Author's Note: In my universe, Tanya Adam's the brunette Kari Wuhrer version, opposing the blonde script reading Jenny McCarthy version that was featured in Red Alert 3 and the "still amazing but shouldn't of dyed her hair" Kari Wuhrer Yuri's Revenge Version. Also if you're unfamiliar with the Red Alert universe then go to Red Alert Wikia or Wikipedia for insight. On a side fact the year that the game takes place in is not at all mentioned anywhere so I will be having it happen in the most plausible time, the late 70's. And I will be creating units, so I know what I'm doing here. I've played all of the red alert games except the IPhone and Uprising. But I know what happens in Uprising and the new units.

The war of the three powers was the third major war since WW2. Where the Nazis surrendered to the Allies, along with Hitler's suicide, the Japan's took over most of the pacific until they entered a stalemate before American soil. Thanks to the valiant American defenders in the west coast beaches, the shores of Alaska, Canada, and even Mexico; the United States only lost Hawaii in the cease fire of 1949. Also Germany is split between the Allies and the defected Soviet Union.

Peace seemed to be forever until Japan spread the way of Bushido in Eastern China and Russia spread Communism across the North. The Chinese Civil War in 1953 ended in Japan's favor after only a shockingly painful six months had passes and over 20 million civilian casualties; Vastly exceeding the number of military deaths which were under a million. Raids of opposing civilian cities from both soviet and Japanese forces made it clear to the world that if they weren't going to have China, then no one would. Japan then annexed Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos in a matter of months. All fell to the unstoppable army ruled by Emperor Yoshiro. To the Asian populace, it was WW2 all over again.

At home, The newly titled Empire of the Rising Sun worked into nano technology and robotics like no other major power. Their top engineers and scientists created amazing works of science that dazzled Allied and Soviet geniuses alike. The ERS put all of their technological effort straight into their Military after the invention of the laser in 1960 by Allied Scientist. In a top secret Shinobi mission led by the head of the Shinobi regiment, Master Sensei Torhu Mitsuyoshi, the operatives steal the laser research to have Japanese scientists prefect the laser technology. Along with there nano technology, their army would be outfitted with powerful laser weapons, from a Shogun Battleship, to a single imperial warrior.

Meanwhile, as the Japanese rise in the technological route, the Allies and the Soviets enter the Space Race. The two factions competed to see who could develop a suitable space shuttle that could allow a man to travel to the moon. In the late 1960s the Allies win the race, the Soviets getting a shuttle to the moon shortly a few months after. By early 1968, the Earth is outfitted with over 200 satellites delivered from both sides, all orbiting in there own selected sectors.

Things got tense once it hits late 1968. Due to the results of the Space race, American President Ackerman's anti-communist campaign, and the fight over Germany, The Soviets build up an army under Stalin's new replacement's , Prime Minister Anatoly Cherdenko, orders and open fire in Berlin on Allied soldiers, declaring war and starting the Third World War.

The Allies, Soviets, and the Empire of the Rising Sun faced off in a global "counter clockwise" conflict that left each faction with two major fronts. The Soviets plowed though the ill prepared European resistance all the way down to northern Italy. The battle of Britain is were the war starts to make a violent u-turn. The defenses at Brighton Beach leave a hole in the Soviet's invasion force after the Allied victory caused many by American air support. The combined might of British and American armies switch their defense into an offense as they cross the Atlantic and begin the liberation of Europe. After a few naval skirmishes from Soviet and ERS submarines the Allies make it into France, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Portugal. A few major battles were the battle of Cannes, the defending of Mykonos, Operation Golden Fire in Germany, and the truce before the battle for Gibraltar, Spain.

Cannes was special agent Tanya Adam's first link in the long chain of battles she would participate in. She, with the aid of a few spies, destroyed the soviet fleet that guarded the building holding up a large number of important European officials. After the fleet was gone the Allied land forces did the rest. Tanya was used again in Operation Golden Fire once the Allies entered Heidelberg. After getting ambushed, she still managed to help the destruction of the Soviet fortress that used new Iron Curtain technology, as well as the mass produced Apocalypse tanks.

The only major loss that the Allies sustained was in Geneva, Switzerland where despite American Naval reinforcements, the Soviet forces outnumbered them on land and used submarines in the waters to sink the American Aircraft Carriers. A near loss in the Greek Islands of Mykonos almost cost it for the Allies as a research facility was attacked by a Soviet task force that was superb in offensive properties but weren't able to defend for long due to the force being made up of attack helicopters and their amphibious strike craft, the Sting Ray. They managed to capture the facility but lost it quickly because Allied reinforcements consisted of aerial units and tanks, an effective counter to the Soviet forces.

In 1970 most of Europe was retaken and liberated from the clutches of the Soviet Union. But the Empire of the Rising Sun made a public announcement to both the Allied and the Soviet citizens that the will have total dominance of the world and any retaliation will result in death and destruction. A strategic but risky move that unexpectedly resulted in a cease fire between the Allies and the Soviets.

