Lucy's head throbbed the next morning. When she heard Erza screaming to her mother she knew it was time to get up. She got out of bed, put on blue shorts and a white shirt, and slowly tiptoed down stairs to the kitchen door. There she peeped her head in and saw Erza and her mother Sam arguing once more.

"Erza!" Sam shouted. "How dare you do that to your fiance!"

"He deserved it For trying to kiss me! I hate him mother! You know as better as I that this whole thing is just a joke! His dad and my dad just did this to make money!"

"So what if they did Erza. You two made a promise to us that you would go through with this in order to..." Sam stop when she saw Lucy looking in. "We'll talk about this later Erza," she said turning to her. "Ahh Lucy," she said with welcoming arms. Lucy jumped back almost hitting a plant. "How are you my dear?"

"I um...I am fine Miss Scarlet...," she said coming into the kitchen scratching her head.

"Good. Did you enjoy the Ball last night. It was quiet amazing."

"Yeah it sure was. A surprisingly fun and amazing night ahaha."

"I'm glad you liked it. Now Erza I must go wake up your father. I need to talk to him about some things. I will see you two later." She smiled at Lucy and then left the kitchen.

"Gosh I hate them so much!" Erza said slamming her head on the table.

Lucy patted her head. "It's ok Erza..They just want the best for you."

"No they want what's best for themselves. That's why they are forcing me into this. Maybe I should run away.."

"Now you know that won't solve anything but make them worry. Besides if you really don't want to marry Loke I'm sure he would be ok with that."

"Lucy we are talking about Loke here. He loves to ruin my life after what I did to him.."

"Don't worry Erza..I don't think he's doing this for revenge..."Erza lifted her head up and eyed Lucy suspiciously. "W-what?"

"Why are you so calm!"


"Usually you would be all pissed if something like this happened."

"Well I just think it's time you settle down you know..."

"Arg! Lucy you sound like my mother!" Erza shouted getting up from the table. "I thought you'd be on my side!"

"I am on your side. I just think that..." Lucy stopped. She herself felt how differently she was acting. The shock from seeing her worst enemy kissing some other guy was getting to her. A sense of laziness had entered her body and she would just go the easy way out no matter who or what it was. "Sorry Erza...Your right..I'll help you find a way out of his," she grinned.

"R-really?" Lucy nodded. "Oh Lucy thank you so much!" She gave Lucy a tight hug. "Now how should we deal with your problem?" Lucy looked at her confused. "I mean with Natsu. There has to be someway to get you back together right?"

Lucy frowned. Natsu was the last thing she wanted to talk about. She felt some regret about telling Erza. Erza was the type to never let things go easily. "There is no way to get us back together," Lucy said while getting an apple from the basket. "Him and I are old news. He's found someone else to love."


"Li.." Lucy stopped when she looked at Erza. Her eyes had a fiery presence in them as if she was about to find the girl and take her down. Lucy thought that the best thing would be to lie because Erza wouldn't know the person so she wouldn't do anything to them. "Oh it was some random girl he met..."

"You mean he broke up with you for just some random girl? That's really stupid!"

"Yeah I know but it was his choice...Anyway let's change the subject. Would you like to go out today?"

"Well...I ..." Just then Lucy and Erza jumped from the loud screaming of her mother yelling at her father to get up. "Actually I think I'll go with you Lucy. I need some time away from them..."

"Great. We can take the bus to Aoto City. I haven't been there since I was little."

"Alright and let's hurry before my mom get's in the way."Lucy smiled and the two had some breakfast before there departure to Aoto City.

After getting ready Lucy saw Erza nervously pacing near the door. "There you are! Come on we have to hurry."

"What's the rush?" Lucy asked coming down the stairs.

"My informant told me that my mom is looking for us to try on her dresses."

"Your informant told you that?"

"Yes one of my maids tells me information about my mom..."

"But why?"

"Because she always has these random things for me to do...Now let's go quickly.."Lucy nodded her head and the two ran outside to the car to leave.

"Phew.." Erza said as the car was moving away from her house. "I'm glad we got away from her this time."

" I don't think I want to spend hours trying on dresses."

"Especially the ones she makes." Erza chuckled. "So what do you want to buy today?"

"I think I might want to buy a new notebook. I haven't written anything in a while."

"Cool. Your stories were always interesting. I miss seeing them"

"What are you going to buy Erza?"

"Some books. I need new stories to pass the time and maybe some perfume."

"Do they still have that little shop with all those amazing smells?"

"Yup. In fact they made it bigger. Everyone loves it there. It's quite popular."

