The cog door rolled open and Ianto stepped through, using his crutch for the sake of his ankle, though it didn't actually hurt too much any longer. It was his ribs that had garnered most of his concern, if he were honest. They were no longer more than just a sore point, pun intended. A few weeks of mostly bed rest were indeed just what the doctor ordered, though he'd have gone insane after more than a couple days if not for the company of a certain Captain. He'd had to share him with Torchwood, however, as Jack couldn't stay away completely for more than a couple days.

He received a happy squawk and flyover from the Hub's resident flying menace and he tossed her a quickly unwrapped bar of dark chocolate, watching her dive for the treat. Another beating of wings, some clicks and chirps and Myfanwy returned to her nest, definitely pleased to see her Ianto was back. He suspected it was due to the sweet treat, however, more than he himself.

He smiled up at Jack as he made his way directly to the coffee machine, determined to have a pot waiting for the rest of the team when they came in. He had learned to maneuver well with the wooden support, shifting it to his other arm for a moment in order to fill the filter full of fresh grounds, add just the right amount of water and flip on the switch. Within seconds the rich smell of Ianto's best coffee filled the air.

"Ah, yes," murmured Jack, slipping his arms around his waist from behind. He hadn't heard his footfalls on the grating but that was no surprise. "The perfect pick-me-up."

"You don't need my coffee for that, sir," Ianto chuckled, leaning into his arms a bit and closing his eyes when a kiss was pressed to his neck. "You're rarely anything if not already wired."

"I didn't mean your coffee, Ianto," Jack replied, biting his neck and pushing his hips forward into Ianto's arse for a moment before backing away again, heading back to his office. Ianto turned slightly, raising an eyebrow at his sudden departure. "Paperwork to do," he explained.

"Good boy, Jack," Ianto teased loudly, knowing the man could hear him when he got a grunt as a response.

It wasn't long before the sirens blared again, marking Tosh's arrival. Gwen and Owen weren't far behind, and Ianto busied himself with preparing their coffee, accepting Gwen's cheerful greeting and Tosh's welcome back hug. Owen quipped about the Prodigal Tea Boy's return and Ianto smiled, knowing the doctor was glad to see him. Especially when Owen's eyes lit up as a cup of Ianto's coffee was placed in his hands.

After a quick medical once-over and exchange of snarky jabs and comebacks with the team medic, Ianto headed down to the cells to feed the local residents. Janet actually seemed delighted to see him, if the Weevil's curiosity-filled eyes and slight whining were anything to go by. He had a chat with the creature, grinning when Janet seemed to really be listening, and then shaking his head when the familiar growls and snarling began.

Yes, it was good to be back.


Jack shuffled the remaining papers on his desk from one pile to the next, biting on his pen and then tapping it on his chin. He stood, backing from his desk and stretching, the last few hours of mind-numbing, coma-inducing, bureaucratic paperwork making him mentally sore and physically tired. Or the reverse. Maybe both.

Moving to the closest monitor he began flipping through the CCTV, finding Ianto in the archives. But of course, he chided himself. He smiled, touching his earpiece. "Ianto?"

He watched as Ianto looked up from where he was bent over his small desk, scribbling madly in a ledger, and touched his own comms. "Sir?"

"Do you think you could tear yourself away from that deeply interesting cataloguing work and make some more coffee?" He saw Ianto's eyebrow rise. "Please?"

"Are you watching me, sir?" Ianto asked, turning toward the camera in the corner of the room. There was a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Jack had the greatest desire to snog it off his face. "What have I told you about that harassment?"

"Feel free to remind me again, Ianto," he teased, smiling though he knew Ianto couldn't see him. "In great detail. Perhaps tonight, over dinner? Or after, at yours…"

"Oi! Seriously, Jack?" Owen's voice broke over the connection and now Jack could see Ianto was chuckling. "Some of us are trying to work, here. Tea Boy! You heard the man. Coffee!"

"Keep your knickers on, Owen," Ianto replied, dropping his pen and heading for the stairs. Jack laughed. He loved when Ianto was snarky. "And sir, it's a date."



