-I hate her-

When she is mean… She always forbid things… I'm the captain! Right…? Hmm… She always gets mad when I do something 'bad'. Can't she enjoy life a bit more? But no, she can't… She has to hurt me. Why was she so mean? I survived two years in the jungle… I can survive my 'stupid' and 'idiotic' acts too! So I can definitely survive her!

-I hate her-

When she yells my name first, before thinking about the others. I don't know why… She needs me when she is in trouble, but she only hits and punch me… It was kinda… Selfish? No… I don't know what it is…

-I hate her-

Every time she punch me on my head! That freaking hurts! Why can she do that? Why does it hurt when she did that? It hurts ten times more than my grandpa did… And that is not funny. She seems proud of it though, something I hate too. Like she enjoy hitting my face… I don't enjoy that at all…

-I hate her-

When she hears something about 'treasure'. She turns away and the outside world don't exist anymore… She forget about the others and about… Me… Why does that irritate me? She is… What was the word? Hmm, ah, stingy. She never gives money when I want some. I want money when I'm hungry… Why can she buy the things she wants when I, the captain, can't? Ugh, so stingy!

-I hate her-

When she cries… I don't want that… It destroys her smile. Crying is forbidden in my crew! Every time I see her cry, it makes my heart break… Like I can't do a thing. But…That isn't true. I keep protecting her and I keep making her happy… I'm not only doing it for pinwheel-ossan, but also for myself…

-I hate her-

And her long hair… It's so… Girlish… I liked the tomboyish Nami… She cares more about her appearance than about other things… Why did she even care about her appearance that much? I do get a stupid feeling in my chest when I see her. She looked beautiful and I hate that. Especially when she walks in the city or when we come across with other pirates. Why?

-I hate her-

When she is talking with some other men… This is why. I always get a painful feeling in my chest. Just like the time when we got separated… I hate it; I don't want it anymore. Seeing her talk with others, besides me, makes me want to puke. But I can't… That would be weird… Wouldn't it? Although, she wouldn't mind… It's not like she cared much… I think… I think she finds the other men more important. Did they look more mature? Or stronger? Was that her type? It makes me feel… unsecure? Ugh, she is too much of a riddle…

-I hate her-

And her mikan trees… How she caressed them… How she brushed the leaves and how she looked at her mikans… Like she loved her mikans more then she loved other things in her live. I want her to look at me like that… That is actually the biggest reason why I keep stealing them, but that is a secret! I always get irritated when Sanji tries to stop me because Nami ordered him. It destroys my awesome 'Nami-has-to-look-at-me-instead-of-her-mikan-trees' plan! Though, Nami smiles sweetly when she sees me pout...

-I hate her-

When she keeps worrying about me. When I have wounds or when I use gear second. I'm strong enough, so she really doesn't have to worry about me. I'm alright and strong for meats sake!

-I hate her-

For making me love her… She is a mean, selfish, punching, stingy, crying, girlish, men loving, mikan loving, worrying witch… And she makes me love her.

I love her whenever she's angry with me. I said I could survive her, but I can't survive without her…
I love her whenever she calls my name first. It makes me feel special, like I have a special place in her mind or heart…
It sounds weird, but I love it when she punch me. She tells me to act normal. If she wasn't around… We already would be doomed…
I love it when she's stingy. We would have less adventures if she didn't like treasures! I love adventures and she is one of them…
I love it when she smiles after she cried. Like the sunshine comes though the dark gray clouds.
I love her long hair, but I want to be the only one enjoying it… I love it so much… So wavy~…
I love it she always looks at me while she is ignoring the men talking with her. It makes my belly tingle… Even more when she walks towards me.
I love how she always gives me a piece of her mikans after she saw me pout. It makes me love her even more.
I love it when she is worried about me. It shows her she cares about me, but in a little different way.



"I…I'm sorry I punched you again..."

"Shishi, don't worry!'




"Oh… And Nami…"


"I love you."

"I love you too…"

-I love her-

For always making me crazy… My Nami… If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?