The first ERS victory was in Vladivostok, Russia where their forces outnumbered the Soviets 150 to one and won in a total victory. From the other side of Russia they gained another victory on New Years Day in Vorkuta. They spread out there forces away from the foot holds and towards the Country's center. Stalingrad is attacked too decoy the Russians into putting there attention on the ERS attackers and away from a supply convoy heading for Odessa. Once the Soviets realized what was happening the convoy was already in Odessa's shores, building a new project on a small piece of land in the outskirts of the city. The Shogun Executioner was the ERS's key to victory to enter Moscow. Since it absorbed electricity from the soviet's teals technology, it was deemed invulnerable. Odessa was desecrated with few soviet survivors. It seemed to be the end of the Soviet Union and the rise of the new Japanese Empire.

Soon enough The ERS forces reached Leningrad but thanks to a new elite sniper commando, Natasha Volkova, the troops defending it are rallied enough to defend the city until air support comes in and wreaks havoc on the ERS naval forces. Natasha then moves to Krasna- 45 where a much need abandoned satellite could be lunched to aid in the fight against their ruthless invaders. After the satellite's launch the ERS's special soldier, Yuriko Omega, appears in an ambush party. Yuriko was known by every soldier around the world for killing and destroying everything she wished to with the powers of her mind. In a short but critical battle, Natasha defeats Yuriko herself. In the southeast, the Soviet forces are now better equipped and in there own territory. They manage to push the ERS back into and out of Vladivostok, destroying any ERS monuments or structures they encounter.

As the Allies get pelted from the Pacific and the Soviets get invaded from the northwest and the southeast by ERS forces, the two newly joined armies in Europe stop the invading ERS forces attempting to enter from Spain and Greece. In Gibraltar, Spain the much respected Tanya and the feared Natasha both perform a covert operation to sabotage the ERS airport and leave the battle in the ERS's defeat despite Naval support, witch was quickly eliminated by the Soviet navy placed in the port. The ERS Army never passed the city limits, concluding in a well placed defense in Europe.

The Allied and Soviet duo faced a new threat coming in the form of two Floating Fortress's blocking southern Europe and Northwestern Russia. As the two forces distracted the fortress with hit and run tactics, the Black Tortoise was destroyed with covert operations that destroyed the Fortress's power supply from the inside out. The Fortress was left without any defenses and to the duo's will. The White Dugong was a bit more lucky in the sense of casualties. The Allies fleet located in the Mediterranean had to fight it and won in a minor victory, having heavy casualties on both sides.

In the pacific, the Japanese invaded American soil as they attempt to take control of California, since California contains most of America's bases and military ports then any other state. A spearhead is formed in Santa Monica, where Tanya is sent to defend it as well. The Japanese could barely leave the shore until they are wiped out as well as their third Floating Fortress, the Silver Tiger. The invasion force is foiled as most of the pacific ERS fleet is used up and destroyed. The Americans take the offensive and attack Hawaii. The defending ERS forces receive aid for the main ERS fleet but are still defeated, ending in the American retaking of Hawaii.

In America, a world threatening event occurred. The anti-communist president had secretly created a super weapon out of Mt. Rushmore and planned on using it to annihilate the Soviets. In fear of a Global catastrophe, the European forces and non death ray supporting American forces thankfully stopped the president before he could of caused any conflict with the soviets. Sadly they had to kill the president, having the vice-president take his place until the next election.

Back in Russia the Shogun Executioner destroys everything in it's path. It eventually reaches Russia's capitol, Moscow. With their capitol and their leaders in danger, every Soviet soldier attempt to defend the city to the death without any surrender or defections. They take advantage of the Shogun Executioner's main weaknesses, it's slow speed and it's vulnerability to aerial units. Flooding Moscow's sky with twin blade copters, the Shogun Executioner is overwhelmed with missiles and machinegun fire with no way of fighting back. Dreadnoughts from the sea and V4 rocket launcher trucks finish off the monstrosity as well as the remaining ERS forces. After they cleaned up most of the remaining ERS troops in their sector, the Southeastern Russian Naval Fleet is left with an open path to their target, Mt. Fuji.

Without an adequate fleet to protect the Pacific, the Allies ship straight to Japan with little retaliation. The Russians experience the same amount of difficulty. The Allies planned assaults on Tokyo Harbor and Yokohama. Since the Emperor expected the Soviets to attack Mt. Fuji by a massive airdrop, he bolsters the mountain's air defenses to counter their plans. Operation Wilting Lotus had begun.

The Allies are promised by the Soviet Navy to be aided with any spare able units but are later told that they are to far away. Using their new Chronosphere, they manage to survive a devastating attack by the ERS's Psionic Decimator, a powerful super weapon that uses an unknown power to create a humungous blast of kinetic energy, equivalent to the power of a small meteor crashing into Earth. In the end the Allies claim victory in Tokyo Harbor. The Strange event in Yokohama is later called the "Yokohama Event" where Allied and Soviet forces are recorded to be entering the city but a few hours later they seemed to of "disappeared". A Soviet recovery convoy is sent to inspect it but they "disappear" as well.