Ianto tugged at his tie. While wearing a suit every day to work might make other people feel uncomfortable, wearing one after work hours was the only time it was past Ianto's comfort level. Plus he'd fought with himself for over twenty minutes trying to decide which combination worked best; The maroon shirt with the charcoal gray suit, gray waistcoat, and gray and maroon striped tie, or the blue shirt with the navy suit, navy pinstriped waistcoat and the matching navy tie? He'd finally sworn at his indecision and settled on the dark purple shirt, black waistcoat, black suit and black tie. He was too perturbed at the other two combinations to dignify them with being chosen.

When there was a knock at the door his heart actually flipped in his chest. Well, he thought, swallowing the lump in his throat, that's a bit of an extreme reaction, Jones, don't you think? He furrowed his brow, took a deep breath, and moved for the door. He swung it open and nearly gasped aloud at the man stood before him. As it was, his mouth simply hung open in shock.

"Good evening to you, too, Ianto," Jack greeted, smiling with brows raised. "You look amazing as well."

"S-sorry, sir," he stuttered, stepping out of the flat with his crutch and closing the door behind him. He locked the door and then turned to Jack, smiling shyly. "I just…wasn't expecting the suit."

"Thought I'd surprise you," Jack replied, settling his hands on Ianto's hips and pulling him closer. "I see I succeeded."

Ianto wrapped his one arm around Jack's neck, the other staying on his crutch for support as he accepted a long kiss. His eyes closed he moaned softly when Jack sucked on his lower lip, and Ianto nearly dropped his crutch, trying to get closer. A moment later Jack pulled his face away slowly and Ianto breathed deeply, eyes opening.

"We should probably get going before I drag you inside, sir," he said softly, but not removing himself from the other man's arms.

"While that wouldn't be a bad thing normally," Jack said, stepping back and releasing one hip, "I made reservations."

Ianto accepted the arm around his lower back and they took the steps together heading for the SUV. He marveled at the feel of the fabric under his hand on Jack's upper back as he tried to think back to the last time he'd seen Jack in a suit. Had he ever seen him in a suit? Certainly not with jacket and all, he reasoned, letting his eyes wander over the crisp, tailored black suit, black waistcoat, sea foam green dress shirt, and black silk tie. He'd even worn his pocket watch and fob. The man looked incredible.

Jack opened the passenger door for him and Ianto felt color rise in his cheeks. It wasn't often Jack displayed gentlemanly manners, and he wasn't about to let this moment be the last. Ianto turned toward him, reaching up a hand to cup Jack's face and pressing a soft kiss to his mouth. He pulled back, lips only a breath away, and whispered, "Thank you, Jack."

"My pleasure, Ianto," the man replied, eyes sparkling, helping him climb into the vehicle. "Always."


They'd made it through dinner without a an emergency call from Tosh – who was manning the Hub – about a rift alert, or Jack jumping Ianto across the table, but the urge to do the latter was a constant internal battle Jack fought. The suit Ianto was wearing was one of Jack's favorites. He'd even choose it over the gray pinstripes, if pressed to do so. The man was gorgeous in a suit. Well, he was gorgeous out of it, too, he thought, shrugging innocently when Ianto furrowed his eyebrows at him.

"You had that look in your eyes, Jack," he told him, bringing his wine glass to his lips. Those perfect, kissable lips. He could spend eternity kissing those lips. Ianto shook his head. "There it is again."

"Can't help it, Ianto," Jack replied, reaching for the hand the man wasn't currently using. He ran a thumb over the soft skin he held. "You look good enough to eat."

Ianto lowered his glass, setting it on the table and leaning in. His fingers curled around Jack's and his other hand settled on Jack's forearm, stroking softly. Jack leaned in to meet him and they shared a deep kiss, the taste of red wine on Ianto's tongue enough to send any remaining blood in Jack's body straight between his legs.

They broke apart only to appease the waiter who cleared his throat softly, indicating he was there to remove their dishes. There was an offer made of dessert and Jack momentarily thought he'd order, but the look in Ianto's eyes as he shook his head told him that there'd be something better back at Ianto's place if they simply asked for the bill. Jack liked that idea much more than tiramisu.


Jack's moan of pleasure when Ianto's tongue flicked at an erect nipple made him smile around the bud, trailing his lips and tongue across to the other one, giving it equal attention. He then moved slowly lower, pausing here and there to press a kiss to skin, dip into his bellybutton, or nibble at a protruding hip bone.

