Not Just another Day.

By: Kennedy's Friday Night.

A/N: This idea has bugged me for the past while. I own Ajay, Olivia and Edna. Avery belongs to TJ Sparkles. in this story Ajay is going to be with Robert.


The penthouse of the wizard of Wall Street Robert Roode and super model wife Ashton Copeland was still and silent and had been that way since the night before. Which was odd all in itself. People wondered if she had finally given into her threat and left him. It would be a miracle, one that people wished for the young wife.

Anyone who saw the couple though would stop and stare at them. Robert stood at 6 feet tall and kept his dark long curly hair pulled back in a ponytail, his piercing blue eyes helped woo women into his bed for years even after he married his wife. And his wife was a move and shaker in her own right, Ashton stood at about 5'5 but no one knew her real height due the high heels she always wore. Her wavy blonde cascaded around her shoulders and her award winning smile and friendly personality drew people in.

They were a power couple in all rights. People stopped and stared when they walked by. It was nothing new to them. There had been rumors of affairs on his part, physical abuse. But no one said anything to clear them up if anything, Ashton Roode kept up a front that no one else other Olivia O'Hara her PA and body guards Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley saw past.

The maid Rosie let herself into the penthouse just after 10 in the morning to clean up any mess that Mr. Roode made and to also prepare for Mrs. Roode to return. She was making her way to the kitchen; she paused and looked at the dining room. The table was a mess, the candles that usually stood in the sterling silver candle sticks holders were broken and the holders themselves were tilted to the side.

The china that had been used was broken and scattered across the table and floor. From what Rosie saw there two sets of dishes. "Not again." she muttered to herself, this wasn't the first time that this happened. Robert had cheated on his wife. And every time Ashton found out about it. They fought; she threw things and cried she would sleep in the guest bedroom. Two days later Robert would buy her a new piece of jewelry or something like that. And like a fool Ashton would take him back, and they would make up. Rosie always feared coming into the house on those occasions.

After putting coffee on for her boss, she sat at the kitchen table waiting for it to be done before she went down to the master bedroom. As she walked down the hall she looked around the lavishly decorated penthouse. The door to Robert's office was opened slightly which Rosie thought was odd because that door was firmly shut. She paused setting the coffee cup she was carrying in her hand for Robert; she straightened the framed picture that hung on the wall of the Roodes on their wedding day. She picked the coffee mug back up and went down the hallway to the master bedroom.

She knocked on the door of the bedroom and waited for answer. After a few minutes of not receiving one she knocked again. "Mr. Roode?" after another few minutes she knocked again before pushing the door open. Once in the room, her eyes landed on the bed. The coffee cup slipped out of her hand and shattered of the floor, hot coffee splashing her pant legs. Robert Roode was on the bed draped across it dangerously, covered in cuts and bruises. Not to mention blood.

Rosie felt queasy as she walked to the bed. She could hear his shallow breathing as she reached for the phone, her heart sinking as she saw the framed pictures of the couple. "911 what's your emergency?" "My boss has been beaten up, he is barely breathing." Her eyes going back to Robert, what where the pictures were at. One in particular had a bloody thumb print on it, it was Ashton by herself in a strapless blue dress a warm loving smile on her face. How were they going to survive this? If they survived this.