- I hate him –

Whenever he eats. It's not decent and even dirty… I hate he always grabs everything he sees. He is such a glutton. But I hate it the most when he avoids my plate. Like he's afraid for me…He even takes Robin's food, so it's not because I'm a girl. I really want to hit his face right now and right here.

- I hate him -

Whenever he puts his nakama before him… I hate to see him with those big wounds, to see Chopper run around him, to see his nakama worried. But especially when he wakes up and acts like nothing happened at all. He just eats again and says nothing to the one he saved or helped… Sure, he grins, but that's all.

- I hate him -

And his hat. He gets very mad if someone steps on his hat. Like it's the number one thing in his live, the most important thing in his live. But I hate the most, I always feel… Helpless, whenever he puts his hat on my head… The owner, the man I hate, trust me with his hat. I won't step on it; I even cherish it sometimes and repair it sometimes… I want to hate it, just because it takes in my place… The most important thing in his live…

- I hate him -

And his stupidity. He is so stupid. I didn't even believe someone can be that stupid, but he is. He is stupid, but a real fighting genius. I will be so surprised if he came with a good idea. Something which will leave us astounded and or even save our lives. But that is a selfish wish and it won't happen in a thousand years…

- I hate him -

If he uses his gear second or gear third. It shortens his life span, so I have less time to enjoy him. Less time to enjoy his smile, his grin, his laughter and chuckle. I want to yell every time he uses it. Or at least make a bet… "Oi, Luffy. I give you a billion berries if you don't use gear second or gear third again…" Like he is going to agree… Not even for meat. That's what I meant with 'putting his nakama before him'…

- I hate him -

Whenever he's fighting an enemy. I hate his expression. It's filled with hate. His joy is gone. Like the time he fought with Arlong. His expression was scary… He made me insecure… because he was fighting for me. Was he that angry? Why did he care so much about me and even my island?

- I hate him -

And his scar. I don't know about his cheek, but his chest… I had to be with him, but I couldn't. I still have to gulp the lump in my throat every time I see his scar… His worst feature on his whole body… Knowing he lost Ace. The scar is a burden; it makes him remember he lost his brother. I hate it the most.

- I hate him -

For making me love him… He is a not decent, unselfish, hat loving, stupid, not thoughtful, angry, scarred moron… And he makes me love him.

I love him whenever he avoids my plate, like I'm special
I love him whenever he thinks about me and the others
I love him whenever he put his hat on my head, trusting me.
I love his stupidity.
I love the way he don't think about his life span, but just fights to protect us.
I love the way he freed me from Arlong.
I love his scar. It makes me remember he survived everything. It makes him remember he can't give up.

"Oi, Nami!"

"Yea, Luffy?"

"Could you take care of my hat?"


"Thank you!"



"I love you."

"Love ya too!"

- I love him –

Whenever he tells me he loves me and kisses me… The way he cherishes me… The new pirate king, which the new pirate queen loves...