He'd been hard as stone by the time they'd arrived back at his flat, Jack's hand having settled on his leg the moment they'd gotten into the SUV. While Jack had kept his eyes steady on the road the entire drive, his hand had been anything but. His fingers had trailed a burning path up Ianto's inner thigh, teasing, stroking, and setting Ianto on fire. It was no small feat that Ianto kept himself in his seat, when his desire was to crawl into Jack's lap and do wicked things to him while he drove.

Slamming Jack into his closed door when they got inside the flat was enough to elicit a grunt from the man, and he'd snogged him senseless there for a few minutes before he'd dragged him back toward the bedroom. Jack didn't protest, but rather let Ianto take the lead as they'd begun undressing. He knew Jack preferred being in control, but he was also aware that when Ianto was being forceful, it turned Jack on in ways the man would never admit in public.

"Fuck, Ianto," Jack groaned, hips thrusting upward when Ianto nibbled at the spot where thigh met groin.

Ianto sucked on the flesh, soothing it with his tongue before moving back up his stomach, licking a path along the smooth skin. His cheek brushed against Jack's erection and he nuzzled it, feeling it twitch and listening to the sound of Jack's sudden intake of breath. He smiled, moving around the hardness to the other side and sliding his mouth down along its length, sucking as he went.

The words that escaped Jack's mouth were nothing short of explicit, every dirty, raunchy syllable making Ianto's cock throb against the duvet. He ran his tongue over, around and under Jack's balls, sucking them into his mouth one by one, his hands holding Jacks hips down as they threatened to buck him off the bed. He'd been wanting to taste him for weeks now, Jack having refused any overexertion on Ianto's part, settling for quick hand jobs until Ianto's ribs were no longer causing him so much pain, and he wasn't about to rush this now.

"You're killing me, Ianto," Jack panted above him, hands curling in the sheets in an attempt to prevent him from breaking Ianto's rule. He'd stipulated that if Jack touched him before Ianto was ready, he'd stop. Jack was such a good boy, sometimes.

Good boys deserved rewards. He tongued his way further down, encouraging Jack to raise his legs and then telling him to hold them up. Jack did as he was asked, the position opening him up to Ianto's eyes. He moaned before pressing his face forward again and stroking his tongue against Jack's perineum. Another string of curse words and Ianto pressed himself against the duvet, fighting the urge to thrust. He wanted to see this through.

He held Jack's hips in both hands as he took little nips at the sensitive flesh of Jack's arse before soothing the skin with swipes of his tongue. Jack's body trembled and Ianto caught his eyes, fierce blue fire meeting his gaze and Jack's mouth open as he panted through his pleasure.

And then he lowered his eyes and went in for the kill, tongue laving Jack's opening before curling and pushing inside past the little ring of muscle. His taste made Ianto moan again, his arse cheeks clenching so he didn't come all over the bed before this was all over. Jack's cursing had lowered into a complex string of sound, voice rising only when Ianto's hand went to Jack's cock and began to stroke it slowly, half in time with his tongue's thrusts inside him.

By the time Ianto was satisfied that the man was ready for him Jack was a quivering mess, a fine sheen of sweat covering his entire body and his cock leaking over Ianto's hand. Jack's eyes were closed tightly, chest heaving with his attempts to remain in control over his body. It made Ianto smile, knowing he could put him in this state.

"Alright," he said, rising to his knees and tapping Jack's leg. "Turn over," he told him, smirking down at the lust-blown eyes that opened at his words. Jack complied, getting onto all fours and presenting Ianto with his arse once again. He ran his hands over it, squeezing the firm muscles and letting his thumbs meet at his hole, stroking softly. He chuckled when Jack pushed back into the touch, moaning. "Eager, are we?"

"God, yes," was Jack's gravely reply, voice choked with arousal.

Ianto uncapped the bottle he'd placed beside him earlier, dripping lube onto himself and spreading it carefully before closing the bottle and dropping it back to the bed, positioning himself at Jack's opening.

"I want you so bad, Ianto. Need you in me."

Ianto pushed forward, eyes nearly rolling back in his head as he breached Jack's entrance, feeling him tighten spasmodically around the head of his cock before relaxing enough to allow the intrusion. The heat that enveloped him nearly made him faint. God, it had been far too long.

"So tight, Jack," he groaned, pulling back slightly before inching forward again, letting Jack adjust to him before pushing in further. "Feels so good."

