumulus house, not knowing who would come to greet her in the waiting room. If this was going to be a good day, Artemis Fowl would exit through those doors and the two would be on their way. If this were going to be a bad day however, Orion Fowl would leap from the door and ask to be taken on an adventure. Holly had been trying to keep up with Artemis's treatments of shock therapy over the past year, but he had been shocked so many times that she lost count and could not predict just who she was going to the Haven City Museum with.

Artemis had been a good patient to the doctor, and his sixteenth birthday was coming up, so Holly, as the closest friend in Haven city with a day off, decided to take him to see some culture. Not to say Artemis already knew everything he needed to know through stealing and translating the book and hacking Foaly's database. Regardless, the boy needed some time off the madhouse and the museum seemed to be the most interesting thing he could see without stirring up too much trouble. With Artemis, it was a day off. With Orion, it was a quest. Holly Short's patience all depended on who came through those doors.

A nurse looked up from her desk.

"Mr. Fowl will be with you now." She said blankly.

With an intake of breath, Holly stood to accept her fate. Artemis- or Orion- she could not tell yet- met her in the waiting room.

"Good to see you Holly," he said, extending his hand. Holly, she thought, not Princess.

"Nice to see you too….mud boy," She said, not willing to make her guess yet.

"Artemis, its Artemis. I do not know if I could stand missing a chance to learn about the people, especially if Orion was there to not appreciate it in my absence."

Holly sighed with relief. No Orion. That was good.

"Though I think we should get going, it is almost 3:50, and ten more minutes after that will be…"

"Four." Holly Finished.

Artemis Flinched.

Holly sighed. Though Artemis was a million times more practical than Orion, the number thing was a major drawback. Artemis had already accepted that four was a part of life, but he still avoided it whenever possible. To relieve the situation of further awkward conversation, Holly began in the direction of the exit.

"It's a walk, but you'll survive it," she said.

"What is a fairy museum like, out of interest?" Artemis asked as he followed her out the door.

"I guess the same as a mud man museum, only a bit more content." Holly said.

"I feel like a child again, five years old and heading to an exhibit. Must I write an essay about it later?" Artemis joked, his humor dry as ever.

"Only you would write an essay at five years old," said Holly, "And I thought you frowned upon leaving your room."

"I did," Artemis said, "But I had little say in such things at five."

Holly was about to comment, when a swarm of reporters crowded around them, sticking their microphones in their faces. A mud man being treated in Haven city was worth an article in the papers, Artemis Fowl being treated in Haven city was more news than a reporter could cover in a year. The Cumulus House security had the crowd shoved away, but the chance of walking through Haven city as two celebrities was dwindling. Luckily, there was a car waiting for them. In the miniature driver's seat was Juliet, hair dyed green and skin dyed purple. Her elongated nails tapped the steering wheel.

"I thought you would need me Arty." She said, "Good to see you Holly."

Recently Juliet had taken Butler's place as Artemis's bodyguard. Haven was too small for Butler, and the Fowls needed him back on the surface. Reluctantly Butler agreed to leave his charge until Artemis recovered.

"And only for that long," he had said, "God knows he doesn't need time to get into trouble."

Juliet said she was Artemis's bodyguard, but one cannot keep her from the ring. She became Haven's own 'Mud Princess' instead of the 'Jade Princess', a name she actually preferred. Along with the joy of changing her colors every five minutes.

Holly took Artemis's hand, for he had made no movements toward the waiting car, but he snatched it away.

"What do all these people want?" He stammered. The paranoia was kicking in, "Why do they want me? What do I have that they want?"

Artemis began tap his side. He muttered the 5 times tables under his breath.

"5 10 15 20 25…"

Juliet saw the rising problem and helped Holly shove the boy into the backseat.

"Drive" Holly said, and then to Artemis, "They're gone."

"Right," said the boy, "It seems my medication failed me for a moment there, I will have to inform the doctor when we get back."

"Are you sure you are up to it?" Holly asked, worried for her friend.

"Of course I am up to it, wouldn't miss it for the world." Artemis smiled, something he said he had been mentally practicing with Orion.

Holly did not exactly know what it was like to be under shock treatment every day, but she assumed Artemis would not give up his break from it easily. When the car pulled up to the museum, Juliet was quick to boot them out.

Holly shoved (or shoved the most she could an almost fully grown mudman) Artemis onto the steps before he was noticed.

Inside was a world of holograms, fossils, artifacts, and wax humans. He pointed to a knight with a bloody mace.

"I didn't make it," Holly said defensively.

Holly lead Artemis to the new exhibit, the one he would be most interested in, the reason for this trip.

"The 'what we still don't know' exhibit," Artemis read, "All the mysteries that still baffle the people?"

"Yes, thought you might enjoy it." Holly said, "Notice it is a very small exhibit."

Artemis did not answer, deciding instead to look at the different artifacts and descriptions under little glass domes. In his excited scan of the room, he noticed in the center of the room a tattered piece of paper that did not look to hold any fantastic mysteries. Holly came up beside him.

"The only page that was not copied into the book. No one can read it, it is written in a language that hasn't been found anywhere else on the planet."

Artemis's hand twitched.

"Go ahead," Holly continued, "Take a picture, you need something to do in your spare time."

Artemis smiled again, his normal smile that reflected his old self.

"Perhaps I will," Artemis said.

D'Arvit it was good to have a project.