Author's Note: Hello everyone! Just to make sure that you all haven't forgotten about me, here's a little something that was inspired by a competition that a good friend of mine had the privilege to attend this year in Chicago. I thought that it was cool and it would probably be something that Logan Mitchell would be interested in.

As usual, you won't "see" me again until the end of this Kogan journey. I hope you will honor me and take this short ride with me through the characters. Thanks in advance. You guys are great!

Chicago Bound

"Really? Chicago?" Logan was excited. He knew he was smart, but this! He'd never been entered into any kind of contest or competition for his work before. He'd come close once with his extemporaneous speech on what it was like to be "Young & Famous". He wasn't sure about that from the start, though. He'd felt that it was more of a gossip piece that E! would do on one of their network's shows. This, however, was different. A win here would showcase his thinking abilities and prove to the world that even pop stars had brains and actually did do homework and science projects just like everyone else. Winner of the Rube Goldberg Machine Competition. That has a nice ring to it!

The arm that had been draped casually around Logan's shoulder tightened on him. A beaming Kendall looked at Logan with happy eyes, his heart swollen with pride. He knew that this was going to be fun for his sweetheart and couldn't contain himself. He let his other arm wrap itself around Logan and brought him in for a tight hug, Kendall's lips and nose snuggling against the soft warmth of his best friend's neck. He breathed in deeply taking in Logan's essence.

"That's so great, Logie! I knew that your super brain would come in handy for more than just getting us out of jams. Congrats, Bro!" Kendall exclaimed, his lips tickling Logan's neck as he spoke.

Kelly watched the pair for a few seconds before continuing with her announcement. She knew how important those moments of "closeness" were for the boys and didn't want to take that away from them. It was still a well-kept secret that two of the members of Big Time Rush were more than just friends. Unfortunately, it would have to remain that way until they stepped up to the next level of fame. Maybe then, the group could announce the true nature of Kendall and Logan's relationship without putting the band in jeopardy. Ricky Martin had done it and his record sales went through the roof after he came out. Hopefully, lightning would strike twice. She cleared her throat to get their attention.

Both boys were in their "zone". When they entered it, nothing even mattered. Everything else tended to fall away and disappear as their eyes could only focus on each other. However, it was scary at times when they hadn't been paying attention to the world around them and someone had almost caught them doing more than just friendly things with each other. In the safety and privacy of Kelly's office, however, they knew they were safe from prying eyes and ears. Had Kelly not been there, they could have held each other forever.

"Sorry, Kelly," Kendall mumbled, disappointed that he had to let his boyfriend go. He looked sheepishly at her realizing that he and Logan had just stood in front of her in each other's arms for who knows how long. Time seemed irrelevant when they were together and it showed on both of the young lovers' oblivious faces.

"Now, here's the itinerary for your trip." She handed Logan a folder containing competition-related paperwork and airplane ticket. "I think that Gustavo is going to send Freight Train with you just to make sure that no one goes nutso on you, though the Prosser Academy assures me that they have enough security. You leave on Thursday and don't come back until Saturday. Of course, we expect you to do well and that you'll keep up with your Big Time Rush responsibilities as well."

"Big Time Rush stuff?" Logan looked in the folder and took out his itinerary and scowled. "It says here that I have a record store appearance, a talk show segment, and four radio station interviews with a photo shoot! I mean, not to be ungrateful to Gustavo for letting me go and compete, but sheesh! I kinda wanted to focus on my academic studies and not the band for a few days."

Kendall took the folder from Logan and looked through it, disappointed. "Kelly, where's my ticket to Chicago?"

"Well, um, we sorta decided that you weren't going. This is Logan's engineering project and that's why we're sending him solo."

The boys exchanged worried glances. Neither of them had thought about being apart. It never crossed their minds when they were together almost all day, everyday. They took their proximity to each other for granted. Even when they weren't in the same room together, they knew that the other was close in case the other needed him. But, Chicago? That might as well have been on another planet as far as they were concerned. Instinctively, Logan placed his hand in Kendall's, holding it. He needed his blonde knight in shining armor to protect him, to console him, to fix this.

"Kelly! But I want to go with – ," Kelly held up her hand, interrupting Kendall in mid sentence.

"I know what you're going to say because I argued with Gustavo about it already. I thought that he should send you, too, but he needs you, James, and Carlos to stay here and work on your dance and singing routines for your upcoming tour. Logan will work privately and intensely with Mr. X when he returns so he can catch up. I tried." Kelly gave Kendall a sympathetic look. "I really tried."

Kendall, however, had other plans. Though Kelly and Logan were talking to him, his mind was already at work formulating a plan that would allow him and Logan to be together. His expression must've changed since Kelly stopped talking and focused on the taller boy.

"Uh, Kendall? Are you listening to me?"

Kendall snapped out of his planning. "Oh, sorry. I must have been daydreaming or something," he said acting sheepish.

Kelly narrowed her eyes, concern and suspicion on her face. "Okay, well then – Wait! Please tell me you're not going to try and do something!"

Kendall put on his best innocent, angelic face. "Who? Me? Never, Kelly. You should know me by now." Behind his back, Kendall had crossed his fingers, hiding them from both Kelly and Logan.

"I do! That's why I'm getting a sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach. I swear, Kendall Knight, if you even think of trying something – "

"Kelly! It'll be okay." Kendall placed a hand on each of Kelly's shoulders and turned her around to face the door. "Now you just go tell Gustavo that everything will be alright. He has nothing to worry about." He gave her a gentle push, shooing her out the door. "Have I ever let you down?" He smiled at her as he closed the door, not allowing her to answer.

A stunned Kelly stared at the closed door while she stood in the hallway. She mumbled to herself, "It's my office, you know. Talkin' 'bout 'everything's gonna be alright' and stuff." She continued to mutter to herself as she made her way to her boss' office down the hall. "I don't wanna know. I just don't wanna know."

After she was gone, Kendall turned to Logan. "Come here," he commanded, a grin on his face. Logan walked towards him and let the taller boy put his arms around him pulling him close.

"I know that look, Kendall. What are you planning?"

"Planning? I'm planning this…" Kendall looked down at the trusting eyes he'd come to love. Slowly, he bent his head down and gave his partner a sweet kiss. Then another deeper, more urgent kiss. Logan's knees threatened to buckle on him, Kendall's lips and probing tongue making him weak. They broke their kiss and stared into each other's eyes.

"Do you trust me, Baby?" Kendall asked, already knowing the answer.

There was nothing that Logan could do. He recognized the look on his boy's face. He could tell that there was something percolating in him. Slowly, Logan answered, "Yes. Yes, I do, Kendall, but – ".

Kendall's lips abruptly cut off his boy's sentence. This was his favorite way to make Logan stop speaking, a trick he'd learned some time ago – the kiss of silence. "Then trust me now, Sweetstuff." Kendall's dimples and crooked grin sealed the deal for Logan. He nodded his head never breaking his gaze from the blonde.

"Cool! Now, let's go to rehearsal. I have to talk to the other guys anyway. Come on!" He led Logan by the hand as they exited Kelly's office and made their way to the rehearsal hall. Plan "Chicago Bound" is in motion! Kendall smiled at the thought determined to make his vision of being with Logan on competition day a reality. This is gonna to be good!