"Sweet! I can't wait to go!"

"Miss," the driver interrupted. "Were are at the bus station."

"Thanks Edward." She turned to Lucy. "Let's go have some fun." Lucy grinned.

"Oh Miss," Edward said as they got out of the car.

"Yeah?" Erza said looking at him.

"Your mother said that she hopes you have fun shopping with Lucy and that she expects you to help her out later." Erza froze. "Well see you later miss," he smiled.

"Hey what wrong?" Lucy asked coming up to her."

"M-my mom knew we were going...But how...?" she whispered to herself.

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing," she laughed. "Come on the bus will be here soon. Let's hurry."

"Okay." They rushed over to the ticket booth and got the tickets. "Wow I surprised that no one is here today..."

"Yeah I know. Usually the bus would be full.."

"Well well if it isn't my dear future wife and her little brides maid," a voice said from behind them.

"Loke! Gray!" She said turning around. "What are you doing here!"

"Mom asked me to pick some things up from the Aoto. Gray is tagging along with me to help."

"What's up?" Gray smiled.

"N-no. Why is he always were I am?" Lucy said to herself. Gray seemed to know exactly what she was thinking as he glared at her evilly.

"So what are two lovely ladies going to do in Aoto?" Loke said.

"None of your business!" Erza shouted.

"Actually it is my business since you will be my future wife," he smiled.

"She's not your wife yet Loke," Lucy interrupted.

Loke turned to Lucy. "Ahh Lucy it's been a while. How are you?"

"Fine until you two showed up."

"My you still have that tongue on your huh. Still that was always the most attractive point of you."

"Shut up Loke!"

"Are you going to attack me Lucy? I'd love to see how much you've developed."

"Why you...," Lucy formed a fist. She took a step froward but was stopped by Erza.

"It's not worth it Lucy," she said shaking her head.

"She's right. There's no way you can win," Gray said.

"Oh is that so? I'm sure your knee would say differently." Gray's face grew stiff and Lucy found her little point of revenge and smiled. The two stared at each other intensely and almost looked like they were getting into another brawl. However they were interrupted by the sound of the bus pulling up and opening it's door.

"Come on Gray let's forget them."

"Your right.." Loke and Gray gave the girls one las malevolent stare and then entered the bus.

"Man I hate those two..."

"Same here...But come on Lucy let's get going."


Lucy and Erza picked the back of the bus to sit. The boys stayed in the front but kept eying the girls annoyed. Every few moments Lucy watched them as they whispered something; most likely making fun of them. She sighed every time she heard them laugh like little boys in high school. "Nothing changes..." she said to herself. Every time she looked at Gray the thoughts of Lisanna came into mind. Why was she with him? Did he know what she was up to? Was he the cause of Lucy's suffering? These questions made her angry. Gray had always hated her after they broke up, so it wouldn't be impossible for him to do something as cruel as that.

Lucy turned to Erza and wanted to ask her output on this but realized that if she ask her, Erza would know that she was not telling the whole truth. She sighed as she turned the other way and laid her head on the window. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Lucy's dream went back to the past. She was in a familiar spot. She saw herself as a 15 year old girl. She looked almost the same except her hair was much shorter. She was standing on the same bridge that she found Natsu cheating on her except this time she was waiting for someone. "I wonder what he's going to tell me...Will he even show up?"

"L-lucy," a young voice said. Lucy turned around and saw Gray running up to her. "S-sorry I'm late...I didn't mean to keep you waiting," he said bowing trying to catch his breath.

"It's okay Gray. So what did you want to talk about with me?"

Gray stood up stiffly and blushed. His glasses kept coming off as he tried to look her in the face. "Um well...I..." He took a deep breath. "I know you probably hear this all the time..." He stared her in the face and got even redder. His head went down as he began to nervously play with his hands. "I-I was um...wondering if you would..." Lucy looked at him confused. "Would you please go..." He took a deep breath. "Please go out with me!"

Lucy stepped back. "E-excuse me..."

"Look I know your popular and being seen with me is likely something no girl would want...So I wouldn't blame you if you said no..," he looked at her and smiled. "I just t-t-to know how I felt...Well I guess I should go...?" Gray gave a little sigh and turned around.

"Wait!" Lucy shouted. Gray turned to Lucy. "You didn't even wait till I gave you my answer..." Gray blinked. "But before I tell you how I feel I want to know why you like me.."


"Look I've seen many confessions around school towards girsl and every guy wants the same thing..I don't want that. I need to know why you like me."

