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Forget To Love, Love To Forget

It was a perfectly at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Everyone was attending their normal their normal classes, teachers were teaching, headmaster was headmastering.

Severus Snape was on his way to deliver the Wolfsbane Potion to the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor RJ Lupin. He had to stop at McGonagall's class to talk about the upcoming Quidditch match.

The Transfiguration class was practicing Vanishing Spells, and all were in different levels of proficiency. As Snape walked up to McGonagall's desk, he felt a pink mist hit him. He dismissed it and continued to talk to Minerva.

"I have to go deliver this to Lupin," he said, imitating the smoking goblet.

He left the class and walked to Lupin's office. As he was walking, he felt a little light-headed.

'Haven't eaten all day,' he thought, 'I'll get something later.'

He got to Lupin's office, went in, and found him lying on the couch, grading essays. Snape set the potion on Lupin's desk.

"Oh, helloe Severus. I didn't hear you come in," Remus remarked

Snape opened his mouth to respond, but suddenly felt very dizzy and grabbed the edge of the desk to steady himself.

Remus noticed Snape's lack of response.

"Severus, are you alright?" he asked

When Severus didn't answer, he got up and walked over to him. Remus grabbed his arm, and a warm fog enveloped them both.

Snape keeled over and Remus caught him and set him one the couch. He flooed the hospital wing and had Madam Pomfrey come.

She examined him, but couldn't find anything wrong except low blood sugar.

"Ennervate," she said

His eyes fluttered.

"Severus, what happened?" Pomfrey asked

"I just felt dizzy. Haven't eaten all day." Severus stated, "I'll be going."

He tried to get up, but Pomfrey pushed him back down.

"Just a moment Severus," Pomfrey said, "I can't find anything seriously wrong with you, but you just passed out, so I want you to take it easy. Eat something, and get some rest."

"It's almost time for dinner," Lupin said, "Why don't we head down?"

"Poppy, Lupin, I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone about this," Snape asked

"I won't Severus," Poppy said

"Not a word," Remus replied

They headed down together and went to their places. Snape in between McGonagall and Lupin, Pomfrey next to sprout.

The food appeared on the glittering plates and everyone helped themselves. Snape picked at his food. He knew Pomfrey had told him to eat, but he wasn't really hungry.

"Severus, are you all right?" Minerva asked

Snape nodded curtly, but didn't say anything.

'He looks pale,' Minerva thought, 'well, paler then usual.'

About three-quarters of the way through dinner, Severus got up and decided to leave. He stood up, and his legs, which were still weak, started wobbling.

He left the hall and set on going to his rooms in the dungeon. He tried for his long stride, but found he was too tired. So he just decided to walk down slowly and hope no one saw him.

As Snape walked down, he caught two students snogging on a bench. They snapped apart the minute they saw him, and waited for him to take points, or give them detention.

"Schmit, Abby," he started. He was going to give them detention for PDA, but thought better of it, "don't let me catch you again."

They looked astounded that he hadn't given them the third degree.

"Yes sir," Schmit replied, and he and Abby ran off.

He heard someone call his name, and McGonagall came up behind him.

"Severus, are you sure you're alright?" she asked, "You looked bad at dinner, and then you left suddenly. I decided to come down here and check to make sure nothing horrible had befallen you."

He picked up what was left of his dignity and shook his head no. He felt shaky and tired and he had a headache.

McGonagall was surprised. Severus never willingly admitted he was in pain or weak.

"Why don't we go to the Hospital Wing?" she asked

"I'm going back to my chambers," he said

She walked with him to his quarters to make sure he would be alright.


"Did you see Professor Snape at dinner?" Hermione asked, "he didn't look well."

"Hermione, if I were looking at Snape at dinner, I would have no appetite. And honestly, it's Snape, who cares?" Ron said

"Would you care if it was any other teacher?" she asked

"Yes," Harry answered," but Snape's a right git. He probably deserved whatever he's got."

"You two…" she trailed off, settling into her homework.

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