She looked over the railing at everyone waving their hands yelling thier goodbyes and miss you's. She was a sight amongst the third class, she stood out from the dull browns and dirty white the people around her wore. Her hair blew around dancing with the wind, the boys next to her were yelling to no one she could hear. She half smiled at the silliness and looked to him. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked down at her, wow. She was a sight, Her eyes were a dull grey shining in the sunlight, her hair a long curtain of brown fell down in waves all the way down her back. Wow. She was…beautiful Jack had never seen someone so gorgeous in his life. Her half smile spread to a full one before looking back over the railing as the ship set forth for its voyage.

"Hi!" Jack had to yell over the roar of the crowd, She looked ahead and said nothing. "Im Jack Dawson." She looked to him, his face was that of an angel, "Ellie Hunter." She smiled letting her hand out to shake. "Ellie Hunter" he repeated. "A pleasure to meet you." She smiled.

"Well Ellie Hunter, what do you say you take a walk with me?"

Ellie smiled squinting her eyes a bit from the sun.


They walked along the dock around the groups of people, the children pushing and playing tag and jumping around. Most the parents must have been down putting their things away the way that she should have.

Jack carried all he needed in a brown bag.

"So what are you here on the Titanic for?"

"Travel?" She answered teasingly.

"Haha what for? You live in America?"

"Yes." Ellie smiled. "My family and I are going back home."

Jack could tell that she was a girl of wealth she smelled of expensive perfume and the cost of her dress seemed it could have covered a months rent where he came from.

"Your parents are they on the boat with you?"

"Yes, I gave them the slip when we boarded."

"That's no good."

Ellie stopped. "Well you sure are a questionable thing arnt you?"

Jack smiled putting his hands in his pockets. "What can I say I'm a curious sort of guy."

"Well Mr. Dawson what are you doing on the boat? Where are you from? Whats your favorite color?"

Jack laughed at the question. "Wow"

"Wow what?" She asked

Jack took her in a moment looking at her up and down her long figure that lovely smile and voice. She didn't ignore him when he said hello, didn't look down at him or stick her nose in the air when he had looked away, she had actually accepted his invitation for a walk. She was no ordinary aristocratic daughter. She had a pretty laugh and big eyes. Such a pretty face.

"Your just…wow"

Ellie laughed "You think I'm wow?"

Jack smiled. "Yeah I do."

"Ellenore Hunter!"

Ellie turned to see her brother Louis making his way towards her. He took hold of her pulling her away from Jack. "Do you know how worried sick mom and dad have been! What were you thinking separating from us like that."

"I just wanted a bit of time to myself Louis, I suppose the excitement of this all just got to me."

Jack saw her posture change she stood up straight and kept her eyes down.

Louis looked to him his face a bit outlandish as he looked upon him. "And you sir are?"

"Jack Dawson." Jack let out his hand to the man to shake.

Louis didn't make a move but to stare at his hand. "Well Mr. Dawson I sincerely thank you for looking after my little sister."

"My pleasure. Ellie here sure is something."

Ellie smiled up at Jack once again.

"She is isn't she?" Louis took his arm around her shoulder and began turning her to the direction of their room. "I'll see you soon Jack." She said over her shoulder. Jack smiled and waved a goodbye.

"No you wont" Louis mumbled