" me your a really nice person...Your smart,talented and fun..." Gray threw out all of the compliments that Lucy heard from guys before. She wan't impressed. She knows how guys are. First they make the girl fall for them. Then they either use them or get rid of them when they are bored. Some even use girls to gain popularity. Lucy could see Gray doing this since he wasn't that popular at all. She was just about to leave but stopped when she saw Gray crying.

"What's the matter?"

"I'm sure I'm really boring to you...You've heard this before right..." The tears in his dark blue eyes began to grow bigger. "It's just ….I've always liked you since elementary school...but you were always so popular you never really noticed me...But then when you saved me in middle school from those guys my feelings began to grow deeper for you.." He took off his glasses and began to rub his eyes. "I just find you beautiful...The most amazing thing I've ever seen...I've always wanted to make you mine...I can't live a day without you...It's always painful for me when you aren't around...Your an amazing woman. I just want to see you happy...even if I can't be with you...I will do anything to make sure you always have that vibrant smile..." Lucy began to feel hot. "S-sorry for acting like such a baby. I guess I really am I wimp huh...I j-just can't stop crying haha."

The more she watched him cry, the more she felt her heart lift up. Never had she seen a guy cry before or like this. As his eyes were closed she walked over to him and put her hands on his face. He opened his eyes and blushed like as red apple. Lucy smiled. "You know you really are a cute person." She then put her lips against his. For a moment Gray was shocked but soon he went with her soft lips and this time was a moment of passion.

Dream End

"Lucy!" a loud voice shouted. Lucy jumped up and saw Erza standing over her. "Come on. It's time to get off."

"Oh r-r-right..." Lucy got up and saw that Gray was already off the bus.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing," she said with a smile. "Let's go have some fun. Erza looked at her suspiciously but nodded her head. "Great! Let's head to the book store first."

Aoto City was not really a city at all. It had smaller building compared to Lucy's home and there were booths everywhere filled with amazing things found by travelers. Aoto City though was bright and colorful. Everyone had a smile on there face as they bought or sold goods. "Wow this town is so amazing. I forgot how big it was." Lucy said.

"Oh come on Lucy. I love this town but it isn't as big as yours."

"I know but it's much more friendlier. Maybe I come live here. I definitely could get away from my father if I did."

"True," Erza smiled.

As they walked down the street they saw kids playing in the fountain, woman gossiping, and men working along in the fields all having the same happy smile. Even the merchants seemed to be enjoying themselves. "Oh no..." Erza said stopping.

"What the matter?"

"Look,' Erza said pointing over to a cloths shop filled with girls.

"So it's just some girls having fun."

"Look closer Lucy..." Lucy squinted her eyes. Gray and Loke, as usual, were flirting with girls. Lucy sneered at them. "They are such perverts!" Lucy said. Erza said nothing which surprised Lucy. She looked closer at her and noticed some disappointment in her eyes as if she didn't want to see Loke with other woman. "Erza are you ok?"

Erza snapped out of her daze. "Y-yeah I'm okay..."

"You look a little unhappy."

"N-no I'm fine..."

"Are you jealous?"


"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. I don't care about that pervert. And if you want proof I'l show you!" Erza marched her way over to Loke and Gray. She pushed the girls out of the way and looked at the boys irritated.

"Oh hey there Erza. How are you?" Loke said with a smile.

"Ehh," a girl in a pink dress said. "So this is the girl your going to marry? But she's so plain and ugly..."

"Now now that's no way to talk to a woman," Gray said with a smile. "After all what can you expect from a book nerd like her."

Erza froze. "Gray don't be so cruel. She's just a little jealous about seeing her future husband with such beautiful women. Right Erza?" Erza blushed and the girls began to laugh. "Aww how cute your blushing. So that is the reason you came over here. Maybe you have some feelings for me after all."

"N-no way. I just feel sorry that these girls are with two idiots."

"Watch your mouth!" a girl in a blue dress said. 'You shouldn't talk to your husband that way!"

"Ladies don't be so angry. After all what do you expect of a girl like her. She's never really had a lover so she doesn't know how to act."

At that comment Erza stood there stiff. Gray and Loke snicked as the girls all laughed. "That's enough!" Lucy shouted as she came up next to Erza.

"Ahh Lucy," Gray said. "It's nice to see you come to Erza's rescue. After all you two are just alike."

"Shut up! At least her and I have some brains. All you idiots can do is stand here and flirt with some dumb girly sluts."

"W-what did you say!" the girl in the pink dress said.

"Now if you'll excuse me, my friend and I need to go to a place were are brains won't melt!" She grabbed Erza's arm and tugged her away. Gray watch them viciously as Loke ignored them and just went back to his flirting.