In Mt. Fuji, the Soviet air drop ends disastrously with non of the planes surviving. But by chance a lone conscript and a war bear manage to make it to the emperor's garden but kills an android of the emperor inside of the real one and is captured. Land based reinforcements come in during the distracted anti air defense and set up a foot hold. After a long battle the Soviets destroy the palace at Mt. Fuji. The Emperor attempts a last stand in a modified red Battle Walker but is overwhelmed and killed.

Because of the Mt. Rushmore incident, the Soviets and Allies agree to have a meeting at Easter Island to discuss their cease fire and make it official. As the Allied Aircraft Carrier entered the port it was surrounded by a Soviet ambush naval party. The Allies have fallen into a trap but were expecting it. Nearby ships killed off the ambush, allowing for the Aircraft Carrier to Escape. By fate a civil war broke out between the Soviet forces and the Premier's loyalist, who held up a base around the mouth of a volcano. The Soviet forces won the battle but lost the chance to make a crippling blow to the Allies with their failed ambush.

Up in the north at Von Esling Airbase, the Soviets make a move to destroy it to severely cripple their air force. The destroy the base but the Premier loyalist decide to but their effort into annihilating the Soviet's highest ranking leader, general Krukov, in fear of retaliation. Krukov is killed as the surviving Allies evacuate to America where they'll be safer. With skies near England and Greenland clear, the loyalist there make a trip to attack the United States. There target: New York City.

As the Soviets attack the East Cost of America, A large battalion of ERS troops survived in western Russia. They found out about the development of a new weapon that is being made by Future Tech in Amsterdam. The ERS battalion nearly reaches the facility when a Soviet scientist, GregorZelinsky, arrives to the city with a large Soviet forces to support the Future Tech Soldiers. It was recorded in his transmission to the ERS leader that he was part of a time modifying project and that they should even exist. With the power of a super weapon that he created, the Vacuum Imploder, he destroys the entire city around the Future Tech Structure. No ERS forces were found in or around Amsterdam after that event.

The mission to conquer New York City was a Soviet victory in the beginning. They overran several parts of the city with only the Statue of Liberty remaining. But after a long battle and the help of their Chronosphere, the Allies repel the Soviets and have them surrender. America was safe from the Loyalist and took it to their turf as the European forces headed towards Leningrad.

Since the Primer had gone rouge with the rest of the Soviets, the Allies are allowed as well as aided to reach Leningrad. As the Allies arrive, the Premier was preparing to lunch a shuttle, with him in it, straight to the moon. Defended by Iron Curtains and intense V4 missile barrages, the Allies tried to make hate to destroy the Iron Curtains. By the time they do the Premier had constructed a Vacuum Imploder. But before he could use it the Allies use there newly made Proton Collider, a device that fires 5 separate anti-protons wrapped within magnetic coats that violently collide with normal protons, creating massive destruction. They Proton Collider fires at the Shuttle as it lunches, destroying everything on the Island that had the misfortune of being there. With the tragic end to the Premier and the surrender of the Empire of the Rising Sun, the war had ended with an Allied victory.

World War Three was one of the fastest but deadliest wars that the world had witnessed, taking more lives then all the wars since the 1900's combined. By the end of the war in 1972, the Soviet Union is broken up into 15 separate republics. The republic led by Dasha Fedorovich finds out about a ploy being developed by Future Tech's own President, Rupert Thornley. The very Soviet existence was on the line as they fought defending Future Tech forces until they destroy the "Sigma Harmonizer" on Sigma Island. The heavy casualty rate from both sides was all worth it in the eyes of the Soviets to protect their eternal beliefs.

Even though the war was over the fight wasn't, nor the pain. The Allies sought to regain control over desolated European cities and the United States attempted to settle in with there new president. In the Pacific Theater, the Japanese people grieved the death of their Emperor. As the heir of the throne, Crown Prince Tatsu, was given the title Emperor, he still wasn't stable from his lose; nor was Japan. The able Allied troops aided Emperor Tatsu to defeat the Shogunate revolution and bring Japan to peace. Once they get the three main defected Shogunate Generals under control, all that was left was to pick up the piece.

During the Allies involvement with regaining control of the Shogunate, Emperor Tatsu ordered an attack on Soviet occupied Northern Japan in his major goal of taking back his father's land. After taking back Northern Japan he attempts an attack on the Soviet base in Vladivostok but is repelled by heavy defenses. With all of his troops exhausted and low on moral they have no choice but to retreat back to Japan.

By late 1973 the War's embers has settled down and the new American president is re-elected. Every American was ecstatic from the announcement except for one trusted soldier. The first thing that Tanya Adams did after hearing the results was get a one way ticket to Lucciana, France. She made a promise to respond to the call of duty, and it was her duty to protect the free world. She just didn't expect it to cause her to go renegade.