"It burns," Jack replied in a croak, lowering himself until his forearms were on the bed.

"W-want me to stop?" Ianto asked, stilling.

"No!" Jack cried, pushing his arse back hard enough that Ianto had to grip his hips to keep from falling backward. "Fuck me, Ianto. Please, please, fuck me!"

Jack's words spurring him on Ianto grunted, pushing into the heat around him and having to bite his lip so he didn't cry out. He stilled again, breathing through his pleasure and growing accustomed to being inside Jack. It'd been about three weeks since the accident but easily a week or more before that since he'd actually topped Jack. Not that he minded, really, as he was more than willing to be the submissive bottom, but the exquisite feeling of Jack's arse hot and tight around him reminded him, every time, of what he'd been missing since the last time he'd been the dominant one in bed.


Jack's desperate plea was accompanied by a wiggling of hips that brought Ianto back to the here and now. He pulled back and thrust forward again, moaning and then repeating the move. His one hand remained on Jack's hip, the other stroking along Jack's back until his fingertips reached the nape of Jack's neck. Jack keened as he scratched below his hairline, arse clenching around Ianto's cock.

Ianto felt his balls tighten dangerously and breathed slowly through his nose, willing his body to calm down even as he pulled his hand back to Jack's hip and began thrusting in earnest. Jack seemed more than willing to push him to the edge, thrusting in counterpoint to Ianto's movements and using every muscle he had to drive Ianto faster and faster.

"N-not gonna l-last," Ianto panted after a few minutes, hips snapping forward in a frantic rhythm and sweat beading on his brow. "J-Jack, are you close?"

"Touch me, Ianto," Jack breathed, groaning wildly when Ianto leaned over his back and reached around his hip, closing his fist around Jack's rock-hard cock. "Yes, Ianto, please. Want to come with you..."

Ianto ground his hips into him, unable to keep with the same thrusts as before while he stroked Jack's cock. It didn't seem to matter, though, as he could feel his orgasm beginning and Jack's string of unintelligible words were telling him he was in a similar state.

"Coming, Jack!" Ianto cried, whimpering slightly with the intensity of his release. He bit down on Jack's back as his hips jerked against the man's arse, his fist tightening around Jack's cock and pumping him hard.

"Ianto!" Jack gasped, arsehole clenching rhythmically around Ianto's pulsing flesh as he thrust his own cock through Ianto's fingers.

Ianto emptied inside him and felt Jack's come, spilling warm and wet over Ianto's hand. He stroked several more times, bringing Jack to his most sensitive point before the man's hiss told him it was too much. Ianto clung to Jack's back, panting and sweating as his cock slowly softened inside him. Moments later he pulled himself out, wincing, and then fell to his side, feeling the pull in his ribs only slightly.

Jack collapsed onto his stomach, seemingly uncaring about the mess he was now laying in, and Ianto heard him laughing into the pillow. He glared at Jack's back, brow furrowed.

"Am I missing a joke?" he asked, feeling a tug in his chest. Was he that bad? He was out of practice. "I know it was quick, Jack, but at least let me save face."

Jack's laughter cut short and his head snapped up, turning to face him. "What? No, Ianto, that's not it," he frowned, shifting onto his side so he could reach an arm around Ianto.

"Alright," Ianto replied, letting Jack hold him but feeling completely uncertain about Jack's response. He felt like he'd somehow let him down. Maybe he was expecting too much from himself so soon after his injuries.

"I was laughing because I can't believe we waited that long to have sex," Jack explained, stroking his back.

Ianto felt himself relax. "It wasn't my idea to wait."

"I know," Jack assured him, leaning in and kissing the tip of his nose, gaining him a smile. "I wanted to make sure your ribs and ankle were up for it, that's all."

Ianto nodded, knowing Jack had been right to make them wait. As it was his ankle was throbbing a bit now, obviously not appreciating his being on his knees as he'd been. But he didn't mention it to Jack. He'd be damned if they were going to wait weeks again before having sex.

"We should get up," he said instead, holding a hand to Jack's chest when he tried to kiss him. "Haven't cleaned my mouth, Jack."

"I don't care," Jack told him, pressing his lips to his anyway. Ianto tried to push away but Jack was insistent, tickling his side when he refused to open his mouth until Ianto gasped, Jack taking advantage and sliding his tongue inside.

