Ellie couldn't let the help see her cry, she was being laced up in her corset getting dressed for dinner. She looked into the mirror across the room. Hating herself. She gasped as she felt the final laces being pulled.

"Will that be all Miss Ellie? Will you be needing help with your dress as well?"

"No Trudy, I can handle the rest. Thank you." She watched the maid walk out her room. After putting on the beautiful purple dress long and beaded black along the edges, she walked to her Vanity and sat looking hard at the selfish girl in front of her.

Louis walked in, almost missing his sisters presence, she was so still and quiet. "Ellie? What's the matter?" He leaned onto the vanity disrupting her reflection.

"Over thinking," She tore her eyes from the mirror to her brother. "About? That silly poor boy you've developed an infatuation with?"

Ellie shook her head. "Thinking I didn't give Caleton a very fair chance…I've been so closed minded…everything I hate."

Louis smiled approvingly. "in your defense darling, you were quite open minded even speaking to that vermin." Ellie looked down. "Please don't speak of him that way, Louis."

Louis took her hand. "All right, all right. Mother asked for me to escort you to dinner." Ellie smiled, time to put that fake delight to work.

She sat alongside Cal and she tried being more welcoming to him. Her eyes asked him to try once more with her. She didn't want to forget about Jack of course not, she felt as though she was walking on air with Jack. His kind eyes and beautiful face made her heart melt and she couldn't help be the overgrown child that she was with him, she couldn't be more happy with him. But she couldn't put him through the hell she went through. She wasn't sure of her plan or if she had even a plan to begin with. If she would see Jack again, she wasn't sure of anything.

She excluded herself from the conversation at the table and turned to Cal and smiled. She wanted to lean over and rest her elbow on the table but decided against it anting to avoid being chastised. "I believe I didn't give you much of a fighting chance."

Cal half smiled, finally she was loosening up for him. "You don't say?"

"Yes, and I wont marry you until you ask me, not my parents."

Cal laughed bring attention to the two. The table only paused a moment before they realized the little 'romance' that was rearing between the two. "You never much gave me the chance to ask you, remember? No fighting chance to quote your words."

Ellie smiled. "But now im allowing you to woo me."

"Ah you grew tired of-" He stoped himself before he finished, his words would seem insulting and he wasn't about to let Ellenore's warmness fade to nothingness oh so quickly. "What do you purpose, Darling, their isn't to much of an option of date places on a ship."

Elle did as she was trying to avoid and leaned over resting her elbow on the table placing her chin into the palm of her hand. "The Titanic is quite a large ship, I'm sure that you will think of something, Be creative."

"Ellenore!" She felt her Mother sting and she remained a moment smiling up flirtatiously at Cal and slowly adjusted back to her straight stance.

Jack had paced the deck of the Titanic for hours. What had he done wrong? Things were going well for the two. Of course not it was a poor boy fling she was having. He had nothing to offer a girl like her. She thought she wanted freedom and happiness but she was accustomed to her lovely things, nothing could change that she was to far into the social circle of elite snobs for her to be saved. He was just a poor man. He couldn't even take her on a date, he couldn't afford the abortion fish eggs she probably liked so much. Her fiancé was and debonair and had stacks of money and could buy her all the dresses and rouge she could ever want….Jack felt as though he never had a chance…but he felt so sure of her just that morning, She was laughing and hugging and kissing him…she must have felt something. That just couldn't be it…

Cal had taken Ellie for a walk. "Tell me things I don't know about you Miss Ellenore."

Ellie held her hand into Cal's feeling the coolness of his palms. "I hate being called Ellenore, I prefer Ellie." She smiled.

"My apologies, darling-" Cal paused lookin down at her. "Is darling All right?" Ellie smiled. "I like darling as well yes," She looked out the water.

"And what else?"

Ellie thought a moment. "I like art, more than anything…"

"You're an artist?"

"No, I only wish I had such talent, I love art."


"The complex simplicity of it all…the beauty and care, the thought that Is instilled in one painting in amazing, the use of colors so lovely their able to mesh so perfectly. What I would give to live in some paintings I have seen." Ellie looked to Cal wondering in her little rant was boring him.

"That's lovely Ellie."

"Thank you, I am aren't i?" She smiled. "Cal you'll will forgive me but I am quite tired. Would you like to have breakfast with me tomorrow? Perhaps you'll have thought of something whimsicle for me then?"

Cal smiled, she was lovely, her uniqueness was most attractive. Her face was a lovely heart shape and her red lips were always so tempting, she was angelic yet far to outspoken for her own good. She may as well have been one of the new money's on board. "Yes, darling. I'll escort you back to your room."

"No that's all right. I want to take a walk before I go to bed, alone." She paused smiling up at him hoping she didn't make the impression that she didn't want to be around him. "It's sort of my only time to be alone and just think for a while.

Cal nodded respectively taking her hand in his and leaning down to kiss it looking up at her with his deep brown eyes. Walked away hopeless that the feel of butterflies would never come to her stomach when she was with him.

Jack had seen her for a while before she noticed. For the past few nights she had always asked to be left alone before they departed for the night. He knew he could catch her alone.

"So that's the guy huh?"

Ellie looked back startled seeing Jack, She greeted him with a smile. She tried hard not to feel anything when she looked at him but there those butterflies were. She looked away into the deep blackr reflective water feeling the breeze of the cold air. "That's the guy yes."

"I didn't like him."

"You haven't met him, Jack." She tried.

"Do you love him Ellie?"

She looked up startled. "What kind of a question is that?"

"One you cant seem to answer."

Ellie moved closer to him. "It doesn't much matter if I love him or not, I'm marrying him regardless…"

"So it wasn't all your choice?" Jack asked, his hair falling into his eyes a tendancy that drove Ellie mad. She reached out to him pushing the hair behind his ear.

She sighed. "Jack…Its not that I dont want you to be a part of my life, its just that I cant. And its for you that I wont let you be."

Jack tried not thinking of it that way. It would ruin the suspense, the perfect simple romance that the two had. "I know you lied to me this morning."

Ellie looked down. "Jack I ha-"

"Do you feel for him what you feel for me right now?"

Ellie felt her eyes grow wet with tears. She looked away, she couldn't answer him. "Jack I don't know what I feel. "

"You feel that you already care for me more than you ever could for him."

She shook her head in agreement. "But I-"

"Ellie I love-"

Elle moved to him and pressed his lips to hers. She closed her eyes and felt the fireworks begin, the stars moved around their heads faster and her heart was beating faster than the engine of the boat. This it what it should always feel like and maybe it could always feel this way if she chose to stay with Jack. But could she adjust to having so little? Could she live well without her dresses and her mirrors and the jewels she didn't think she cared much about but now that she thought of not having them frightened her. "Jack." She whispered her forehead pressed against his as they took a breathe. She could feel him breathing on her nose, heavy much like hers. He wrapped his arms around her and he could feel their hearts begin to beat in unison.

"I don't know how we can make this work…" She said still close looking up at him.

"I don't either. But I care enough to try."

Ellie smiled. "Me too." She leaned up on the tips of her toes and leaned into him once more for an enchanted kiss.

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