When they lost sight of the boys, Lucy stopped and looked at Erza who looked like she was about to cry. "Erza..."

"It's okay Lucy...You know better then anyone how I feel about him...I guess I was trying to deny it..but that didn't work to well did it..."

"Look Erza we all fall for idiots in our time...It's not your fault okay..." Erza gave a fake smile. Lucy could tell that she was deeply hurt. In actuality Erza had some feeling for Loke like any other girl would. Even when he made fun of her as he just did, she could never fully hate him. Erza was always a strong girl but when it came to love she was weak. When her tears began to form Lucy had to quickly think of a way to get her to stop thinking. Luckily for her the book store was right next to them. "Erza it's the book store." Erza lifted up her head. "Let's go inside." Erza smiled and Lucy pushed her into there favorite place.

The book store was big as it had two stories of just books. It was popular for many travelers because it had literature that one could only get. Like Erza lucy loved the store because of the adventure books it had. Whenever she came there she would get as many as she could in order to read about all the adventures that others had hoping she could do it herself.

Lucy and Erza searched the shelves of the store and found many interesting things. Erza got books on magic history while Lucy found 3 books on adventure. Lucy also found a red and white notebook to write in. "Ahh this place is still the best in town."

"I know. This place always makes me feel good," Erza said as she looked through more books

"My my you two haven't changed a bit," a gentle voice said.

Erza and Lucy quickly divert their attention to the voice thinking that it was Gray or Loke. However when they saw the person both of them smiled. A light blue eyed boy with dark blue hair looked at the girls smiling. "Daniel!" Lucy said putting her books down. "Is that really you?" He smiled and nodded. "Oh my gosh! It's been such a long time," Lucy said hugging him.

"I know. It been such a long time. You look beautiful Lucy."

"Hehe thanks Daniel. And I must say you've grown quiet handsome yourself. Don't you think Erza?"

"Huh y-y-yeah," she said hiding her face behind a book.

"Hey Erza it's been a while since you've come here. I'm glad you brought Lucy with you."

"Well you know how we like to read," Lucy smiled.

"That's good. Not many people in this town come here. My dad though wants to keep it up."

"Are you working here still?"

"Yup but just till I am able to run my own shop."

"That's great."

They began to laugh until Daniel saw a customer. "I'll talk to you guys a little later," he smiled.

"Ok." Daniel then rushed to the cashier and helped a young girl, who seemed to be flirting with him, out.

"Would you look at that," Lucy said surprised. "Erza he's just acting normal towards that girl. That's a first. I mean he is just as attractive as Loke and Gray. He could get anyone haha."

"Y-yeah anyone..."

"Mmmm" Lucy said as she looked at Erza "Oh don't tell me Erza. Are you serious?"

"It's not like that okay!" she said trying to shush Lucy up.

"But," Lucy tried to whisper. "Your all red and acting shy..How many guys do you like?" she said jokingly.

"I-i don't like him okay...I just admire him..He's always been nice to me and he's not a flirt. He's really smart and loves reading..."

"Look Erza I think you like him. Loke is just a crush that every girl has. But I think you really like Daniel."

"I've told you already I don't like him! I mean sure he's handsome and most likely the best guy I've ever met." Lucy's eyes widened. "I mean maybe I do like him as in like like him. But what could he possibly see in a girl like me." Erza stopped as she looked at Lucy eyes which were not looking at her. Erza froze and slowly turned around to see Daniel standing behind them.

"Um..." he said awkwardly.

"D-Daniel ...I-I..."

The awkwardness soon left when Jacob smiled. "That's something I never heard you say...Actually I'm quite happy. I've always found you attractive but thought you liked Loke. But it seems that you just have a crush on him like every other girl."


"Well that's good news...So I guess it wouldn't be hard for me to ask you this question." Lucy's eyes watched closely. She knew exactly were this was going. "Would you please go on a date with me?" Erza froze but was able to nod her head. "Great..Meet me here in the book store at 9." He turned to Lucy who was smiling. "See you later Lucy."

"See ya Daniel." When Daniel was gone Lucy squealed and stared Erza in the face. "Isn't this great! Now you'll be able to forget about Loke!"

"But um Lucy ….there is only one problem..."

"What's the problem Erza? Your going on a date with a guy who likes you."

"Yeah and tomorrow I'm supposed to be having lunch with my husband..."

Lucy froze as well. "R-right...Daniel doesn't know that your getting married..." The two stood there in a fluster realizing the big mistake that was going to happen.