Ianto moaned, giving in and returning the kiss, hand going to the back of Jack's head, nails scraping. Jack groaned into his mouth, pulling him closer until they were pressed together, chest to groin. Ianto felt his cock twitch at the contact and mentally cursed Jack's ability to get him so aroused so quickly.

He pulled back, breathing hard and pleased to see - and feel - that Jack was similarly affected. Jack slid a leg through his, effectively keeping him from moving away and out of his arms.


"Ianto…" Jack mimicked, lifting his chin in defiance.

"I need a shower," Ianto sighed, desperately wanting to suck on that chin.

"And I need you," Jack retorted, pressing his hips to Ianto's and reminding him of his arousal. As if Ianto had forgotten.

"You're incorrigible, Jack," he chided, giving in and nibbling on the man's perfect, dimpled chin. "Completely, utterly, hopelessly…"

"As if you don't love me anyway," Jack teased back, arm tightening around Ianto's middle as the words brought his bites to Jack's chin to a standstill, body stiffening. The uncertainty in his eyes was obvious when Ianto pulled back to look at him. "Or…maybe you don't?"

"Jack, I…"

"It's alright, Ianto," he said, swallowing deeply and then letting his arm fall from around Ianto's body. "I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry."

Ianto watched helplessly as Jack rolled to his other side and then swung his legs off the bed as if to leave. He leaned forward, ready to grab for Jack if he got up but instead the man slumped forward, head hanging. He looked…broken.

"Jack?" He got up and shuffled forward on his knees, ignoring the twinge in his ankle. He wound his arms around Jack's middle, resting his chin on his shoulder. "Hey…"

Jack's head stayed down but his arms slipped over Ianto's, squeezing. Ianto could feel his breathing, slow and even, and he kissed his neck, letting his lips linger for longer than necessary, reassuring the man that he was still there. Reassuring himself, as well, if he were being honest.

"We should get cleaned up," Jack finally said, head lifting and hands patting Ianto's arms. Ianto begrudgingly released him, sitting down in his place when Jack stood up and headed for the bathroom. "Ianto? You wanted a shower, remember?"

"I thought you knew, Jack," Ianto said, not turning around. He knew Jack was watching him. He also knew Jack had planned to end the conversation he'd inadvertently begun, but Ianto wasn't letting it go that easily.

There was a sigh and then the bed dipped, Jack moving slowly back over to him. He lay down at Ianto's side, leaning on his elbow, head on his hand. "We don't have to do this," he said, hand sliding to Ianto's lower back.

Ianto turned to look at him, eyes searching Jack's. "Yes, Jack," he whispered, letting the backs of his fingers slide along Jack's cheek. "Yes, I think we do."

"Ok," Jack agreed softly, brow creasing. He was tracing small circles over Ianto's skin and watched his own fingers moving for a moment. He took a deep breath and then looked back up at Ianto. "I love you, Yan."

Ianto's chest tightened and he fought against the moisture welling up in his eyes. He was not a girl, damn it. He wouldn't cry. Not again. But he was fighting a losing battle, the look of vulnerability in Jack's eyes and the tender way he touched him causing Ianto to bury his face in Jack's neck.

Jack's arms wound around him, pulling him fully onto the bed and hugging him close as Ianto trembled against him, unwanted tears dropping without permission onto Jack's shoulder. Ianto pressed kisses to his neck, moving slowly up and along Jack's jaw line, lips seeking Jack's mouth and attacking them with renewed passion.

"I," Ianto started, kissing him, "love," a bite to Jack's lip, "you," another kiss, longer this time, "too."

Jack's lips parted, tongue darting out and flicking at Ianto's upper lip until Ianto chased it into Jack's mouth with his own. They rolled until Jack was on top of him, Ianto holding him down with arms around his neck, exploring his mouth as if it were the first time they'd kissed.

When they broke a few moments later they were breathing hard, Jack's body trapping their dual erections between them as he grinned down at Ianto. "My turn," he stated, reaching for the bottle of lube.

Ianto agreed completely, eyes closing and hands clutching at the duvet when Jack began to prepare him a moment later. A shower could definitely wait. First, sex.

No, he corrected himself, moaning Jack's name. First, they'd make love.